Reviews for Naruto's BFF
Dkdc chapter 14 . 7/25
hahaha! that was the faniest fic ive ever rea.d. really good story
lucy chapter 6 . 7/22
Best fic ever. Loved it very much
bluesnowflakes21 chapter 14 . 6/29
Freaking awesome...oh man i nearly cried i was laughing so much~~~~
terry nightstalker chapter 9 . 6/15
I have a question for you - how can you write this? I have to laugh so hard that i can't read it.

...the first paragraph. Oh gods.

However you do - please write on.
NotAPenguin chapter 14 . 5/27
DangerouS love XD awesome story!
SenkoNoivern 029 chapter 14 . 5/15
Holy shit..! This was beyond funny! Hahaha but one of the best out there. Awesome really how one event had this much of an effect. Though the Fourth Shinobi War did happen, I presume that the results would be vastly different. Great story!
MadmansDeath chapter 14 . 5/12
Kittenlzlz chapter 14 . 4/27
I'm cracking up so much, god this madEmy day. its beautiful ahshhHAHAHAHAHAHA
DaManKaliel chapter 14 . 4/20
How else could it end honestly? Great story, favorited, so glad I read this.
DaManKaliel chapter 13 . 4/20
This has actual plot now. The fact that team 7 is still same is so great hahah
DaManKaliel chapter 10 . 4/20
I thought itachi would get it but no. And I am pleased.
DaManKaliel chapter 8 . 4/20
Headbangingly funny. So much so I'm making new adverbs.
DaManKaliel chapter 7 . 4/20
It's just all funny from cryptology to Danzo.
DaManKaliel chapter 5 . 4/20
More tears. Naruto turns people just as idiotic as he is.
DaManKaliel chapter 4 . 4/20
Kurama is too much hahaha
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