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sinlelouch chapter 37 . 11/27
This is a text from many years ago, the story is really good. But there's a big problem, the characters are too ooc...
The stories of their children are very interesting. Although Vegeta is a little ooc, but not much impact, the other characters are very good. However, they grow up to be very ooc.
First of all, Bulma even if learned martial arts, it is impossible to study, she will only as aerobics like fitness body. She is a scientific genius, why not train skills in useless places, look very strange, not Bulma's way.
Second, the Vegeta have some cleansing habits and high self-esteem, so the rape plot is not reasonable at all. And while the Saiyans can't be said to be evil by nature, but they all live like animals, and no one educates them about morality, so how can Vegeta's evil be all Frieze's fault? Vegeta is by nature aloof, and he must have been subjected to a lot of exclusion and unfairness under Frieze, but the big probability is that he hasn't been physically abused. His evil is motivated by over-praise for himself, high self-esteem and a fighting immorality in a small living environment, not like the cowardly criminals in real life, who, as a result of childhood injuries, turn to inflicting harm on the weaker. So Frieze may have influenced Vegeta, but he never shaped Vegeta. Otherwise, Vegeta's pride and Saiyan's nature would not have been a joke. Vegeta is not weak and does not need sympathy, and his sins should not be excused, he finally succeeded in fighting a bad nature to become a qualified z-warrior, sublimated the character. Isn't that better than finding him a reason to be a bad guy?
Third, Frieze is an evil, unscrupulous, powerful merchant capitalist. But he's not a perverted abuser, he's just a selfish little man. Frieza is still very lazy. It is impossible for him to personally abuse Vegeta. It is more likely to be a verbal run, and then pretend to be unknowingly let the flattering hand go against or even abuse the three Saiyans. Moreover, there is no more distorted relationship between Frieza and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z. As a juvenile anime, it is impossible to have this plot.
Fourth, since the two people met when they were so young, why did Bulma's follow-up style and story trend have not changed at all? First of all, it is strange that it is so easy to fall in love with Yamcha. And it's also strange that she didn't discuss Vegeta and the tail with Goku.
Fifth, why would Bulma want to get married? In Dragon Ball Z, she was the one who didn't want to marry Yamcha. The original Yamcha imagined that they might be getting married soon. But Bulma did not answer, obviously hesitant and indifferent. She and Yamcha always break up, Yamcha is not necessarily cheating, but has been very fancy, and even flirt with other women. And then in Dragon Ball Z, Bulma and Vegeta together, we know that Bulma wants a man who can't look at other women at all, so she can never take the initiative to get married, but Yamcha proposed she will think a lot about whether to say yes.
Sixth, since the main characters are Vegeta and Bulma, so can the details of their sex with someone else be omitted? It happened by default, but don't go into detail, okay, it's really hard to see. They are unlikely to be virgins, but do they have to be described in detail? It's really strange and unnecessary, and the center of gravity of the article shifted.
Well, in addition to the above ooc questions, the article is very good, especially the child story, very interesting.
Fantom-Phoenix chapter 39 . 9/4
So.. earlier in this series you claimed that Raditz had gone up to a level of 5200. I understand the stronger fighters doesn't always win and that you had him survive cause of that, but still, that means he was over twice as strong as before. He should've killed Goku and Piccolo and not have even been damaged by Gohan much at all.

Otherwise still an amazing story, just some powerscaling issues which always annoy me a bit more then they should.
Guest chapter 24 . 3/10
I enjoy the story
Guest chapter 7 . 3/8
You are doing great
Daiisyh13 chapter 24 . 2/26
I have never cried so much reading a story here in 2021 and moving it
Apolonia86 chapter 1 . 11/19/2020
I've read all this story in less than a week and I loved it! It's definitely an epic one! It feels like it has seasons. I really enjoyed Vegeta as a boy, and the relationship he built with the Briefs, and Bulma and Vegeta adults.
The last chapters, with the epic battles, and the travel through space was very good too.
Thanks for this beautiful story!
Azure Shine chapter 49 . 11/18/2020
where gravity simulator? and dunno why bulma need to fight, it useless to Frieza. It better she built gadget, weapon or something.
Apolonia86 chapter 52 . 11/8/2020
I'm catching up with this story and I LOVE IT.
and I'm a tango dancer, so reading tango in a story of my favorite couple gave me so much joy.
meeks734 chapter 73 . 10/10/2020
This story is absolutely AMAZING and it's one of my favourite fanfictions of all time! I first read it years ago when you first posted, but I have continued to re-read it over the years. Dragon Ball was a part of my childhood, and your stories bring me back to those days. Thank you for writing one of the best BulmaxVegeta fanfictions out here!
Not-Quite-Old Man chapter 50 . 10/2/2020
Yaknow... reading this makes me wonder about how nonchalantly people in the DBZ universe treats people who can easily blow up planets. Like really, Raditz was stronger than Goku and Piccolo and piccolo could blow up the moon. Heck, Piccolo and Goku are both stronger than master roshi and He could blow up the moon... Vegeta in the canon timeline at this point can easily blow up planets along side Nappa and did try to do so in Canon... so why not reveal that each of them has the power to destroy a planet but Frieza is still stronger than all of them combined because he can do so with a single finger? That would have made things easier for Bulma to understand at least. (Not chichi though, the world could be on fire, blowing up, and spinning out of orbit and she would still make Gohan study despite the futility of it)
Not-Quite-Old Man chapter 14 . 10/2/2020
Wait... how did Vegeta get wounded by a bullet? Goku as a kid (who is arguably weaker than this Vegeta at that point in time) got shot a lot and just shrugged all of it off aside from saying "ow."
Guest chapter 27 . 9/30/2020
Bulma is in highschool she should be 14 - 18 and I think she is in 10th grade since when vegeta left she was in 8th grade and it is been 2 years
Vegetalover231 chapter 14 . 8/8/2020
Guy how old is vegeta
Shira R chapter 6 . 7/8/2020
The fan fiction stores were totally great!, i even started coping and pasting with my MICROSOFT ONENOTE
#great work#. one day you might become a great writer
P.S Are u a girl or a boy
D chapter 1 . 5/31/2020
This was the very first fanfic that Ive ever read, and when I come back to it now 9 years later I can truly appreciate the quality and language, and also reminisce on the past when I’d spend hours reading this. Good times!
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