Reviews for Random Dreams
God is Gracious chapter 20 . 6/7
*falls over laughing at the ending*
God is Gracious chapter 13 . 6/7
It's beautiful... *whispers in awe*
NakedFury chapter 20 . 5/22
Some interesting stories but too many about gay Harrys to actually catch my attention.
kurotenshi-08 chapter 20 . 5/11
This last one was definitely my favorite. Loved how you wrote everyone.
rachel.weck.5 chapter 20 . 5/4
Loved the last line... out of the chapters so far i liked 4,5, 6,7,17, 20 and am iffy on 10,11,&19
wildman90 chapter 12 . 4/18
Please continue this one
LadyVukavo chapter 20 . 3/20
I've gone searching high and low for this one three times now LMAO any chance you'd consider turning it to a full story or a one shot so it can be easier to find lol
R. A Cross chapter 20 . 2/8
Lol I want to see this continued.
Xanxus wants Harry xD
R. A Cross chapter 14 . 2/8
I want to read more of Diamond Eyes.
It's sounds interesting to see what will Harry do in that dimension
yukio00 chapter 20 . 12/30/2016
ship them! I ship themmmmmm! Xanry!
yukio00 chapter 16 . 12/30/2016
shit! this is beautiful.. I love free-Harry and NeutralChaotic! Harry.. again.. I'm. In. Loveeeeeee
yukio00 chapter 9 . 12/29/2016
I very much in love with this one, this is such a beautiful craftsmanship.. I'm in loveeeeee!
Vada Shinigami chapter 20 . 10/30/2016
I would really love to see this one get more. Even if it is only interconnected oneshots. It would make a hilarious story. I'd also love to see more of the transformers cross. It would be interesting to see how the war would go with a sane Megatron in charge. Update soon and I'm off to look at your other fics.
FrostyMan122 chapter 10 . 10/30/2016
i like this one. it has a large potential for shenanigans
chineseartist chapter 20 . 8/17/2016
Chapter 20, that ending pure awesome. I would love to see this expanded. More set-up, maybe some Flame discovery/training on Harry's part and subsequent altercations pre-Tsuna, some Hibari and Harry interaction because they are apparently Clouds who get along, and more story development as far as Vongola business occurs. And then, of course, we'd have to see whatever happens with Arrigo (Harry) and Xanxus. Whoohoo! But, I feel that way about every chapter here. I'd love to see either you or someone else turn this into longer fics. But the reason I'm poking about your author page is because I had the urge to re-read your HPxPJO fic "Serpents and Celestial Bronze" because I can only wait for new chapters with gleeful anticipation. Best of luck with everything!
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