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sweeta8585 chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
I love everything you write and this was no exception! You have a great way with words and the emotions and visuals you evoke are amazing! Great job!
lisamichelle17 chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
This was so beautifully written. I am usually canon but I love your writing and took a chance because you co-wrote one of the most beautiful Emmett/Rosalie stories I have ever read. I love your Rosalie and even more I adore this Edward. Royce is a douche but it definitely led Rose to see more of Edward. I think that E/R are very similar which is why they conflicted with each other so much. I loved how they gave into each other physically. It was sensual and beautiful. Thank you for writing it.
mycrookedsmile chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
bella c'ella luna chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
I usually don't like Rosalie, but this was all kinds of awesome. I loved it!
Alby Mangroves chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
There are always phrases or just special word combinations in anything you write that just kill me. This is one of them: "We lay for a long time, remembering how to breathe and letting our bones and muscles grow back." Wow.

Loved your Roseward, and that it was for LSD's Birthday! You're an ace friend :)
Mell C chapter 1 . 4/2/2011
very much enjoyed this. i'm usually on the fence when it comes to E/R stories, but this was feisty and fun.
Mn1 chapter 1 . 4/2/2011
Yay for LSD's bday because we all get a treat! Oh, how I love Roseward. They work, they just do.

"There's a drawn-out pause in which old western standoff music may or may not be playing. I let my gaze drift up and down the length of his lean body and then get momentarily distracted by the subtle ripple of his arm muscles as he shrugs out of his jacket and drapes it on the back of his chair." Ummmm, yum-my!

This killed me! UNG "Well, it's hot. His mouth puckers around the 'Rosa', the tip of his tongue flicking out to caress the 'lie', his voice deep and smooth, almost crooning."

"I want you, Rosalie." How in the hell could she resist that!

"He scoots closer at my warning, wraps his arm around my waist and buries his nose into my neck. I feel his smirk radiating against my skin." This was great.

Okay, so I hardly ever do one shots, but knowing you wrote it and it is about Edward and Rose, I knew I HAD to read this. It mos def didn't disappoint. Loved the background and loved the characters.

Thanks for sharing, girl!
Kat SaaLe chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
Happy B-day LightStarDusting! i wish it'd be your birthday everyday so we can have amazing and beautiful stories like this one... it is already one of my favorites... i just love E/R banter (amor apache, i just love it)... i hope you continue writing... love your story, you are such an amazing and talented writer! )
BittenBee chapter 1 . 4/1/2011

My favorite lines:

"He'd get this look on his face whenever he saw him, a glazed-over, mildly homicidal glint to his eye."

"There's a drawn-out pause in which old western standoff music may or may not be playing."

"Et tu, Alice?"

"Don't strain yourself there, Hale."

I enjoyed the chemistry a lot here. Despite the OOC from canon, this all felt very natural to read. I always like a smirky, smart-mouthed Edward and Rosalie's stubbornness, pride, and heated temper make their interactions so entertaining!

I was half expecting Rosalie to kick him out in the end, but their conversation before sleep felt right, too. It was the perfect amount of tender and cocky. :) I like your writing style a whole lot.

And you know what? You popped my Roseward cherry with this jewel.
TippyL chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
This was my first Rose/Edward pairing. I loved it! Really lovely.
Chaerinnie chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
What a wonderful birthday gift! Happy birthday LightStarDusting :D
notbngood chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
You give good Roseward. Is it poor form to ask for more? Maybe I need to convince lightstardusting to make a request. I love the way you write Rose. So hard. A badass. Gorgeous. Knows it. Duh. And yet, so soft. Perfection. Thanks for sharing this.
UofMAnne chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
Oh hi, Dickbag. I bet you thought I had said all I had to say about this in the wee hours of the morning. Not so.

"I've never waited this long for a damn cab, so it's not like I've had many opportunities to stand on the street corner and wax poetic over the way the stars look."

In one sentence, you managed to give me a perfect understanding of your Rosalie. You're like magic.

" Jasper came down with a cold last week and for some inexplicable reason it's hard for him to regulate the volume of his voice."

This makes me laugh every time I read it. (We're on the fifth read, btw.) Jasper is just...the character I would least expect to have trouble regulating his volume, you know? it's just delightfully funny.

"I invite him to these things because he's my best friend, Rosalie," he says dryly. "Let's turn down the Me Dial, okay?"

Between this and the Stalin crack, I am officially in love with Jasper. Can you kill off Alice and have Jasper wind up with me? No. Damn.

"I'm as powerless against that smile and those eyes and that ass as every other girl."

Oh hi, Edward. Nice of you to join us. Really, if I were being completely honest, the rest of my review from here on out would be unintelligible sounds. I squeaked more than once. He calls her "Princess"! I take this very personally-the first boy I ever had a real true crush on called me Princess, in that same smug, condescending way.

"Please get me a drink," I implore the waitress.

Oh Rose. Been there, done that. And then dear Fuckward knows her drink order. Nice work, Fuckward. Knowing someone's drink order is definitely in the dickbag manual, just sayin.

"Being with him wasn't easy. Leaving him was."

Look at that. Two sentences and you managed to sum up an entire bad relationship. Have I mentioned that you're like magic.

"My bitch face doesn't seem to be working."

I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS. Why is it that our bitchfaces only fail us in our times of greatest need?

"If Alice and Jasper's pity is a weight on me, I don't know what to describe Edward's as. It goes right to my bones, makes them feel hollow and fragile."

Is this going to be a thing you do? In every thing you write, are you going to manage to have something in there that is so true and right and real and spot on that it takes my breath away? It is, isn't it. Because you're that awesome.

""What do you want me to say, Cullen?" I snipe. "Congratulations for being a nice guy for a minute?"

Oh look. Sassy Rose is back. I love Sassy Rose. Can you just sit around all day and write me Sassy Rose bits. I would read about Sassy Rose going to the grocery store, or paying the electric bill. I would.

"Edward steps in front of me, lifting his arm to hail a cab coming down the street, and it slides soundlessly up to the curb. "

oooh. I am going to take this as proof that Rose needs Edward, because he can hail a cab like magic, so she doesn't have to walk five blocks in the cold. He's useful!

"I want to say no, but what will my excuse be if I do something stupid? "

Excellent forward planning skills, Rose. It's important that you keep your wits about you in situations like this.

"It doesn't matter what it is, just that this is and we are, and I push against his chest, maneuvering my lips to meet his. Our mouths are instantly open, ragged breath and tangled tongues. My hands reach up and make fists in his hair and his reach down to cup my ass and pull me closer against him."

From here on out, it's all unf.

" I know exactly what I'm doing, what he's doing, what we're about to do together and I can finally admit to myself that I want this. I want him."


" His expression is unreadable, but there's something in his voice, this trace of vulnerability that does something weird and uncomfortable to my heart."

Oh God. I love them.

"God, I really like looking at him this close. And having him naked in my bed doesn't suck, either."

I don't even know why I'm still writing this review. I'm just copying and pasting and I lack actual words. I have no words. They are all gone. They were swooned to death.

Did I tell you this is perfect, dickbag? Because it's so perfect. This is one for the quilt. )
Hev99 chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
In-keeping with tradition, I think I shall make my review a list of all the things I love about this story! :D

"I've never waited this long for a damn cab, so it's not like I've had many opportunities to stand on the street corner and wax poetic over the way the stars look."

I love that she's thinking all poetically, but she's still so sarcastic! Brilliant!

"I can't lose my legs. They're my best asset.

Well, besides my boobs and my ass.

Oh shit, who am I kidding? I don't want to lose any of it."

I'm loving this Rosalie already!

"Fine, a day. I'll give you a day of no complaining if you give me a cab."

I love her bargaining with God in order to get a taxi! Just epic awesomeness! This review is gonna be SO long if I keep quoting EVERY SINGLE THING YOU'VE WRITTEN in it! But it's so good!

"Tell me you did not invite Edward to dinner, Jasper."

"Okay, I didn't invite him to dinner."

"Jesus, you did!"

- "Yes, you are," he sighs. "I'm picking up the tab tonight and I know you're morally opposed to turning down free meals."

I love, love, LOVE Jasper! I missed your words hardcore!

"Which is really funny considering he was the one hooking up with a junior associate at his firm behind my back. Apparently guilt makes people paranoid. Who knew?"

Idiot! I'm in love with this Rosalie already and I barely know her! Dude cheated on her! Idiot!

"I'm dreading this, because he'll have plenty to say and my pride is still so wounded. I'm not sure I'll be able to muster up the proper amount of verbal arsenic if the subject is broached and Edward gets his claws in."

I love the wording here. In fact I love your wording in general! You make each sentence so much more than just words. You make everything leap off the page. It's brilliant!

"Instead, my eyes immediately find windblown chestnut and auburn. My eyes travel downward, following the path of unruly hair to the nape of a long, golden-skinned neck. Broad shoulders encased in a leather jacket are just below that, arm outstretched to drape over the back of a chair occupied by Alice."

Permission to swoon, please? This description, just... wow!

"Princess," a smooth voice drawls. My nostrils flare as I turn. I'm almost grateful for his impeccable timing - when he opens his mouth, all of the fantasies that were swirling around in my sex-deprived mind vanish.

Kind of.

Haha, denial is not just a river in Egypt you know, Rose!

"Well, it's hot. His mouth puckers around the 'Rosa', the tip of his tongue flicking out to caress the 'lie', his voice deep and smooth, almost crooning. And anything he does to turn me on just pisses me off further, so I don't discourage his nicknames too much."

Yeah, definitely denial! GAH your words, I just.. GAH!

"He looks across the table at me again and in the low light of the restaurant, his expression is almost soft. "Right?"

I nod, both annoyed and flattered that he remembers my drink order."

I'm now officially swooning, permission or not!

"If Alice and Jasper's pity is a weight on me, I don't know what to describe Edward's as. It goes right to my bones, makes them feel hollow and fragile."

Wow, just wow! Seriously, you have such a talent with words, I am wowing all over the place tonight!

"You may think I'm an asshole, but I never wanted to see you get fucked over, and I wouldn't make light of your situation," he continues.

My heart! Oh God, my heart!

We walk in silence up the stairs, his footsteps behind me falling in time with the heavy thump of my heart. He's close, too close and at the same time so far away.

Your writing is so beautiful! It's almost poetic in places!

"That you won't regret this when it's over," he replies. His expression is unreadable, but there's something in his voice, this trace of vulnerability that does something weird and uncomfortable to my heart.

"I won't."

He looks at me for a long moment, like he's not sure he believes me, but his palm is ghosting up my stomach.

He's so sweet in a really cocky but still vulnerable kind of way!

"Jesus, you're beautiful," he murmurs and his eyes follow the path that his fingers make, tracing along the swell of my breasts and down the middle of my stomach. My skin shivers underneath his touch and he looks up at me, one corner of his mouth pulling up. "It's too bad about that mouth of yours."

I love that they're still in character, even when they're about to do the nasty and he seemed for a moment to be getting all sentimental! :)

"Let me show you how good it can be. What you deserve."

And again with the swooning!

"The bed creaks with our effort, but then he starts talking to me and I can't hear it anymore, just hear him say how good and wet and fuck, Rosalie. Him saying my name like that, like he craves me, wants to consume me, nearly undoes me completely."

They're so hot and sweet and hot and just.. GAH! I am rarely speechless, but damn girl!

"I don't know when I begin and he ends, just that we finish together."

*Sigh* SO perfect!

"I stop and Edward looks up at me and then wordlessly lifts the covers. It's strangely intimate. I like him in my bed, inviting me back in like it's his, too."

They're so perfect together, he already feels like he belongs there!

"He laughs and his eyes crinkle in a way that I think I might end up liking a lot, especially when it's directed at me."

If I can convince Meri to have a birthday every day can we get more of your words?

"He doesn't say that he'll be the one to give me more, or even that he's capable of it. But when he says, "Can I stay?" I wonder if that's what he means."

Seriously... every day?

I need more! More of your pretty words and brilliantly vibrant and believable characters!

You have an exceptional amount of talent and I loved this! Thank you for sharing and for organising the tumblr for Meri's birthday!

Love you, my little pocket dweller! xx
WhatsMyNomDePlume chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
Jesus, meat. I want to hire you to write me pretty things all day everyday. this was so so so good. you got the tension and then them getting together.












please write more roseward. for me. for anyone. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY.

ily the mostest, meat.
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