Reviews for Harry Potter: the Serpent Lord
GeorgeTobor chapter 75 . 9/17


Thank you for your time and effort and for posting this story so we can enjoy it as well.
GeorgeTobor chapter 65 . 9/17
And a much better task than what Rowling wrote.
Your descriptions of the spells used was very good.
GeorgeTobor chapter 64 . 9/17
Pulling a trick on Malodorous Malfoy Sr. It's one of the best things about your story!

Now I am just hoping for "fine print" in Draconica's contact to make him a magic less pauper.

I find myself wishing I found this while you were still working on it.
GeorgeTobor chapter 63 . 9/17
The lemon in chapter 62 was fairly well written, you set up a scene then drew a tasteful curtain over the private parts...


The passion shown in this chapter was even better and I dare say exceeds what Rowling wrote!
GeorgeTobor chapter 61 . 9/17
Nice twist on the golden egg puzzle!
GeorgeTobor chapter 57 . 9/17
The one with the spider was better!
GeorgeTobor chapter 55 . 9/17
The way Ginny's possession just seemed to be ignored in the books is strange.
And I think you are the only one using it to take her out of the running for Harry's hand.
GeorgeTobor chapter 50 . 9/17
I am guessing you need the rat for something later in the story.
At least Sirius will not be killed.
GeorgeTobor chapter 49 . 9/17
If Dumbledore knew that Tom was still around and did nothing that makes him dumb and Lazy

The prophecy only says Harry must kill the dark lord, anyone can capture or hurt him.
GeorgeTobor chapter 48 . 9/17
Isn't that just giving the person who hurt you a chance to do it again?

Forgive someone?
Maybe for honest mistakes, maybe not...
Never for malice! Aforethought or not!
GeorgeTobor chapter 47 . 9/17
Remus dies?
Who will teach Harry the patronus charm?
I not happy, or unhappy with you killing him.
He was completely brainwashed by Dumbledore.
At least he killed a pureblood, too bad it was not two or three or more.
Tonks deserves better anyway.
GeorgeTobor chapter 46 . 9/17
I googled it and the definition doesn't seem to fit in the sentence.
GeorgeTobor chapter 44 . 9/17
Messing with memories, compelling others, in what way is Albus Dumbledore good or light?

More than nine out of ten wizards and witches do NOT deserve magic.

Look for WIZARDS FALL, it is on this site.
GeorgeTobor chapter 42 . 9/17
I looked and there are less than a dozen Harry and Katie fics on the site.
Admittedly I only searched for 10k and complete.
I'll have to read one next.
GeorgeTobor chapter 41 . 9/17
Ok you more than earned the M rating.

And a lemon scene that was not to badly done.

Sex scenes are disgustingly easy to write but hard to write well.

If this was a fic in progress I'd advise you to just set the beginning and let your readers imagine the rest.
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