Reviews for Harry Potter: the Serpent Lord
iStyx chapter 51 . 5/12
I can't stop laughing now. So, Harry and Draconica CAN shag (with no prelude etc) without any difficulties, but when they kiss — they are BLUSHING HARD? Are they retards or what?
Tsamoka chapter 75 . 4/24
Logic would assume that Katie Bell would be the Lady Potter, considering that she was the only other girl that Harry had a serious relationship with. Either way, great story! Keep up the good work! :)
eternalkingjohnson1 chapter 75 . 4/20
The story seems a bit corny and the repeated use of some of the titles of Harry gets annoying, and some parts of the book are super boring, but overall a decent book.
Draed chapter 7 . 4/8
I like the story and the premise is interesting but you really overuse and repeat things like "the green-eyed wizard" or "the young Griffindor" or "young wizard".
It is extremely annoying to read that every few lines and disrupts the whole flow.
What happened to the good old "Harry" or simply "he" ?
A little editing would make this whole story much more enjoyable.
Guest chapter 23 . 3/25
Again I like the build up, but he yet again ends up in the chamber with Lockhart and Ron. This invalidates all the changes you made. Stop trying to recreate original events.
zeps9001 chapter 66 . 3/27
I don't even want to finish this. While it's not that bad, it's not even close to what you promised. He's not strong. He's not intelligent, all he did is get Voldemort's memories in an magical accident(where he was impaled through his eye socket all the way to his kidney? The Fuck?), he didn't even use them or became that much smarter. He was not dark. He was not a medic. Draconica was in no way a Malfoy, you wrote her how a lot of people write Daphne.

I was still holding on to hope that he will become any of these things, but it's too late now.
zeps9001 chapter 50 . 3/26
It's chapter 50 and I'm still waiting when Harry will become either strong or smart. Yet again he was extremely easily defeated by shackled and wandless Pettigrew.

You can't have him have Voldemorts full magical knowledge, but being constantly beaten up as some random squib.
zeps9001 chapter 42 . 3/26
Yes a Strong and Intelligent Harry, with full memories of Voldemort, able to replace a lost eye that of very magical creature, Lord Potter and Slytherin. Being beaten up by two 4th year girls, almost making him brain damaged and making him a cripple if not for magical healing. All that because he cheated on his 1 month long girlfriend. You can't just have him beaten to a pulp, like it's nothing. Something like this would get them expelled and considering he's a lord, probably sent to Azkaban.
zeps9001 chapter 34 . 3/26
This is what I dislike most about this story. You use the same events as books and change everything before it. You need to change the events as well, because so far they make no sense. It's one thing to make disciplinary hearing into a full trial, it's completely another to have a made up trial with extremely badly put together charges. It was the same in the first year and the second.
zeps9001 chapter 17 . 3/25
Mmm yes, a Intelligent and Strong Harry, who was almost killed by a squib janitor. You can't have both. Do you understand how weak and stupid this makes him look?
zeps9001 chapter 13 . 3/25
I don't like his motivation behind learning medicine. To prove Dursleys wrong? Or something stupid like that. You could've given him some relative that's in St. Mungos long term ward. So far It would make a lot more sense for Neville to have this dream.
zeps9001 chapter 9 . 3/25
While I like that you are rewriting 1st year events, I don't like that the changes have no visible effect. They sent letters to the Board and the Flamels, nothing came from it. Minevra believed them, but they still went alone. There no Ron, but so far I don't see how that effected anything. Harry doesn't trust Dumbledore, but that had no effect so far.

I know that these will be important in the future, but it's still weird.
Shadowdog11 chapter 65 . 3/22
Great original second task!
Guest chapter 75 . 3/12
Guest chapter 64 . 3/12
As much as I liked he story, he Harr/Katie thing was a huge urn off. I do no understand your fetish for polygamy, it is a dishonour to the beautiful true live between Harry and Nica. The Katie character approach is also sickening itself and continuing the relation after their break up was pointless. If a man can be head of two houses, why no a woman? Why does the man need another woman to fill the mistress of his other title, and Draconia can be both Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Slytherin. Other than this pathetic Harry/Katie stuff this story was good and I enjoyed it.
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