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Saroyamal chapter 20 . 12/30/2016
i have the worst timing of finding the story before a crucial exam. I read the story and feel numb.
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 20 . 12/27/2016
Awesome story. Very seems darker, here. Does the universe need him darker to balance a lighter Tom? Also, I like the Tom you draw here, bright, cunning, stillmiuch lighter, and never out of character.
Also great way you show Dumbledore realizing the high cost his "Greater Good" has for others during this story.
BekBek chapter 20 . 9/29/2016
I love your fanfiction -extremely-
It made me laugh, cry (almost) and opened my mind into a new level of great write of fanfics

~girl from the Philippines
Emanuelle chapter 20 . 9/8/2016
God I can't describe how much I love this story... you're an amazingly talented writer. An epilogue would be wonderful! but thank you so much for writing a brilliant story thus !
beartes chapter 20 . 3/28/2016
My God.
I was reading this because I love the concept of a human Tom Riddle and not that creepy child that cannot love to save his soul. And I found this. It is the second fic I have read featuring a parental relationship between Tom and Albus (And, being in the sometimes very weird site that I am, was ready to flight on the posibility of a sexual perturbed turn of the events -Really now, Tom was 8 at the begining. I would run faster that when you find a serpent lord having sex with poor Harry, that must has an harem to be fullfilled, it seems) and was not dissapointed.
In fact, I was very very pleased with your history. I love your Dumbledore, really-all of them. The thing with most Albus is that they are painted as this man obssesed with playing with the lifes of other fo the Greater Good. Now, I won't say that this man was not Albus, but I will say that this man is close to his worst nightmare. In the dh, he confessed his terrible fear of himself, of being corrupt with power. Magic Britain seems stuborn to give him all the power and follow him blindly. He is brillaint, he is gay in a very dificult place to be, he is partial responsible for the ddeath of his sister (The sister he didn't care enough of) and the guilt must be very time consuming. Yet, he is cheerful, twinkle-controlling, granfather-like and odd. MadHatter indeed (That part was cute. Tom was cute. In a genius could be a disaster waiting to happen sort of way, of course)
Tom is a mystery- not a boy, nor a man, nor a sociopath just Tom. It is great, because if his 'redemption' to the light was obvious- with the turbulent past you have given him. I was happy when you killed father squib, the demented perverted dammed bastard that should rot in hell, taking advantage of a boy and manipulating him that way, Tom HATE HIM, FOR GOD'S SAKE, TO THE DARKEST CORNER IN HELL WHEN HE CAN PAY FOR HIS WAYS AND NFENUOEA PG
Abe was a wonder- so manipulative, so insightful, now so mad because you have killed his happiness thank you very much, you monster I so shipped them- and the goat thing, well, Albus sure was delighted now that his worst fears of the 'Billy is my soulmate' are wrong. I hope. I really really hope because Billy cannot consent to that and Abe is a dear troll (Because he likes trolling people. Amelia I'm sure HAD -SOULESS MONSTER!- good taste) I love him.
Also I love hat absent mindess of Albus, that sort of lack of self-consiousness that makes him so much Dumbledore and real- and really, it explain everything so much better than the mastermind, cruel one, great actor or not. Also, he is painted as very weird and adverse to the ordinary while Abe and Tom suffer his oddness in silence and a ritual of sharing exhasperated glances and wincing at bright colors. This endlessly amuses me
And I love Tom-Abraxas relationship. Abraxas has slowly but surely become muy sweetheart in this story, with his loyalty and his cuteness and his willingness to save Tom form she-monsters and- God, do I want to keep him.
I have so many things to say about this history- Albus blindness, Abe forgiveness, Tom-bonding, mischevious Tom (So cute! His eyes shining mischeviously! I love that line, it always makes me smile), Abe insight, Rax talking (Whenever. Is so childlike and healing) Castle-Albus pride, Castle Albus is a foerag prat, MinervaSeverys memories (Poor them. I shall name them the Unrequired Love Squad From The Past Slash Posible Future If Tom Goes Cuckoo. ULSFTPSPFITGC. Easy on the tongue, that one), Albus 'I suddenly feel a undeniable fondness for a Dark Lord in the making- DON'T YOU DARE CALL HIM THAT, ANOTHER PERSON IN THE PASSING- so I must mask it with a healthy dose of suspicion that is equally reciprocated because if it is not, I would freak and somehow miss it with fondness', Albus 'this is all so familiar-like, I'm glad for my brother and I kindled relationshi-WHAT DO YOU MEAN MUGGLE SCHOOL!? SO MUCH POTENCIAL! WASTED! NOT ON MY WATCH, Abe 'I am the most straighforward person ever and was born to be the bane in my brother wird vanitiy but when amelia is involved I turn so shy that I look antisocial and rude', Tom 'I may be an EvilLord waiting to happen that has the most horrible childhood ever but I must sing Choir song in my angle-like boys that I learned from the man who abused me and unsettle the MadHatter everyday. Deeply', Tom against the Elves, Tom lying and charming everyone and Albus looking like a doting father but not realizing that he is totally charmed, Albus suffering (Really, you deserved the 'Who killed Cock Robiin one') Grindelwald jealous of Tom, or dumbledore and being a dark enttity that gets better with distance, Tom being so blasé about cutting legs of the man terrorizing half Europe (Really, Tommyboy, 'I meant to say that you are two legs short' So harsh.) Tom previous parenting at the hands of friendly, self-named, poisoinous, independent neighbour at the garden snakes orphanage (SO MUCH SENSE!) and the final, 'Really!?' moment when 'I'm short of TWO legs' Gellert 'You send roses to your lover, I shower them with Crucios, inferi, muder and all things dark, Now including the unique offert of an Horrocrux!' Grindelwald suddenly makes an Horrocrux on badass Amelia death.
He makes it looks so easy...
The Tom-bonding and Tom-consoling (Bad and funny as it is with my dear Drax) is honestly the part that most afected me on all the story. It is heart-warming and so precious that he is uniting a family- his damm family, be odd as a Dumbledore- and singing them and healing old wounds and God, What he told Abe? I wanted to cry so, so bad.
Castle Albus is an irresponsible self-centered prat what was he thinking, not caring after Tom, STOP PROYECTING ON THE POOR BOY, and letting him join at the battle of the century , HE MAY BE POWERFUL BIUT HE IS 12! common decency, please!
And Albus-Percival, we all miss your dear brother practically when you, Tom and a thing happens. But we love you all the same because you are vey inch as manipulative and cruel (Yes, cruel, ignorant to it as you make yourself to believe it) as he is, and do we love him?
Yeah, charming Tom has charmed the Fourth Wall and charmed us all.
Sorry for the rant. Really, but I love your story, and sometimes ranting reviews are the best of them , aren't they? They lift your spirits, at leats mine. Good luck and update sometime!
Volkskrieg chapter 20 . 11/22/2015
This is a solid point that you abandoned the story at, at the close of a major arc thanks.
E chapter 20 . 6/19/2015
I really liked your story; I read this in one sitting.

Specifically, I enjoyed your depictions of Albus and Tom. Both are troubled characters, but they grew and developed together as the story proceeded. I thought Tom's backstory, with the bullying and child abuse, was realistic, considering the beliefs at the time. I could see how Tom's attachment disorder led him to becoming the Dark Lord. That his mischievousness and allegories is a testament that everyone has a better nature, so long as they are nurtured. I enjoyed the mirroring of Albus with CastleAlbus. CastleAlbus is pompous, single-minded, and driven. To me, his behavior seems to be a reaction to his doomed relationship with Gellert.

Rax was adorable, partly because his French background made him very different to what I would imagine a Malfoy. Rax's indulged but he's not malicious and power-hungry like Draco. I wonder what alternative House the Sorting Hat was planning to put Rax.

I didn't really enjoy Tom as a prophecy child. His power seemed incentive enough for Gellert to notice him. Moreover, there's the association with CastleAlbus, and I'd imagine that Gellert has spies following CastleAlbus's every moves.
Gg chapter 20 . 4/8/2015
This story is really wonderful, I always enjoy your characterization of Tom the best. It's great as it is, it would be lovely of you to finish it. Godspeed
Guest chapter 20 . 4/7/2015
Love this fic so much- Don't stress about the update speeds though. Take as long as you need. This fis is worth the wait and frankly, even if you never do write more of it, it's an absolute gift to have any of this fic to read at all! *adores it*
bleubirdsong chapter 20 . 4/2/2015
This story is truly wonderful. I'm amazed it doesn't have more reviews or favorites! It's original, creative, in character, and marvelously charming. I hope you can find your flow again!
Tidmag chapter 20 . 3/22/2015
Wow...stayed up all night to read this because it was amazing.
Snarky64 chapter 20 . 3/16/2015
I've just picked this up and read right through. It's a really interesting work, especially wondering how things are changing through Older Dumbledore's intervention in the earlier timeline. It's sad to read that you're feeling de-motivated. I hope your muse finds you again. I'll certainly review if you continue.
Veronica chapter 20 . 1/24/2015
Hi. I don't even know where to start this review. I found this story in Archive Of Our Own after reading "1942: A Raphsody in Riddle" and I fell in love with it the moment I finished the first chapter, perhaps before. I fell in love with it when Slughorn explained what I have always seen clearly about the Slytherin House. You can imagine my anguish when I saw there were only 5 chapters. I was about to curse myself when I checked the reviews and I saw you directed another reader to this platform. How thankfull I am for that!

Yesterday I went to bed at 5am because I couldn't put your story down and today I got back to reading as soon as I woke. I just finished chapter 20 and I may say I'm a little disilusionated as the tittle made me think (and I don't really know why) that this was the final chapter and the story was complete. However, I will wait most patiently for an update in whatever direction you wish to carry this masterpiece. I beg you don't stop writting all together.

I don't think there's nothing I don't love about it. Tom's character complexity, Dumbledore realising what an utter ass he was (I hated him quite a lot in the books), an insight on Abe's life... I would love nothing more for you to give them a happy ending with Tom growing up to not become Voldemort and leading a happy life. Perhaps even starting a family of his own. I don't know, I'm rambling at this point, I did sleep only 5 hours.

To sum up: I just wish to say thank you for sharing this story publicaly (and in ao3 even if you didn't like the platform for I wouldn't have found it here in ffnet) and carriying with it. And that I will be waiting patiently but excitedly for your next update. Thank you very much.
EddieIrvine chapter 20 . 1/6/2015
Oh... please do carry on with the story. Doesn't Albus have to go back eventually, or we would see some fitting end of the war, or the relationship that is so finely developing between Albus and Tom? Sorry for taking wild guesses ... I understand that writing stories take a lot of passion, time, and effort, especially one so well-crafted. But please, do not leave the readers dangling here. This story is one I count on going back to between months of crazy graduate school work...
smilingcrescent chapter 17 . 12/15/2014
I sometimes wonder which of your stories/series I like best… the Prometheus series and Eldritch are both two of my favourites… but I think Eldritch might win out just because Tom is still so young. The unfulfilled possibility even the Dark Lord has as a child is just so interesting.

Not to mention, your young Tom is so cute. XD Also, he is made all the more fascinating just by never writing from Tom’s perspective. Dumbledore reflects and worries even as he dotes over and loves the boy. Not writing from his perspective makes him that much more mysterious, and as compelling, terrifying or puzzling as the characters’ perspectives you write from view him. Really good literary choice there, I think.

Now, on to this chapter. I enjoyed learning about the different parts of London, and the street names, though unfamiliar, really helped make the scene. Eee, Tom trying not to look awestruck must be sweet.

Hmm, Tom’s attempts to bargain for their lives, and then to slip out of view during the duel… he is a precocious little boy. I agree—Tom is probably wishing that he was better than Albus rather than admiring his ‘grace.’ Such a flaw is both believable, and in character. And yet, I still find him charming.

Hahah, Dumbledore thinks himself a prodigy, and Tom a hard worker. I wonder if that’s true? I rather thought they were both naturally gifted. XD Hahaha, and Tom Perceives that he was ‘toying with the leader.’ Somehow I doubt Tom is going to stray very far from his original path even with Dumbledore as a role model—Tom picks up on all the characteristics he already identifies with, not things he doesn’t (like mercy, or depending on others).
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