Reviews for Professor Takamachi
shadowchaos5150 chapter 29 . 9h
I know I'm 5 years to late to request a sequel from you Rick Dias, but I personally want to see how this version of events comes to a head. I love the idea that in a universe where the Nanoha & Potter series happen concurrently like this, that Nanoha would find a way to help Harry out like she has. I don't quite know why, but I love seeing these 2 series crossover like this. Hopefully I can find more quality work like this.
Sagicknight chapter 29 . 7/15
great and interesting story i love how nanaha react and acts around the harry potter verse
Xingdra chapter 28 . 6/19
the ending sucks... One I don't like how fate was rude to Dumbledore... Two I didn't really care for fate to be in this story at all because to many people put Nanoha and Fate together as a crush... Three I wish nanoha would stop being so stop silly and merciful which shows when she will not kill anyone.

Over all the story was okay. I didn't care for the last two pages though I'd rather Fate not have anything to do with this.
Xingdra chapter 26 . 6/19
Okay one Nanoha's talk about not wanting to kill someone isn't exactly the best idea. Some time there is no choice in the matter something she needs to learn the hard way. Some people can't be saved no matter what you do. So I thought her always trying to be the good person isn't exactly the best idea.
Xingdra chapter 18 . 6/19
That was funny Nanoha survived the forbidden killing curse... I bet Malfoy will be surprised when she's back up and walking again after that...
Xingdra chapter 17 . 6/18
This is funny, because Umbridge is Scared of Nanoha. Nanoha knowing all the rules and bending them to her will to benefit her in any thing Umbridge tries to throw her way. Got to say this Nanoha is so awesome that even the teachers are scared of her. Although I think she's Awesome I sure the heck wouldn't want to take her students place... Oh Yeah I thought it was also funny that the Aurora's wouldn't listen to Fudge and would only listen to Nanoha that was funny.

Now On to next chapter to see what happen next...
Xingdra chapter 6 . 6/18
This is pretty interesting... Seems Nanoha is at odds with the TSAB in this story... I don't get why the TSAB is trying to interfere anyways she is on a planet that the TSAB has little Authority on not to mention it is her home planet... So technically they shouldn't be able to do anything. That last part about what Ron, Hermione, and Harry Said at the end was pretty funny, but I guess Harry realized that Nanoha was Exactly Cruel and Ruthless if pushed the wrong way.

Now Onto next chapter.
casvalo03o chapter 29 . 3/4
This story is very funny. good work.
Thermidor606 chapter 29 . 3/1
I'm really glad I got bored enough to dig back through years of Nanoha/Harry Potter first. I supremely enjoyed this story.
Thermidor606 chapter 6 . 2/29
Nobody messes with the 'White Devil', nobody. Those last few lines had me grinning like an idiot, mainly because of how true it is.
TheSinner21 chapter 29 . 1/8
Simply brilliant story mate A
Steveaaml chapter 29 . 10/21/2015
My third time reading through this story. It was every bit as awesome and enjoyable this time around.
Guest chapter 29 . 9/18/2015
Any sequel?
Through half-blood Prince and on towards Deathly Hallows or Battle of Hogwarts or 19 years later?
pokemon-35055 chapter 29 . 8/16/2015
great work I realy enjoyed this fic
Vercalos chapter 29 . 7/28/2015
I finished this story over tha course of two days. It was off to a rough start(weird placement or lack thereof for line breaks during conversations, particularly), but overall I enjoyed it a great deal. Umbridge's ultimate fate(no pun intended) was entirely perfect.. I'd love to see a follow up to this story, but I don't see that happening.

Also, just because this was your first fanfic doesn't automatically terrible. I've seen prolific writers on their 20th fic that weren't half as polished as your first.
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