Reviews for The marshmallows are gone
FujoshiKiyo chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
Ha-ho xD Will you be my marshmallow ;3 Lol. This was kinda cute.
AlixNight chapter 1 . 7/26/2011
I'm surprised to say that I actually like this story. No offense to you whatsoever but I'm use to bad grammar and boring fluff whenever I read anything less then T yet I find this concept pretty amusing. I was actually pretty sad when I searched KikyoxByakuran and I only got one story (. I think I may write one myself, they're so cute together! One thing that I noticed is that you spelled Kikyo wrong as Kikyou. I do wish you would up the ratings and write a few more chapters to this fanfiction, I like it a lot )
kyuubi723 chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
hahaha i dont usually like this pairing, but i loved this fic! i was i was byakurans marshmallow tonight~ T_T good job on the story D!
Pr1nc3LuvsFr0ggy chapter 1 . 4/1/2011
Such a cute story XD

I've been giggling and giggling throughout the whole story lol!