Reviews for Harry's Game
magfrump chapter 23 . 4/3/2011
As an avid fan of MoR, I enjoy any chance to get more rational!Harry in my body in any way shape or form.

Your writing style is somewhat different from the original, and to be frank your formatting is heinously bad. Better formatting could have made the read much more enjoyable; although as it was I absorbed your whole fic in one sitting.

I felt that your characters were very true to the MoR characters. Your creative ideas and scientific references were of the quality I have come to expect, which is no small feat and kept me hooked into the story.

I felt, especially in the later chapters, certain differences between you and LessWrong, which started to feel to me in some ways like a critique in that they were disagreements, and in the disagreements you had I side with you.

Overall, while I think that there are some problems with your formatting, and your dialog is somewhat predictable and blocky, the story you have and the rationalist!fanfiction principle behind it is VERY strong, and those are the real reasons I enjoyed HP:MoR in the first place.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/2/2011
Lovingly crafted thesis on the stupidity of seeker position. With wry wit and innumerable pop culture references dashed about. Liberally.

Kudos for the excellent creative spin-off of a spin-off ;)

Perhaps you can team up with Less Wrong and crank out a truly original tale firmly based in rational roots with branches that soar into incredulous hilarity.
TsuQ chapter 23 . 4/2/2011
Hey, I popped over from MoR, this is an interesting continuation, if somewhat hard to follow in places - though part of that is attributable to the inherent difficulty of describing high-level scheming I suppose. The description of the inventive quiddich match strategies in particular were quite amusing. The 'ending' was a bit abrupt, but I suppose it does end a significant portion of the overall continuation. You got a bit silly in places, and Dumbledore seemed unusually keen (for this AU) but it was a fun departure.
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