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omgitsalexmarie chapter 104 . 2/15
AHHHH I can't wait for the next chapter! So fitting you posted this on Valentine's Day!
Guest chapter 104 . 2/15
Oh the next chapter better be full of happiness if you had to leave a cliffhanger. I mean we know how they both feel but they don't know :/
Guest chapter 104 . 2/15
NOOOOOOO! That cliffhanger though :'( omg but I love this and thank you for updating and I love you and your writing is beautiful...
Please give us another chapter this is sweet torture
swytla chapter 104 . 2/15
OMG. This chapter. I can't...I don't know where to start. Poor Legolas and poor Guthwyn. I do hope the misunderstandings are cleared up in the next chapter, or at least some progress is made because I can't see them miserable anymore. And he's so wonderful here. Gimli's a great friend and it seems a dwarf is needed if anyone wants to accomplish anything around here (or a hobbit, ME needs people who plunge in and soldier on). Thranduil, eat your heart out.
sue92178 chapter 104 . 2/15
This is so unfair to stop this here! That is all I have right now to say!
Brynhilda chapter 104 . 2/14
A well named chapter !
Guthwyn has overheard a lot and is, as always, imagining quite a different meaning.
I loved Gimli in this conversation, so realistic and down to earth. This world really needs such hard-headed dwarves :-)
You are just cruel to deprive us from Guthwyn and Legolas's confrontation now. I hope that you'll update soon !
Sarnedhiel chapter 104 . 2/14
How dare you end it there?!
I need the next chapter now!
Doll-Fin-Chick chapter 104 . 2/14
Poor Guthwyn is always misunderstanding things! Geez, now that we know for sure they love each other, they need to figure that out themselves. OF course she would be so blind about it...she's always been blind to her heart T-T

Oh I can't decided if I love or hate you for this chapter! It's so perfect, yet drags on the drama more! For pete's sake I hope something works out for Guthwyn in a happy way for once. XD

Midknight911 chapter 104 . 2/14
Eeeeeee! Oh my gosh that was quite the cliff-hanger. I bet things are still going to be all confused, but OMG I can just picture the akward hilarity that may ensue the next chapter.
Most of us predicted the events of this chapter but the next one is harder to guess. Will Legolas reveal his feelings? Will Gúthwyn reveal her feelings? Will Gúthwyn reveal what she heard now that she's been caught? My guess is probably not. Gúthwyn will say she is supportive which will confuse Legolas, he will then realize she doesn't know its her and they will have their dance.
That is only a guess taken from the plethora of romance novels and movies. I'm sure whatever the next chapter is it will be entertaining and maybe slightly shocking, if we are going with the pattern of your recent chapters.
I look foward to the next part of the exciting, revealing feast. Also, can't wait for the Haldor reveal, if only because I cannot picture Legolas' reaction to it.
Fineas chapter 104 . 2/14
Okay, please tell me your next update is soon. These last two chapters have contained more development than the last 20 combined. Please please please please.
Larien Larry Arnatuile chapter 104 . 2/14
A shorter chapter, but one that left me squealing. That cliff hanger!

I have literally speechless. SPEECHLESS I tell you. I have no words of praise for this, because no words are adequate enough for this chapter. What an amazing Valentine special!

I honestly cannot think of much to say for this, except that I cannot WAIT until the next chapter.

(Oh, and I laughed so hard when Legolas 'croaked')

Larien Larry Arnatuile
ZabuzasGirl chapter 104 . 2/14
uh oh...awkward!
Wonderful! Finally! Have her mention the conversation she had with Thranduil in the next chapter! Happy Valentines Day!
Update immediately, please!
Guest chapter 103 . 2/9
AHHH I wanted to hear that conversation too! Omg what if she happens to hear them or they find her sleeping there :o poor cobryn though...
Larien Larry Arnatuile chapter 103 . 2/9
I'm really sorry I haven't reviewed in a while (excepting my guest reviews). I've been really sick- mono is not kind to anyone.

But this chapter? I am almost speechless (almost being the operative word, I am currently raving about this to a friend in England about this!) and I just LOVE it. This is the chapter I have been waiting for since January last year, but every chapter between now and then has been so perfect that the wait was barely noticeable. So thank you for that.

Every chapter of this I read I get those tingles and I fall in love with your characters a bit more every time- how that is possible I have no idea, for I thought I could not love them more.

After rereading the Chronicles a couple of times (okay... nine- but this is REALLY GOOD) I have found a few mistakes (when I encounter them I'll just leave a review) but there are so few that I didn't notice any of them until the sixth time.

I really want Legolas to find out more about Haldor, and what he did to Guthwyn, but I'm also worried that he would treat her differently after that, much like Gamling.

I would love to make this review longer, but let's face it: how many different words of praise are there?

Keep writing, and I cannot wait until the next chapter,
Larien Larry Arnatuile
LarienLarryArna chapter 39 . 2/9
Sorry- typos and mistakes always show up in the rereads:

"Borogor would NOT have wished her to live her life in happiness, not in misery; it was up to her to decide her fate, and she would choose contentment."

I think that Borogor would have wanted her to be happy.

"Borogor would have wished her to live her life in happiness..."
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