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Larien Larry Arnatuile chapter 103 . 2/9
I'm really sorry I haven't reviewed in a while (excepting my guest reviews). I've been really sick- mono is not kind to anyone.

But this chapter? I am almost speechless (almost being the operative word, I am currently raving about this to a friend in England about this!) and I just LOVE it. This is the chapter I have been waiting for since January last year, but every chapter between now and then has been so perfect that the wait was barely noticeable. So thank you for that.

Every chapter of this I read I get those tingles and I fall in love with your characters a bit more every time- how that is possible I have no idea, for I thought I could not love them more.

After rereading the Chronicles a couple of times (okay... nine- but this is REALLY GOOD) I have found a few mistakes (when I encounter them I'll just leave a review) but there are so few that I didn't notice any of them until the sixth time.

I really want Legolas to find out more about Haldor, and what he did to Guthwyn, but I'm also worried that he would treat her differently after that, much like Gamling.

I would love to make this review longer, but let's face it: how many different words of praise are there?

Keep writing, and I cannot wait until the next chapter,
Larien Larry Arnatuile
LarienLarryArna chapter 39 . 2/9
Sorry- typos and mistakes always show up in the rereads:

"Borogor would NOT have wished her to live her life in happiness, not in misery; it was up to her to decide her fate, and she would choose contentment."

I think that Borogor would have wanted her to be happy.

"Borogor would have wished her to live her life in happiness..."
LarienLarryArna chapter 25 . 2/6
Can't be bothered logging in for this, but there appears to be a small typo in this chapter (small, tiny, MINUSCULE)

A few paragraphs above the splitter line you have written 'lost' instead of 'loss'. Just do a shiftF3 search for it- it's the only 'lost' in this chapter.

The line is "Guthwyn might have pitied Lothiriel for the LOST of her faithful servant..."

I'm going to log in and do an extensive review soon- I am reading every chapter published. 'I love them' does not even cover it but you will read enough of that in my review!

Larien Larry Arnatuile
(They really need more space for the usernames up there )
funnygirl00 chapter 103 . 1/29
Of all the times to miss a conversation, this one beats them all! And what a CHAPTER! Whoa! She FINALLY figured it out! Legolas needs to find Guthwyn and claim that dance! Please update soon! I had the flu and this was such a lovely read now that I'm finally back on the computer.
gginsc chapter 103 . 1/29
I would like to listen to the conversation, too! Finally the light is on in Guthwyn's house.
Brynhilda chapter 103 . 1/26
Hello there !
What a great update, so aptly titled ;-)
It was really nice to read Guthwyn's and Cobryn's points of view.
So now, if I understand correctly, absolutely everybody knows of Legolas's attraction to Guthwyn, except maybe Hammel if he managed to get drunk enough with his new dwarrow friends before seeing anything. ;-)
But I hope that the night is not over for our favorite characters, because Guthwyn and Legolas both deserve a little fun after all this turmoil.
I can't help but I think that the great Elvenking has achieved quite the contrary of what he meant to do when he went out of his way to speak so harshly to Guthwyn.
I would put it this way, with a big grin of course :

Thranduil : "You've done a very poor job of making this woman well aware of her feelings for you, Legolas..." (looks down his nose at Legolas)
Legolas : "I won't ask Guthwyn to be my wife, father, I've already told you this !"
Thranduil : "You started this. You will forgive me if I finish it." (swishes hair and robes and goes away to his own doom)

The man-to-man (uh, dwarf-to-elf ?) conversation between Gimli and Legolas (and maybe also something with Tauriel and Cobryn ? pretty please ?) is long overdue.
I hope you'll give us at least some crumbs of it. We wants to eavesdrop too ! :-)
Please update soon !
omgitsalexmarie chapter 103 . 1/25
I've been reading this series for about 4 years and I still have a mini freak out when I see a new chapter posted! My hope for the next chapter is that Guthwyn wakes up at the most inopportune moment, hears Legolas saying he loves someone, assumes it's not her, and drama ensues yayyyy. Thank you for writing these epic stories-they are amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter!
Kiiimberly chapter 103 . 1/25
Thanks for updating anolinde. Finally she realizes her feelings! I wonder if he's also figured it out.
Guest chapter 103 . 1/25

and omg you're going to address Haldor's origins?! Wait, what?!

This whole chapter was such a tease. I really can't wait to see the next one.

Of course Guthwyn would be the last to know -rolls eyes-. You make such interestingly twisty convoluted plots all intertwined with canon, movie, and headcanon themes T-T I am seriously on edge here!

Looking forward to the next chapter dear :)

loginlessfan chapter 103 . 1/25
Yaaaaaaayyy! Thank you for the amazing chapter :') I've been checking in everyday anticipating your updates and the chapter, as always, was worth the wait and more.
I can't wait to see how Guthwyn reacts and how cobryn will percieve the ongoings not to forget legolas and omg hammel, what about faramir cuz he knows about borogor… so much to look forward to :O pleeeaasse be kind to us and update us
Ps we love you and your character development is amaaaazzzinngg!3
Ysmira chapter 103 . 1/25
Its getting more and more interesting! But why this chapter ends so fast? :)
Midknight911 chapter 103 . 1/24
Awwww, cliff hanger...
This was so good I'm so glad Guthwyn has finally decided to smarten up. I mean I know she isn't the brightest but it took her so long. Yes I know her trauma was partly the cause and the people who are in love are the last to know but it took so long!
Anyways did I detect a little bit of attraction between Cobryn and Tauriel? Speaking of Cobryn I would really like to listen to the conversation as well. Maybe someone gets to overhear the conversation as well? Maybe someone who is awoken from a nap?
I also wonder what Guthwyn's siblings were talking about so serously? Hmmm the plot thickens.
Anyways this chapter I believe has been your most eventful in a while, with every main character mentioned this time (which you deserve props for) and so much going on in the background and especially Guthwyn's confession.
Grrrr... I wish I could skip ahead in time so I don't have to wait! I look forward to your next chapter.
sue92178 chapter 103 . 1/24
I am so glad Guthwyn has realized what we have known all along (well... for at least a little while!). It seems like things may be coming to a head... I can't wait!
ZabuzasGirl chapter 103 . 1/24
I wonder how legolas will react when he finds out what Thranduil said to her.
Update immediately, please!
Guest chapter 102 . 1/18
Come on, why do so many writers adopt this stupid portrayal of Thranduils in the movie? Him being an asshole, looking down upon others, turning his back on others in need, unfeeling towards his son, and so on. It is the complete opposite of how I imagine the elves.

Apart from that I keep enjoying your story very much.
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