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Kiiimberly chapter 102 . 1/12
Thanks for the update anolinde. Man this was so sad but the King is only looking out for Legolas. Looking forward to the next update!
Guest chapter 102 . 1/7
I would like to start off by saying that I have been following this story for years! I love your writing style and how well you incorporated Guthwyn! It was like you read my mind in wanting more "girl power" for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but went above and beyond any of my original expectations for stumbling upon a fan fic (no offense to other fanficton authors).

Now with all groveling aside (lol), I haven't read the beginning of this story in a while so I can't remember if you did cover this, I was wondering about the origins of Halder. I always assumed that he was in some way of the same blood as Legolas, considering that they looked identical, but I was too eager to keep reading to dwell on it at the time. Does Thranduil know about him? If you haven't addressed Halder's lineage yet, do you have plans to do so? If his background is never brought up, it won't take away from your story though. I've just been really curious for a while :)

Thank you,
maya chapter 102 . 1/6
I loved this chapter:)
Guest chapter 102 . 1/5
Thanks so much for answering my question about Gùthwyn, it helped a lot. Twelve years this has been going on for? I could never be that dedicated but please continue to write, love every new chapter
funnygirl00 chapter 102 . 1/5
Thranduil is horrid! It wasn't so much Tauriel that he was objecting to. He was just using her to let Guthwyn know that she should stay away from Legolas. Ahhh! Too short! I don't know how I'll survive until February!
sue92178 chapter 102 . 1/4
Oh, that sneaky, wretched Thranduil! You managed to put many layers into his conversation with Guthwyn and I do not think for a second this conversation had much to do with Tauriel at all so much as Guthwyn herself. Well done chapter, even though it made me mad!
smock12 chapter 102 . 1/4
That is such a way to end the chapter. Please update soon.
Doll-Fin-Chick chapter 102 . 1/4
o.0 Thranduil is a jerk. I think you got him down perfectly. Poor Guthwyn doesn't get the politics of it all T-T She's in denial. Brilliant chapter. I really loved it. I think you balanced both movie and book canon well.

Ysmira chapter 102 . 1/4
Ugh, Thranduil. He really should do sth with his Thingol issue. And I agree with people, the confrontation between him and Legolas would be great. Maybe Haldors name will slip away? Thranduil should know him, if he lived in Mirkwood, right? That would be quite interesting. :)
Swytla chapter 102 . 1/4
Now you're just breaking my heart and Guthwyn's. The next chapter better give her some consolation after this harsh (perhaps even vile) and transparent effort to put a wedge between Legolas and Guthwyn. Thranduil sure knows how to push all the painful buttons. Legolas better find out soon and put a stop to it. I'm sure Legolas has realised his feelings by now and will maybe even act on them since she's reacting so good to his actions, but Thranduil might have spoiled it now for a good while. Argh, I'll be waiting to find out what happens - I hope you update ASAP.
The part about spoiled stories and such - I can sooo relate to Guthwyn's thoughts there. It's not as fun to read or listen to the tale when you know things in advance. It might delight you, but a bit less than before.
Brynhilda chapter 102 . 1/4
Ow, Thranduil did it again. But I think that Guthwyn is dealing with him better than before. And it seems that the Elvenking is just desperately trying to reassure himself about Legolas's wedding prospects — not that Guthwyn is aware of his own troubled thoughts, of course. I just hope that he has not completely 'spoiled' her evening, after all...
Midknight911 chapter 102 . 1/4
Ugh. I hare people who believe they are superior, weather they are or not, and proceed to rub it rudely in other peoples' faces. Gúthwyn is right he had no right to be so rude and insult her race and family to her face like that! Grrrrrr... it just makes me so mad.
On a separate note: there really are a ton of similarities between Tauriel and Gúthwyn. They would really get along great if Tauriel wasn't an elf or Gúthwyn wasn't afriad of elves... and jealous.
Ooh after every chapter I wish for more. I wish I could read more right now but I understand that writing is a process and I will just have to wait. I look toward to the next chapter.
Brynhilda chapter 101 . 1/4
Hello there ! I'm late in my reviewing, let's count it on the BoFA aftershock. I loved this chapter, and I mean the unwritten words from Guthwyn's point of view as well as the actual text. Many characters have their own part here and it's nice to see them interact. I can't wait to read the next chapters. :)
gginsc chapter 102 . 1/4
The hell it will! What an ass! Why is Guthwyn so spineless?
ZabuzasGirl chapter 102 . 1/3
...I'm gonna kill Thranduil!
Here's an idea have someone know of their conversation and tell Legolas. The confrontation between him and his Father should be interesting.
Update immediately, please!
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