Reviews for Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me
Granad chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
You write so beautifully. I couldn't leave any comment on your other story "Those who stand for nothing fall for nothing" because I read it in one go and it made me feel like I'd just participated in a chess tournament and couldn't get the pieces out of my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about it or form any coherent thoughts so I will tell you now that you write so beautifully.
nomen nominandum chapter 1 . 4/2/2011
-Damn you, I fell for it. You and your "let's-kill-L...not" hoaxes.

-"It would be in their interests to have an intact body, for science alone" and the paragraph that started with "The body is of a Caucasian male in his early to mid-twenties..." were pretty nasty. Note to self: never invite Near to a funeral.

-"Always look up, people miss another world of architecture above their heads" hmm, can I hire you for writing those little "cheer-up" comments in my Mum's calendar? Whoever created that 365 days lasting mental diarrhea should be beaten, your posies are much better. ;)

-this was as good as ever but I'm glad the story took another turn, because of Matt and V and a living Soichiro...but I think Ide disagrees with me on that.

-oh and I just discovered your Crackmix (I'm not a fast one )it's awesome and I'm glad that I'm not the only one with weird theme-music for Death Note. (heh, I have "The Plagues" of the "Prince of Egypt OST" and "Sugar Sugar" from the Archies to name just two. My best friend thinks I should be locked up for having those songs in the same playlist or having them at all on my mp3-player, for that matter. And I think he's damn right XD)
wordbombs chapter 1 . 4/2/2011

You make me so sad. So so sad. I missssss you. I'll start replying tomorrow once I'm sober/sane.

So, backstory- I discovered this little gem at 3 in the morning in a cafe after I screamed at beta that I couldn't take my life anymore and she calmly carted me off to drink and dance. Then we went to get food and she was reading GCBC on my phone and was like, is this that girl that's you with an accent? Oh, she has a fic dedicated to you! That's so sweet. And I was like WHAT. ?

And so then I started to read right there in the cafe and was like, ohhhh. I should um, talk. And stop crying. People are starting to stare. But I was just so sad! Light's pain is my own!

But onto the fic!

Augh! This is so good! And the Near line about taking a shit in the woods! YAAAAAAAAAY!

There is so much emotion to these scenes that's just raw and captivating and now I'm so excited to read Ghosts because I feel your tone is just going to blow us all away. But yes, such an interesting line of thought for Cure, with L running away and Light being all Mr. Desperate Boyfriend and NEAR! who may have no boombox but damn he has swagger.

I loved it. I just- augh. Lines, I need to find them.

First things first- your L, where can I get him?

"Light Yagami is Kira" - andddddd he wins. He's so L. I love it. I do, I'm constantly reminded that I need to let you write my L scenes. You're L is soooo proactive. He really does fight back, no holds barred.

"It occurs to me that perhaps we should join forces in a physical sense."- Please do boys, use lube and condoms, and report back!

Oh drunken Light. Drinking takes the pain away dear heart, I would know. Carry on.

'Despite losing the sake glass, Light had found the bottle again and they were happy to be reunited.'- I love lines like that. Personification is beautiful. I just love that Light's bottle is happy to be with him.

"I love you. A bit." Oh, was that shattering glass? No? Must be my heart then.

The Light/L emails are great and just so wonderful because I can imagine Light sitting down and writing for hours and then finally sending these little one liners and there's just *so* much emotion on both ends behind them and oh my this sentence must be training for a marathon because it is running on.

Oh my. So tragic magic. I do have to say, I love Cure's current plot and I do think that as an overall end to the story, where you're going now is more in line with the overall tone of Cure, but this was just freaking beautiful. So much man love. So my Light/L. My heart is broken and so's my jaw from hitting the floor. You are the bestest and no, I'm not even that drunk to make this review excusable.

And onto the PMs!