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Luphoseer chapter 6 . 1/17
As an avid reader of Adventures of Kotohime, I could type a number of entirely different reviews to say what I feel, so let me just try and say a few disjointed sentences to get across what I want...

My mind has been blown repeatedly. This chapter was incredible. I love every chapter ya got!
Your Kotohime is my favorite Kotohime, I always imagine Kotohime to be like this no matter what I find her in now.
I beg/demand/insist/plead (etc, take your pick), PLEASE WRITE MORE!
stylus legna chapter 6 . 11/12/2013
THIS. Words can't describe how awesome this is, and how happy I am to see an update. I would love for you to continue this, especially if you incorporate some of the DDC characters next chapter. Keep up the great work!
masterteo89 chapter 2 . 10/10/2013
Awesome. Brillant.
No need to say anything else. Well, i'm only sad that there are not many episodes, only 6.

But you are a excellent writer.
mdman1 chapter 6 . 8/16/2013
First off I am very sorry I did not review the rest of the chapters apart from the first. I told myself I would but I forgot... better start rereading.

It is a crime that this fic does not have more reviews. It is arguably one of the most cunningly well written stories on this site and this chapter has not disappointed so far.

Thank you for writing this. I am one of your (as of now) 16 follows and it quite a pleasant surprise to see this update.

*Finishes chapter*

Ah well played, a nice setup, makes logical sense. I do hope you write more though, I will look forward to reading any future chapters with excitement.

Minor typo in Yukari's description:
"She looked… well, in-between. Her features were mostly Japanese, but with a hint of the exotic to them, emphasized by her golden hair, worn today in an elaborately-braided bun. She seemed ready for a royal reception, clad in an elegant dark gown that glittered like a midnight sky and long white gloves that sparkled like diamonds. Without her usual mob cap and with her hair styled the way it was,"
I think it should be "mop" cap.

"Great. Who knew how many people and unsupervised Rumia could have chewed on since then?"
and should be 'an'
Fanatical-Writer561 chapter 6 . 8/5/2013
After two long years of waiting, this story has finally come to a close. It has been one heck of a ride, I can tell that much. One of the most amusing and colorful depictions of Kotohime I have seen in quite a long time; I applaud you.

Are you thinking of writing again? It's rare for someone of your level of skill to show up in this fandom, and even rarer to stick around. If you think of writing again, the least I can guarantee is a place on my reading list. If you decide move on, I won't stop you.
UnendingEmpire chapter 6 . 8/3/2013
Well. To call this an outstanding story starring Kotohime, positively brimming with intrigue and cunning references (those to Majora's Mask and Shadow of the Colossus were particularly fun, imho) would be not the truth, but actually a bit of an understatement! I actually had to check the author name again to make sure TakerFoxx wasn't doing Kotohime one-shots _
I was rather hoping the last chapter was foreshadowing, and that Mima was behind it since ghosts probably can't feel the cold, but the -getsu sisters were a very pleasant surprise I'd all but forgotten about until you described them by name. Ruukoto's cameo was also nice, and even if it wasn't a dream, I wasn't about to question the speed of everything. On a musician's note, playing Specter's battle theme from Ape Escape 2 goes wonderfully with the yin-yang space fortress. I was almost thinking of playing a Shadow of the Colossus theme when I caught the reference, but I already had Specter's theme and the nostalgia of Ape Escape 2 got me.
Kotohime's unorthodox police tactics, lucid dreaming, and unlikely crew of dedicated coppers made for one hell of a one-shot. This one-shot, along with the others, has certainly affected my impression of Kotohime, as well as where she stands on my personal list of Touhou characters. I can't wait for the next update to come out,
Ah, and the two scenes following the notes were cute and lulzy, not to mention heartwarming. Great job! :)
UnendingEmpire chapter 5 . 8/3/2013
Well! It took me two sittings to read this, but I finished :)
Kotohime's flirting with the guards of Makai was great. I was too busy laughing to realize Sara was missing until Shinki brought her up later. I miss the red-clad gatekeeper...alas, this is the fate of most PC-98 girls :(
The maniacal princess's wit seems to know no such thing as a limit, and I enjoyed watching her outsmart person after person. And of course, the dialogue with Shinki was wonderful. One cuckoolander girl chatting with another. I can only imagine the conversations those two would be capable of having. And much like Shinki, I thought Kotohime was talking about the great and imposing Mima at first too. When she mentioned Genjii, I about died laughing.
Seeing the scene at the end with her lifted my spirits, to see the mighty evil spirit herself. Mima is my favorite Touhou character of all, so hearing her talk about making an incident and a big return tells me things can be unprecedentedly and irrefutably badass whenever you choose to unleash her upon a Gensokyo who seems to have forgotten all about her.
Judging by the title of the next one, I'll put out a guess that Kotohime is about to do something involving the Taoists. This reeks of hilarious, so I'd better get reading :)
UnendingEmpire chapter 4 . 8/1/2013
I'm not sure how to summarize all this in a short review, to be honest _; I guess the best I can do is simply say what I feel in the least possible words.
Everything was great.
That's all I can really think to say, lol. I guess I'm this much closer to catching up, so I'd better keep reading.
Guile chapter 6 . 8/1/2013
This is amazing.

Though I do prefer the Kotomine that succeeds despite being a nutty flake, rather than the one that is some kind of 'crouching moron, hidden badass' like in chapter 3.
UnendingEmpire chapter 3 . 8/1/2013
Hmm...I like it XD
For a moment, I thought that was a legitimate entry at the beginning, and this chapter served as a friendly reminder to get my hands on PMiSS as soon as humanly (or youkai-ly) possible. The interview was pretty funny, and let me finally see just how off her rocker Kotohime can be. Because if Akyu decides to reincarnate herself again, Gensokyo will end while she's dead.
The only thing that really bugs me about this chapter is Meira. You say through most of it that she's a he, but then later confess that he's a she. While I tend to imagine she is indeed female (as Meira is not a male name as far as I know) it confused me. I had a feeling when you mentioned red-white robes matched with a purple ponytail, but the gender thing threw me off _
Having that said, this was a highly entertaining chapter, and I shall now begin reading the next story :)
UnendingEmpire chapter 2 . 8/1/2013
Ah, Kotohime. If I didn't say so already, she's proof that the PC-98 characters need a lot more appreciation. Like Ruukoto, or Orange, or...dare I say, pretty much every PC-98 except Reimu, Marisa, Alice, and Yuka.
To call this an intriguing and laugh-filled journey through the "average" day in Kotohime's life sounds pretty accurate to me. Then again, get Gensokyo's cops involved, and a story becomes everything BUT average, lol.
If you still have a link to that thread you mentioned, I'd rather like to see it too _ it's always nice to see how others interpret these wonderful magical (or scientific in PoDD's case) girls, and sometimes their powers if they're never mentioned.
That said, I think the sheriff needs to have a word with a certain padded timehaxxor. I look forward to reading the next in Kotohime's adventure, so here I go!
UnendingEmpire chapter 1 . 7/31/2013
"We're a pair of immortals that kill each other for fun, and yet neither of us is the craziest person at this table."
When Kotohime's at the table, even Flandre fails to be the craziest at the table.
I realized this was in my favorites when it was recently updated, and afterwards noticed that it didn't have any reviews from me, lol. So I'm re-reading it all, leaving my take one chapter at a time.
This was a hilarious start to a collection of stories starring a character who deserves far more appreciation than she gets. I like the idea of her, Kaguya, and Mokou all running a three-girl police team, but for the same reasons Kotohime herself realized, it would - sadly - not work under any conventional circumstances.
And sports. That could be a fun entry later if you haven't already done one, and we both like the idea of redheads versus the dreaded green-hair league, and their unstoppable goalies - Meiling and Wriggle respectively - saving as many shots as possible. Might even be a good chance to bring in a certain maid of the nuclear variety, hm?
Time to continue reading, I suppose :)
Guest chapter 6 . 7/29/2013
Wonderful stuff.

This really made my day.
mdman1 chapter 1 . 12/12/2012
Just stumbled across this fic on the rec thread of an internet forum. I must say, the first chapter was short but funny. The characterisation is quite good as you had me keep reading despite knowing barely anything about Touhou at all. Kotohime's craziness was a pleasure to read, can't wait to read the rest of the chapters which looking at the number of chapters and word count are probably a lot longer.
Charles Bhepin chapter 5 . 12/3/2012
Well, this certainly was a pleasant discovery. It's a pity this story doesn't have more reviews, since it's one of the most cunningly creative narratives I've ever seen.

The first chapter was pretty meh, but you completely sold me on Kotohime's second adventure. By the third I was hooked and binged on the story in one read-through over a hour. Time very well spent.

Kotohime's sheer consistency was really very well-done. This is no mere 'crackfic', you really showed us how her actions were perfectly reasonable according to her logic.

Mind if I ask if you've got any more writings? Having just finished this most excellent collection of self-contained stories, I'm really interested in what else you've got up your sleeve. Please, if it's not being too rude.
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