Reviews for Entropy
Olena chapter 17 . 3/9
Absolutely, gorgeously beautiful.
Thank you.
unsedated chapter 17 . 2/26
Read this years ago and I can't get over by how poignant this is.
HoliCatamoli chapter 17 . 2/11
And I honestly don't understand the number of reviews. This story deserve thousands and thousands more of love and appreciation.
HoliCatamoli chapter 17 . 2/11
This is one of the best SS fanfics I've ever read and I've read A LOT. If I didn't know Naruto's storyline at all, I would've believed this was canon. The character development was superb so I've never thought once that any of them were out of character.

You describe the small moments so beautifully. I enjoyed reading about their most mundane tasks and it made me fall in love with the characters as well as feel like I am there in the story forgiving, healing, and growing with them. You're a really good writer. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.
HoliCatamoli chapter 11 . 2/9
Hmmm wouldn't the scarring in Sakura's uterus be healed when she used the Divine Palms on herself? She basically remade her organs so it would all be good as new. For now I think this is what you're hinting to...
ThatWhiteRabbit chapter 14 . 1/2
I really really love your writing style and the way that you blended two seemingly different plots into one here (D8 and the post-war sasusaku medical drama). Also, I only recently noticed the theme with your chapter names, so when I'm done with the story I'll be excited to go through and look up each flower's meaning!
VanillaMilkshake18 chapter 17 . 9/29/2016
Kyaaaah! The feels, the fluff! Ah, what a nice ending.
VanillaMilkshake18 chapter 13 . 9/29/2016 Can that happen? Morbidly fascinating...
VanillaMilkshake18 chapter 10 . 9/29/2016
Wait...but it's not like she and Sasuke would be allowed to hook up anyway... Sasuke is the Last Uchiha, the elders don't want the Sharingan to die out. I'm hoping in this fic he wants the Uchiha to never rise again but his two goals were to avenge and to restore his clan so...
VanillaMilkshake18 chapter 1 . 9/29/2016
Gah. SasuSaku is a highly disliked ship of mine, but then I read Ripples and Variance, both SasuSaku and I wanted more. I shouldn't since I kinda hate the ship, but I'm here.
MissLL chapter 17 . 9/17/2016
As some of the previous reviews stated, this is a great read. I made sure to Favorite so I can read again in the future. I hope more people favorite and review so it lists higher in the searches. Bravo!
wallflower chapter 17 . 9/14/2016
idk if my feedback is late but I just finished reading the whole thing NOW. It was long but very enjoyable. Somewhat very close to what could have would write, if I didnt know the detailed facts of the manga I would say that this is a special back story from somewhere between sasusaku.
I loved it, it brings back the feels from 643903629 centuries ago since I first fell in love with the shinobis of Konoha. Thank you! You're story is great though I can suggest you read back and correct some of the mispelled words and stuff. But then I also think that most of the readers are reading with common sense, it really isnt much of a big deal given that you're a student and not a fulltime writer when you made this. I just want to say thank you again and I'm really happy reading your story. The character development is GREAT! Tsunade shishou will be proud! *winks* *hugs*
Guest chapter 17 . 9/3/2016
i almost got sick reading some of the immature and shallow reviews

but this fic is probably one of the few legend ss fics out there

i dont know how many times i came back here to reread
BkCeallaigh chapter 17 . 8/28/2016
I really enjoyed your story. It read like a book-and I enjoy stories like this because you can wiggle around inside the authors head and see what they're thinking: you have a unique way of writing.
CrazyDrummer00 chapter 17 . 8/9/2016
Beautifully written story. I absolutely loved every single chapter and every minute spent reading it. You have a wonderfully descriptive writing style that easily pulls the reader in as if they are in the story themselves. You did an amazing job of keeping the characters in character and for that I commend you. Love, LOVE this. ️
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