Reviews for Inevitable
Le Roi des Ombres chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
A very good concept : a seeker that don't have the support of the people.

Worst he riske to find falsh seeker along his journey, some that will be ennemy, some that must be stopped ( blood lust sword ) and some that will make is life more complicate ( those who act like genuine seeker but disperce the resistance strenght and unity ).

Another point : since Darken has become so good at creating magical sword is it possible that he created one for himself ? One that will be is masterpiece and can rival the sword of truth ? To take the edge against Richard ? Because Darken si a very good swordman with skill comming from a long training where Richrd's come from the sword who "guide" him and give him more strenght, stamina, reflex and agility that a normal man. So if Rahl have a magic sword that rival the Sword of truth AND his magical abilities ... He could win against Richard and be the one who seek battle ( after a defeat against Rahl and be alive only because Zed teleported them I will be curious to see what the "her" will do when they realize that in a "fair" fight Richard can't win ).

I hope that you will continue this fic ( and not let's it as a oneshot ).

A french reader.
NS chapter 1 . 4/4/2011
Brilliant, brilliant! A capital idea, and Darken Rahl's trickery was delightfully in-character.

I don't know if you'll continue, but I wouldn't complain if you did! Thank you for writing, madam.