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Agent Five chapter 10 . 6/30
I absolutely love this story. You've taken the spark of 'oh what could have been' in that movie and made it grow into something that is so very VERY enjoyable to read.

I love that movie for the bringing to life of the Thunderbirds craft in glorious HD and surround sound (as it was then) - I don't think I breathed during the oil rig rescue. And something in my brain snapped when TB5 was in pieces. But somewhere after the set up and the 'who will rescue the rescuers?' it becomes a confusing mess of two worlds; the U-rated cartoon of Alan et al, while in another universe there is unfolding a disaster movie in space (and some of the casting choices were fantastic!).

I still love the movie for many reasons (conventions, fandoms and stalking - oh my!) but always feel like there is something missing. Your story has filled a huge chunk of that void. I was so happy reading it because it felt like I had discovered the ultimate special extended edition! And it's well written and mature and so deliciously real.

Imagine my delight to now discover that HI,TA is just the beginning and your characters continue on in their own AU. Awesome.
Madilayn chapter 10 . 5/7/2015
Fantastic story! I really don't like the movie, but you have managed to merge the movie with the TV-verse in characterisation and have also managed to give the brothers a sense of brotherness that they did lack in the movie.

You also made them human with scars (literal and metaphorical) and as fucked up in the head as they should be (and why I always thought that IR really did need both a Dr and a Psychologist on staff!) but slowly working towards sorting out their family problems at least.

I couldn't stop reading this. I had to read until the end - and 5 hours later I emerged with a crick neck and a "wow" :D

So very very good.
BlankZeroSeven chapter 10 . 4/21/2015
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that this is amazing. It has the right mix of everything, drama, comedy, family, near-tragedy, that makes it so much better than the movie. Where the movie kinda feels like the director has near completely ignored what the characters were meant to be, yours is more true to what I can remember of watching the series when I was younger. Thanks for revitalising it, you've made this reader a very happy girl (woman?)
Guest chapter 10 . 4/15/2015
Oh my goodness can I just say best Thunderbirds fic I have ever read. You actually made the boys seem real unlike so many people on this sit who write them like perfect people who don't curse or get scared or have doubts about what they do, and reading this was so amazingly refreshing so thank you for a truly enjoyable reading experience
Guest chapter 9 . 1/7/2015
This is all just really wonderful and perfect, I hope you know
Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010 chapter 10 . 10/10/2014
An excellent story!
gaelicspirit chapter 10 . 9/11/2014
Okay, so, wow. I told you going into this that I haven't watched Tbirds (Show or movie), and I wouldn't know the Tracys from the Waltons, but by the time I finished this fic...I cared about them. I cared about them because I could see how much YOU cared about them through the way you brought each to life.

By chapter 3, I was hooked. By chapter 6, I was a little in love with Scott. I know, I know. I gravitated toward the oldest often times in siblings. I think it's because it resonates so well with me on a personal level. But I loved his need to protected and how caring for his brothers was his route to survival. Reading his panic attack felt almost personal (and I can imagine that in multiple ways, it probably was). I kept reading forward searching for more of his story, but finding myself enjoying each brother a bit more as you helped me get to know them better. But I really, really, REALLY liked Scott.

I also loved seeing bits of you in there - Gaiman, the movie quotes (especially loved the Butch & Sundance, "Who are these guys," shout-out). I loved the music references and the banter.

There were things I didn't understand (the references to the numbers, Five, One, Three - I put together that they were space-worthy ships or planes or stations of some kind) and the character Brains (is he like a Jarvis?) but in the end it didn't matter. I just sat back and let myself be entertained by this story of five brothers (how many Tracys are there, total - you referenced "the children/kids" a few times making me think there were some younger than Alan) and the way they coped after such a horrific experience.

So, now I'm wondering...should I watch the movie? Mo Chuisle has it on her it worth the viewing or will I just be let down because it'll be nowhere near as raw and personal and gripping as your story?

I loved that HC, Jr album. :)
KomodoClassic chapter 10 . 3/31/2014
How exceedingly excellent was that? Well, that was a rhetorical question, because it was VERY exceedingly excellent. Enough so to warrant the added alliterative appeal of exceedingly excellent.

Also, this story has a really great balance of heartbreakingly dramatic and brilliantly funny. Thoroughly entertaining to read. I'll have to come back to this one again.
ClickyPen chapter 2 . 3/26/2014
Hey, look. His family's on TV.

Nice reversal of meaning with that echo there. Same for "you set me up". This last bit here? Is kind of awesome.
I haven't seen the movie in years...this is what happens, right? This is the part of the movie where they go to rescue John and all get trapped on board Five.
Hello there, irony.
RomansRoad chapter 10 . 12/28/2012
I sat down to read this at 7pm last night. Finished it at midnight. TIME WELL SPENT.
Also realized I did not review this last chapter. Because I'm apparently an idiot like that.
I started reading this to kind of get me started on another Thunderbirds piece, because your writing is, to say the least, BLOODY FANTASTIC. You've got this thing with emotions that hardly anyone else can do, and it's so cool. I can't get enough of the pop culture references too.
"I don't know." "Third base!" I laughed so hard.
I don't even know what to say when it comes to reviewing this. There is seriously nothing I can say beyond "Wow." I am extremely glad that you finished this piece. The ending chapter was brilliant, it wrapped things up in a non-wrapped up way. Loved it.
Gah, you just keep everyone in character so well!
"...but you do look like you rode a snowball backwards into Hell..." You can't sum it up any better than that, again, I was already laughing.
I wish I could think of something groundbreaking to say in this review, but I'm just freaking out over the awesomeness of this and the fact that I got to read it. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us, and thank you for writing a spectacular piece. If there's another Thunderbirds story out by you, I think I might just die of joy.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/26/2012
This is a masterpiece. It's real and raw and adds so much depth to the movie. I always felt like the movie missed so much of the actual horror of what happened to the family, and you brought this out beautifully in this story.

I loved the nods to the original supermarionation series, and the depth of character you gave back to the boys (something the movie stole from pretty much all of them). I know this is just the beginning, but I can see the boys as you portrayed them here growing up to be the heroes I know and love from the original show.

I also appreciate your masterful use of the art of "show, don't tell". You painted such vived pictures of their pasts (especially Scott's) with just a few careful details. Thank-you and bravo!
xXxAngel-With-A-ShotgunxXx chapter 10 . 6/25/2012
I'm sad that the story has ended, but I really enjoyed it. I'm always looking for stories that explain how the characters feel and shows the darker sides, as well as the lighter sides.

I'm glad you showed the problems they would've had after the Hood's attack, because some people don't get that they aren't unfeeling. They're human beings, as well, which means they have to recover from things just as much as anyone else.

Good Job.
Sam1 chapter 10 . 6/5/2012
How the heck did I manage to forget to review this final and epic update? A thousand apologies, Six.

You did an awesome job with this story from start to finish. The updates were very much looked forward to and greatly enjoyed.

Hope to see more from you soon, Six.
Darkflame's Pyre chapter 5 . 6/3/2012
To begin this review; 'Not that threatening the dork ever had much effect, mind you, but there would be threats. Threatening, evil threats. It was dangerous to deny the capacity with which Virgil could execute a threat.' Ha. He must think about that often to be considering the idea with such intensity there.

Lol-ing at the growliness and the complete predictability that each brother exhibits, and the underhanded scheming that goes in to manipulate brothers into doing what they want.

Poor Virge; he got woken up so bad this morning, and the poor guy hasn't had anything to eat or drink all day, and then he has to go and have one of those epicly sucky nightmares of the 'lets-freak-out-and-completely-terrify-myself kind'. Poor guy. And then he feels bad for feeling 'annoyed-'cause-he's-being-pitied' thing. We know it's big if Gordy's worried; not that I'm saying that the kid is insensitive or anything, just that it takes a lot to get him down.

I really really adored the whole 'let's blast music into the comm. link between the ships' thing. The whole image of Virgil in a bright green convertible amuses me, as does the wondering what kind of man Grandpa Tracy must have been. Another one-shot idea, maybe?

I can so totally imagine Jeff drumming (and singing off-key)to the music, and I was cracking up at the idea of him forcing a groan for Scott's benefit, and imagining the look on Scotty's face when he realised what song his brother had put on! Hee!

And Ol' Fogy. Ha. I think that phrase speaks for itself.

My heart broke with Virgil's when Alan had his 'moment' when he saw the island. I was so ready to punch a couple of well-known villians in the face. I don't condone violence, but in this instance, I think a couple of hard-driven knuckle sandwiches wouldnt go awry! But on the really screwed-up upside... Allie completed his first proper mission! Whoohoo! Now, let us never do it this way again, okay? Good.

'Goldilocks's evil, bald headed freak of a step-uncle really had been in their cottage, and the porridge had been far too hot. He wondered how the monster felt about their chairs.' One of the best one-liners I have ever seen. You have the biggest amount of awesome hugs and squealy fan-girl right here honey!


In other news... ooh woweewoweewow! Brains, Kyrano and Onaha! Never woulda thought they'd have it in 'em. But truly; the things that we would do for family.

I wanted to hug Virgil with his melt-down in the lift, and then how he reacted down in 'Two! Man, the poor kid has had the shoddiest day ever. I've always imagined him as being OCD clean-aholic neat-freakish (he just gives me that vibe, I can't explain it), and I'm guessing that it didn't just begin spontaneously? Poor guy. Glad Scotty confiscated the bleach though.

'A series of turning corners on mouths and lifting eyebrows and wrinkled noses flew by so fast that Virgil didn't have time to interpret whatever conversation The Two were having, but it came to a quick end when John rolled his eyes.' I was totally sharing Virge's pain here! My friends do that all the time; it drives me up the wall! But it got Scott to leave Virgil alone for a bit, so never mind.

Totally awwww-ing right now at how Gordon knows Al's little returning-home quirks, and how he is just there when his brother needs him, despite the rockiness of that morning and everything before. Big bubbles of happy-fizz there!

And then um, ah, oops and oh, dear for Stupid Moron Sentinel attempting to dissaude Gordon of the 'drink with my brothers' idea; not a good plan. Especially when said brother is abusing the chair you want to sit on. Uh-huh. That and said brother being given a few jolts of reality by the spitfire. Not your average kind of normal, but it IS Gordon. Poor kid.

Poor kids. And yes; I am including Scotty in that, much as he hates it.

Again; seeing as I've basically quoted the majority of this awesome-toast chapter-thing back to you, I'm pretty sure I'm maintaining that this story is the best thing since sliced bread in the story stakes. Hee!

More reviews forthcoming in the very near future!

Hugs and lots of fizzy-happiness...

-DP Xx
alamodie chapter 10 . 5/30/2012
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love this excellent fic! Simply marvelous. actually like the way you ended it, how it's not really the end, but rather the beginning )
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