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FlowerCrazy chapter 53 . 7/19
(Sorry I didn't write a review earlier - things have been crazy) DAMN! I can't tell you how much I absolutely love this story. So, I'll just say it again. I LOVE THIS STORY! The way you used songs to express the moods, changes in feelings or exposing lies ;) I so can't wait until the next chapter to find out what the Autobots due to Soundwave, what happened to Megatron, and what happens between Jazz and Soundwave...oh, also, not to be forgotten, 'the kids'.

SQUEEEE! (For chirstmas sake, I'm an older woman and squeeing like a school girl!)
Guest chapter 53 . 7/18


W E L L.

That was some kind of chapter. I don't think any, literally any, fanfic has put me on this type of emotional roller-coaster only to make such a burst of joy appear in the end in years, if ever. My heart is honestly pounding in my chest right now.

Sounders finally did it. Well.
Guest chapter 53 . 7/15
"If you love someone, set them free (and maybe ditch your crazy boss)". Good job, Soundwave.
Love it all.
Guest chapter 53 . 7/15
Love this story!
SZedH chapter 1 . 7/13
Always love this story. It's so excited to see you continue it. XD By the way, can i translate your story into Chinese? I can't wait to share this excellent story with transformers fans in China!
LittleMenial chapter 53 . 7/11
Finally. I'm glad it worked. I'm glad they're free. Tha Autobots I mean.

I knew at some point Soundwave would have to choose. It was clear as day. But I wasn't expecting it to be in the afterlife. That surprised me. But thanks to Blaster for bringing a clue-by-four. Soundwave desperately needed it. And it worked! I was hoping from the beginning of this fic they would somehow ends up together, but I knew the current arrangement wouldn't work. Blaster was perfect, he understood both their world. The only mech who could, I'm sure.

I'm very, very happy Jazz isn't dead.
LittleMenial chapter 52 . 7/11
Hot Rod stumbled on the Matrix more than anything. So fitting! They finally have a Prime!

I was expecting Megatron to hurt Jazz. That was, in my mind, the only reason Soundwave would ever turn his back on his boss. (Or hurting the cassettes. Same difference.) I was afraid straight killing would happen. That would certainly work to forces Soundwave. Still... :(

(Ps: you wrote Megaton instead of Megatron somewhere in the chapter)
LittleMenial chapter 51 . 7/11
For all his smart, it's a bit sad how Soundwave can't see how deeply he hurts Jazz by betraying him. He's the most loyal mech there is, and this very quality is the reason he's hurting the mech he choose. And his cassettes by extension, because loosing Jazz will hurt them too.
LittleMenial chapter 50 . 7/11
I could repeat the same as everyone else (still need to say it: WOW)

But what really hit me: you used chirolinguistics before it was invented. If you have no idea what I mean, it in the TFWiki. And I think your a genius for it. I knew Jazz was communicating. I mean, Jazz not plotting was impossible. He dropped subtle hints, after all. But I thought it was through is dancing. Well, it was, in a sense, but not what I had imagined. Your planning of this whole story is beautiful. Amazing. It blows my mind.
Anodythe chapter 53 . 7/11
Ya had me in tears once again. Good on Soundwave, finally figuring out what is right as opposed to what has been imposed on him.
LittleMenial chapter 47 . 7/11
I just read this chapter for the first time and I agree with Jazz. Soundwave's French is terrible. It's so terrible in fact, the usage of pronouns so awful, I needed to translate it back in English to understand. That says a lot. And I'm a native speaker of French! Jazz is perfect though, so it's not you the problem. I have no idea how you got such botched French, but for its purpose, it was perfect. Soundwave should continue in Cybertronian and nothing else :p

(Translated word for word it means Soundwave, the fact of talking now the French. My eyes are bleeding.)

What was a bit strange, but could be a culture thing, was Jazz talking to Soundwave using plural. It's a sign of respect, but it's also quite formal. Where I live, which isn't Europe, using plural to address your parents, friends or lover is more than weird. Your boss and grand-parents, it depends on the relationship they have. Strangers, especially elders, and your clients, that's required if you don't want to look disrespectful. I say it could be a culture thing because I know in France they're more formal than where I grew up.

If you need colorful expletives, well, we are recognized for that very thing. Let's just say my mind came up with tons of ideas, and I cackled thinking Jazz swearing this way.

On another note, I love how you manage to make everything neither black or white. Jazz loved the fight in the command room, until he learned Soundwave was sad for the loss of peace. Nothing is ever totally black or white, and you nailed it.
Qwertzu chapter 53 . 7/10
Thank you for the eciting update!
epakaytannollinen chapter 53 . 7/9
AAAAA i feel like i have to read tgwp from the top every time you update (and relive all the glory)
Azaxiel chapter 53 . 7/9
OMG, so good...I love how you do dialog!
ranger1138 chapter 53 . 7/9
This is amazing. This is beautiful. This made me really, really smile. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us.
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