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epakaytannollinen chapter 47 . 11h
Whew every time you upload it is 70% chance it will end on a cliffhanger but this is much more appreciated! Also the culture you're building around carriers and cassettes differs very much from other fics i've read :'D just, keep up the good work, tgwp updates are awaited very enthustiasically!
Guest chapter 47 . 8/22
Beautiful. Thank you for writing!
Lanny-Sama chapter 47 . 8/22
Ohh, I don't know how you do it.

The first part of this chapter is so fittingly depressing and desolate. It's like someone toppled an almost finished work of art, and it landed right on top of the buffet before anyone could take a plate of food. Everything is in ruins, the future is uncertain, and Soundwave is sad...
I found that the perfect emotion. While I imagine there's also anger, it makes sense to me that Soundwave's sadness takes the overtone. He wants to make this work, so much, and he's the only team-player on the field. The healer in a team full of DPS-ers and Tanks who only keep spamming the 'I NEED HEALS' button.

And then there is the second part of this chapter - where the gloom and doom of the world is not enough to dampen the relationship that Soundwave, his symbionts, and Jazz share.
I really love how the good side and the bad side of things are both present in the same chapter, without compromising eachother. You have my greatest respect!

Another wonderful chapter!
Metalloprotease chapter 47 . 8/21
I have nothing original to say; this is still just so good. I have no idea what's really going on, and I'm loving it.
Luck-of-the-Irishmen chapter 47 . 8/21
Ooh, Starscream done goofed but good. He took his bros, but he took the triplechangers, too! If Megatron hadn’t wanted his wings for a sandwich before, he certainly will now! And he’ll have a healthy serving of triplechanger sparkchambers as a side, thanks.

On the one hand, leaving their slaves for Megatron to reclaim might have been for the best- doubtless the Seekers would have fewer resources to spend on slaves and they might have been allowed to starve, been treated more heinously than they already were by the anxious, paranoid Seekers, or gotten caught in the big fireball that Vos is slated to become. But on the other hand, they left the slaves for Megatron to reclaim. A fate that just might be only slightly better than death! Worse than death, if Shockwave gets to keep them- and how messed up is that, that they would be better off with the Slagmaker than with his lieutenant! Soundwave is unlikely to volunteer to take them, as “Soundwave’s home, sufficiently full”. Unless Jazz can pull off a miracle and convince Soundwave to do something (unlikely, they were mean to Jazz and Soundwave doesn’t like them), the group is going to experience a lovely change of scenery and either end up processing energon under the lascivious, whippy guard of Motormaster, be beaten down on the daily by Megatron, or experience the worst puppy training this side of the Pit. Horrible. And Bunblebee is…loose…? Who even knows where he’ll end up!

Hm. Where indeed. Maybe on a shuttle for earth, but magnetized to the ceiling under a hologram and ready to spider-crawl his way to all the Autobots’ freedom?

On Soundwave and Jazz, I found myself feeling very sorry for Soundwave. Yeah, his leader is an evil overlord who is evil and does evil things, but Soundwave probably wouldn’t care if every Autobot (sans Jazz) flew away into the night and never came back, or Starscream had his city, so long as his family was safe. Soundwave risked his shiny, blue butt time and time again to keep the Decepticons together. He worked so hard, and for so long, and now it is all for nothing and the Autobots will probably win by default just by ducking/surviving while their masters shoot each other over their heads. Soundwave really ought to just scoop up his chitlin’s, nab Jazz, and say adios to the planet. He’s a smart ‘con. He could make it.

Five days later…
Jazz: “Ah, Soundbabe? What’cha doin’ with that rocket?”
Soundwave: “Jazz, into rocket. “
Jazz: “Is there room? You kinda have it stuffed full of cassettes an’…wait, is that Elita?”
Soundwave: “Into the rocket.”
Jazz: “I swear that’s Bumblebee’s arm poking out from under Rav-”
Soundwave: * picks up Jazz, stuffs him into overfilled rocket *
And they flew away to freedom. Shockwave eventually tried to shoot a Seeker and shot himself in the optic. Megatron and Starscream killed each other in the worst slapping catfight ever recorded. The Autobots blew up Motormaster and escaped to Soundwave’s commune on Mars, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Really, though, Jazz keeps getting pulled deeper than ever into Soundwave’s family. I doubt even a jailbreak by his best agents could pull him free now, not after he experienced that unity. He’s had a taste and by the Well, it may have been more than he can stand to lose. Or was it too much to bear? Only time will tell.

As always, amazing chapter! I can hardly wait to see what happens next, good job!
3 chapter 47 . 8/21
Missdudda chapter 47 . 8/21
I have a big smile on my face! thanks for the update !
Qwertzu chapter 46 . 8/11
Wow, what a lovely chapter. I have put off reading it for quite some time but at least I will have to wait less for the next update :)
AliceSylvia chapter 46 . 7/31
Good stuff! Thank you for writing! Please write more soon!
AngelAbbie108 chapter 46 . 7/14
You updated! Im a bit late reading it but you updated!
Dragolover1 chapter 46 . 7/14
OMP, so excited for the new chapter! FINALLY we get some more story time with Sideswipe, but we must have more! Was he really at the battlefield? Why were the Insecticons accusing the Autobots of teaming up with Megatron? What were Bombshell and Starscream talking about? What's going to happen with the Seekers now? Will we read more about Sideswipe? And when are the Combaticons going to appear again? Are they going to be able to catch Mirage since they have Hound? And what happened to the missing Cybertronian, pretty sure it's Hot Rod? All these questions must be answered and ASAP!
Sylviamaris chapter 46 . 7/12
WeeBeastie chapter 46 . 7/12
I've been following this story for a while now and it's only getting more and more intense as it goes. You blow me away with every update, and let the tension settle just enough to really drive it home. Expertly done and I will wait patiently for the next chapter, thanks so much for the update and I hope I get to see the end of this thrilling story!
LittleMenial chapter 46 . 7/11
Ah, that's why Starscream asked Soundwave about working together against Megatron... He was testing him right before the big battle. I would guess Starscream wouldn't have cried if Soundwave died during the battle (since he confirmed still being loyal)... Starscream was getting his way no matter what. Well played... Until Lazerbeak exposed his little schemes. Oops.

Now I wonder if Sideswipe works with Starscream too! How low he would stoop to get what he wants?

And now, did anyone died during the coup? A huge part of me hopes so. Both of them. They certainly deserves it. At the very least, the stability of the empire will be quite rocky for a while no matter what!
Running Lynx chapter 46 . 7/10
Oh wow, what a chapter! I still got more questions than answers. So many developments! This is a joy and a pleasure to read. Looking forward to the next update :D
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