Reviews for With Every Beat
q.b chapter 40 . 8/11
Please continue this story! It's so good!
HungryLemonGames chapter 40 . 7/26
Lana chapter 25 . 7/26
Oooooh everything is heating up! Yay!
Lana chapter 23 . 7/25
Brilliant chapter! - the little sasusaku moment made my breath hitch XD!
Lana chapter 18 . 7/25
I actually really liked this chapter. Your portrayal of Sakura was great and the illness everyone had was very interesting to read. All in all it was wonderful so keep it up!
Toph2411 chapter 40 . 7/24
This story is awesome! You are an amazing writter! Please continue
Lana chapter 13 . 7/23
Great job!
K chapter 5 . 7/23
Fantastic chapter!
Fiona chapter 40 . 7/3
OMG person! so gooooooood! you must finish it!
I'm in here chapter 40 . 7/2
Please update this story in the near future! When Itachi finally died, I did get tears in my eyes. It was so well written and before he died he made Sakura uncomfortable was hilarious. I really want to see Kabuto dead, that piece of shit! I know you'll do justice for when that time comes! Then reading Sakura and Sasuke! Damn ;) lol
skittlesdeb chapter 40 . 6/14
Must have more! Please write more of this awesome story.
Gfigueroa8 chapter 40 . 5/19
Sooo I realized I was not logged in lol but that last review was me! Love ya! Xoxox
Guest chapter 40 . 5/19
Okay, so first off I just want to say that I throughly throughly enjoy this piece and I was to apologize for not reviewing on every chapter. In my defense, there were just so many chapters and I just could not stop clicking next but, I think you have done such a great and wonderful job on this story and all the details you've put in here is so very detailed and wonderful. The characterization for each character were spot on and you protracted Sasuke so close, so spot on to the Sasuke that we know and love. I truly loved reading every part. I think my favorite part had to be the attack on the village with those people who I thought were zombies. I was so transfixed! The way you set each chapter was just really well put. I lost track and slowly realized that I was at chapter 40. Thank you so much for writing this story! It is such a pleasure to read and I honestly can't wait to see how things end! Xoxo xoxoxo
Guest chapter 40 . 4/28
It's sad that the story is ending here. I really got into tis story. Hope you finish it! :)
Sullie23-19 chapter 40 . 4/16
This story has my full attention. Cannot wait to read more!
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