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nict chapter 12 . 4/10/2012
I knew it was bellatrix behind the mask! messy hair, works for voldemort BAM it's bellatrix. I liked the part with the doctor being worthy. BECAUSE HE WAS. but, i knew he would never take it. RIVER! oh river i wub you. she's so sassy. The voice creeps me out. But, anyways, umbriges death was nasty! whew, that must have been gruesome to write. I'm said that ginny died. Who will Harry love now? who will he marry? And luna! I like her. I felt like I had to add that in. but, anyways, off I go! these are getting better and better.

Ps. is it just me, or for doctor who are you also wishing for River to meet Jack? they both flirt with the doctor, and river is pretty sassy. I wonder what jack would think of the bow tie.
whoturnedoutthelights chapter 12 . 7/30/2011
You just had to. I've never heard of the Daemons before, but as you say it's a not very well known classic story. However I think you portrayed everyone brilliantly, and I love the way you dispatched with the voice.

Now you kill Ginny. Just when I thought you could get the timeline back on said you couldn't resist doing it.
Striders-Girl89 chapter 12 . 5/23/2011
You made me cry.


I think it is an automatic thing for me now to become worried when you say "please don't hate me". And I was worried the whole time.

I loved the whole chapter (even the part at the end). I adored all aspects of Luna that you included. I have always felt that she is an underappreciated character, so for you to mention her like you did was fantastic.

The scene with the Doctor confonting the voice was amazing, you wrote it magnificantly. Each line of the Doctor's felt so real; I could actually see Matt Smith in my head giving the performance of a life time to your story. It was a good image. I loved Amy in that scene. From the "Can I kiss him line" to her shock at what the Doctor does. I also quite enjoyed the Doctor's condition about the voice having to keep the bow tie. Very good. The reference to six was also very good!

Now, the duel between Ginny and Voldemort. It was written brilliantly. I cannot tell you how much it scared/upset/moved me and it really shows how talented you are at writing. So, yet again, you made me cry and despite this, I enjoyed the whole chapter emensly. I can't wait for more!

Oh and I am very happy Dumbledore is back :D
Guest chapter 11 . 5/23/2011

Thank god for the Voice Dumbledore being there. I never thought I'd say that!

Oh gosh, Voldemort is in Hogwarts. Not good. Is the Doctor using a Jammie Dodger (forgive the spelling of that, I've got no idea!) again? HAHAHA He was using the Jammie Dodger! That is the best!

I am pretty sure I love Draco so much more than I already did now. You have a habbit of making me feel that towards characters that I already love. I'm not complaining. I think it is wonderful!

The whole chapter was so intense! Apart from when the Doctor said 'whirdlegurglybop'. That was just amusing. Then it went straight back to intense. When Bellatrix picked up her knife I was like "oh god, what's she going to do" so when she went for the Doctor I litterally stoped breathing. Until Snape saved the day. Woooo! Go Snape!

Brilliant chapter again!
Striders-Girl89 chapter 10 . 5/22/2011
I dunno about what everyone else has said, but I rather do love when your stories get a bit dramatic!

In that first scene I seriously thought Snape was going to get it then! I bet you had a lot of fun writing Vetis though. He seems fun to write, in a evil, slightly worrying kind of way!

AHHH, not the Doctor! But I kind of gathered it would have been the Doctor as apposed to Voldemort. I get this feeling that Vetis has no regard for human life what-so-ever. Well, I thought it would be the Doctor or Dumbledore..

I loved the line about how Ginny saw the Muggle street and the comparison that you gave, it was a ver nice touch.

Yay River Song! Not so Yay about the information that she brings and the fact that she is hurt. I am very worried. I wasn't expecting an appearence from her! But that scene was written perfectly and I loved the little flashbacks that followed too. Very sweet.

Woo Hoo, Lucius Malfoy! Why is it that I like all the bad guys in Harry Potter?

The image that formed in my head of Amy and Rory steeping away from the Doctor made me laugh. I know it wasn't supposed to, but I guess I am a bit nervous about what's going to happen and when I get nervous, I laugh.

OH MY BLODDY GOD! What an aweful place to leave it! Actually, I thought it was a rather fantastic place to end it, but that God I don't have to wait for you to upload it!

Brilliant chapter!
Striders-Girl89 chapter 8 . 5/22/2011
I thought I reviewed this chapter, but I don't think it worked, so I will review it again!

"Unless it's River" Haha, the Doctor is so paranoid about her! Draco is braver then I would be. I liked the reflection upon how Harry has changed him and how he could be so open with the Doctor. The fact that he wouldn't change anything that has happened to him was brilliant.

Haha, the Doctor is playing match maker again, keeping Cho and Harry apart, then with Harry and Ginny later on. I loved the Twins in the DA scenes, as I always do and the kiss was very sweet. Slightly early, but I thought it was good that way!

I also enjoyed how the Doctor saved Amy. Quite clever and not expected!
Striders-Girl89 chapter 9 . 5/22/2011
The first scene scared me. A lot... But the Voice just does that to me in general really.

I really enjoy how you work the Doctor into the scenes that actually happen in the books and the scene in the great hall is just a wonderful example of that. You make it seem so right that he is there. I hope that makes sense.

The scene between the Doctor and Draco was fantastic. There should be more of them. Draco's lines were brilliantly in character, even when he has changed a bit. I loved it so much! And the Doctor's line at the end of the scene was just so Doctor-ish.

Rory Dumbledore isn't Rory Dumbledore any more, right?

And OH MY GOD Snape!
westwindhowl chapter 12 . 5/17/2011
Oh! And because i forgot: love the Impossible Astronaut reference. Maybe there's a Doctor's Wife one in store for us at some point? Since i officially adore Doctor/TARDIS thanks to Neil Gaiman.
westwindhowl chapter 12 . 5/17/2011
*sobs* POOOOR GIINNYYY! This was an extremely sad but good ending. i was about to burst into tears as i was expecting Amy to do if the Doctor really had been possessed by the Voice. Glad that thing seems like it's contained! But what happened to Rory's whole ghost dilema? And Ghost!Rory for that matter? Did you answer that and i missed it or is that something for Loss to cover? Again, good job with this one and looking forward to the next! And double good job with River, very River-y.
Kitkan chapter 12 . 5/17/2011
Awww no what's going to happen now Ginny is dead? :O
Striders-Girl89 chapter 7 . 5/15/2011
You know it's bad if the Doctor's face loses colour. Amy's line about the Time Lords being show off's was pretty amusing, because it's true sometimes. But they are allowed to be. It was good to have some humor in the chapter, because the storyline has been particually dark, especially reading the chapters back to back, so it was a bit of a relief to find this light-hearted scene.


I WAS RIGHT OH MY GOD! IT IS BELLATRIX! I thought I was just being silly when I took a wild stab in the dark. I am so proud of myself! Haha, now all that remains is to find out how she's managed to do it all.

Fantastic chapter!
Striders-Girl89 chapter 6 . 5/15/2011
Oh, this keeps getting better and better!

It is hard to see Dumbledore like this, harder I think than in the sixth book when he drinks that potion that forces him to relive his worst moments, because at least then it is still him, he still has some control over his mind and actions. But this is just a shell of the man, trapped with no hope of escape. I wonder if he can see and hear all that is going on but can do nothing about it. That is just an agonising thought. That was probably a bit random and not really relevant, so sorry, I just got a bit carried away with my thoughts...

The entire scene with Draco was horrific, terrifying and brilliant all at the same time. I was literally shaking with fear. It was quite emotional reading what Draco had to do in order to save himself and the thoughts he had on betraying Harry was so stirring. You wrote it magnificantly, although that doesn't seem to do your writing any justice, not by a long shot.

Is the daemon reffering to the Doctor? Or maybe it could be refering to the voice in Dumbledore? And the masked woman must be talking about Voldemort, surely? She seems to have a bit of a complex for him at the very least. Hehe, don't mind my speculation, I'm just thinking out loud :P
Striders-Girl89 chapter 5 . 5/15/2011
I think your stories are as good as the Moff's. :)

Yaya, Lupin is back teaching! Possibly the best DADA teacher ever. And he's teaching Draco Occlumency. Draco a member of the Order! Oh how I love Lupin.

Sorry, that was such a fan-girl paragraph, I do apologise.

The Sutekh being annoying and unnrelated was brilliant. You write the Doctor so well and the reference to the devil he encounted in series two having bad breath was hilarious, though logical when you think about it. I mean, I don't think he would have had access to a toothbrush for all those years.

My guess that the daemons was from a classic DW story was correct, thank you for confirming that at the end of the chapter :P

I liked how the Doctor is getting on the 'spoilers' bandwagon. It was only a matter of time before he realised how fun it was to say!

In that final scene I liked how Lupin tried to get the peace and the heated exchange between McGonagall and Sirius too. Tonks was fantasticall funny and the image of Tonks poking Lupin with her nose was hilarious. As was turning her head into a wolf's head. Comic genius. I definately felt that everyone was very much in character.

Striders-Girl89 chapter 4 . 5/15/2011
I hope you enjoyed your holiday (or still enjoying if you are still on it :P). Where did you go?

MCGonagall's line about the ingenuity of students and her smile was quite sweet and the Doctor's line about the reserected President on Gallifrey was funny! Was that an actual episode by any chance?

I am really enjoying the quiet scenes between Rory and Dumbledore. Part of me just wants Rory to stop talking so he doesn't make the voice thing stronger, but the other part wants him to keep talking to show the Dumbledore on the inside that people still care and are doing all they can to help him. I find them very emotional scenes indeed.

"Loyalty to Draco" SQUEE!

Harry's line "can't be all bad"and Draco's reply - the whole exchange between the two was amazing! I really felt for them both, Harry's confusion about what to do and Draco's despair; it was brilliantly written.

I liked how the Doctor told Harry not to call him 'sir' that was very Doctor-ish. And the line that sounded slightly creepy was good too!

Must. Keep. Reading.
Striders-Girl89 chapter 3 . 5/15/2011
Wow, what an incredible chapter.

I loved what the twins did at the halloween feast and the fact that Flitwick raised his glass to them. Priceless.

Poor Draco. I rather enjoyed how Harry noticed him walking him out of the hall. It's almost - dare I say it - like he cares about Draco's wellbeing. My inner fan-girl goes beserk when you write amazing scenes like that.

Nice reference to the Horcrux. It also sort of tells us that she thinks very highly of Voldemort. Maybe it's Bellatrix Lestrange from the future. No. That's a silly idea.

Hagrid's univeral password pure brilliance.

You brought Slughorn in a year early :D Wooo Hooo!

I like the fact that Hagrid thinks that the Doctor is a little bit like Dumbledore in some way. I lthought that that was nice and I agree with him somewhat too. I also liked the other Fez reference.

Don't lie, you enjoyed torturing Umbridge! Mind, even I felt a bit sorry for her by the end of it, I mirrored the poor Slytherins feelings. No one should have to watch that, let alone have to go through it. It was downright evil, but a fantastic thing to read. You handled it wonderfully; some people can't handle writing scenes like that but you certainly raised the bar!

I cannot wait to read more!
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