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Kourion chapter 3 . 4/7/2011
I think I have found my Skins-fic-drug of choice. :) Thanks for the speedy updates! :) Very interested in seeing where this goes :D *eagerly awaits next installment*
Hurricane Julie chapter 3 . 4/7/2011
Even though Im a long time member, I never reviewed (I know, scandalous!), but I have to now..

Cause aww tulip, don't feel quilty! I loved the first 3 chaps, I was like: aww poor kid and then wahahaha (Love Liv in here)!

And I think we can wait till next fix ;)

Subscribed this one..

Love xx
Kourion chapter 1 . 4/7/2011
You write more, and I'll read it! While Mini may not have what some would call a "Cassie-level eating disorder"'s bad enough. In fact bulimia can be JUST as serious as anorexia, health-wise. (Cassie, I think (it hinted at) also purged, although her general behaviour screamed "restricting anoretic"). But yeah, I love this, because it seems so true to Mini, to Franky (I could picture her saying all this) and the *real emotions of the characters (Mini calling Franky a guardian angel, only then, later, to be so motivated by fear to become 'bitchy' again. I know, deep down, she doesn't mean half the things she says. Franky, in her fear, trembles, but speaks whats in her heart. Mini, in her fear, trembles and hides what's in her heart. She runs away from so much more, imo, even though Franky is superficially labelled the "troubled one" by so many because of her (abusive?) past and her obvious gender or identity issues/ or lack of confirmation. But, paradoxically, I think Franky is probably the HEALTHIEST character on Skins. She has a good heart, a sensitive heart, and has been wounded. But Mini is wounding herself, and is so much more stiffled by her fear than Franky, and I think that makes Franky very attractive, but also very...triggering, sometimes, too. I think that's what accounts for the vacillation. The pain snubbing Franky. The deeper, truer appreciation the 'girl crush'.

Anyway, I've rambled. :) Love this!
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