Reviews for Anonymity
SMI0167 chapter 20 . 7/12
i like the story
Ace Trainer Jessie chapter 20 . 3/12
Great story !
Resalicia Belger chapter 20 . 12/8/2015
I just love your story as it is! The plot was well done! Bravo! XD

Remus and Harry may be scarred by war but at least you made it sound realistic. And it's true that in his state Remus can't be a good parental figure. I don't think you should give any excuse for that. It was clear enough in your story with the way you described him. I mean even in the books he never came to see Harry and kind of exiled himself to cope. He may not habe been mad like Sirius but still I don't think he was very stable.

Hahaha! Poor Puck! Brittany and Lord Tubbington? Excellent! And the twins! Oh, I so like Luna's little aparition! She's just so... Luna! ;)

Thanks for writting and posting this story! I spent a wonderful time reading this! :D
I'm going to read your sequel now! See you!

PS: I'm not sure my sentences were completly right, sorry for that. English isn't my birth language. :)
Guest chapter 20 . 11/19/2015
Re-reading all of this before going to the updated sequel!
MarissaTodd chapter 6 . 8/27/2015
This is the second time I'm reading this story, and I've finally decided that Harry is a Panromantic Asexual.
chicaalterego chapter 8 . 5/17/2015
A female. It can only be ex-Mrs. Shuster (probably wrote the las4 name wrong, but you get what I mean). I like it. Dont recall what happened to her in cannon, but going neurotic is a reasonabke road.
Avalonemyst chapter 20 . 2/6/2015
Enjoyed this very much!
Shadow Wolf 15846 chapter 20 . 11/6/2014
Loved it, and loving the sequel.
Maybe2Morrow chapter 16 . 10/16/2014
I had to reread this because I love it! And I was thinking about your sequel and the possible third installment. I know you said that Kurt might not learn about wizards, but if they're going to be together for a long time, that's a HUGE part of Harry's life! And when a wizard or witch have relationships with muggles, they're allowed to tell them, or else that would never happen. So I really do hope you cover that. Harry deserves happiness, and Kurt makes him happy. On that note, I hope you update the sequel soon!
lovelydrarrylover chapter 7 . 9/26/2014
This is really well written. Love it!
Child of Music and Dreams chapter 3 . 9/5/2014
It's LGBT, not GLBT.
Aliyae41 chapter 3 . 8/16/2014
I love the song that Harry sang. It makes me sad so I havent downloaded it for fear that it come up on my shuffle. But whenever i need a good cry... well lets just say i have the YouTube bookmarked.
Friend of Hedwig chapter 15 . 8/5/2014
I'm rereading your story for the I don't know how many-eth time and I just have to say again that I love it! The end of this chapter brought me to tears, sappy and cliche but true nonetheless. You are such a wonderful writer if this story was a book I would buy it, I would wait in line at a library to buy it like I did for the Harry potter books! The writing in your story is just so everything it is sweet it is bitter it is flowing and it is rough, you manage to convey more emotion than any other fan fiction writer on this site, in my opinion. Your writing is just so raw and real and your stories are definitely my favorite fics ever (I have others I really like but none I go back to reread like i do Anonymity and Notoriety). I notice something different and new each time I read the stories which just goes to show what a brilliant author you are (I noticed Kurt's song thing and how it goes with the plot in Notoriety, you clever person you!)

Anyways sorry for making this review so long I just wanted to say I love your stories and hope you never give up writing and You go Glen Coco!

-Friend of Hedwig
julschristine975 chapter 16 . 7/15/2014
I've enjoyed this story. Thanks so much. I love both Kurt and Harry. They are actually my fave characters ever. :)
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter chapter 5 . 6/18/2014
I'm reading this story for the second time. I read it a while ago, looking for KurtxHarry stories and came across this. I don't think I ever reviewed it, so I'll do it now.

This story is amazing and one of the best fanfictions I've ever read. I love the Kurt-Harry interaction and you got all the characters exactly right. I think your Puck is just awesome.

I'm going to review another chapter later on so I think I'll need a thesaurus...
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