Reviews for Pour Me Another
hardygirl87 chapter 1 . 4/7/2011
This is good i can't wait for more
xRatedRPunkx chapter 1 . 4/6/2011
Yes, I actually logged in this time lmfao.

Hmmmm Hollywood Undead and Jexi? You know me so well (:

And MARLBOROs! Dude you've combined my fave things :D


Gasp... Do I spot another fail?

"Jeff, you want the usu?"

That was partly my fail... I knew what it meant but you left out part of the word lmfao

Hennessy is gross... Just thought I'd point that out. I did a shot of it before and I wanted to vomit instantly, it made my lungs burn!

Don't drink children, don't drink ;)

Jeff had been basically been helping him pay his childrens way through college since he started coming to the bar.

Those kdis aren't cool enough to go to COLLAGE like us lmfao.

"What's wrong buttercup?"

...Don't ever call me that again... lmfao

but in a way, he was kind of happy that he lost Beth.- Aren't we all? Her death was tragic, but Lexi knew that she was doing the world a favor by killing her...

Wait what?

"You're coming home with me," She said.-Exactly what I'd say if I actually saw him, dude. No one would ever seen Jeff Nero again lmfao. Until we tell the world we're married and I'm pregnant of course ;)

Then he let Lexi take him out of this place... the place that he was in a way, forced to called home.- Why did I find that so sad? You don't have to live in a bar, Jeffy. Lexi has plenty of room at her house for you. And the children you guys will have in the future (:

You know I just spent like twenty minutes reading and reviewing instead of doing my histroy homework...

But it was worth it (:

Updates on this would be lovely if ya catch meh drift. Meh. lmfao thats a dumb word, I don't know why people type like that. It's MY. Now I feel the need to list my pet peeves.

Dancin' Q. Yu. Too.

Love Lexxxxx (: