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ColdWarKitten chapter 35 . 5/6/2012
Dear Silent Magi:

I decided not to PM you on this matter, but to simply write directly on the FanFic. I have noticed that some humans have continued to write letters to ponies, but the last response was over a year ago. This is a true shame, as this FanFic seems to have truly captured the hearts and imaginations of its readers/contributors. I have discovered the method used to send and receive the letters, and I was thinking about reviving this "Pony Mailbag", but I determined it best to ask your permission before doing so. If I do not receive a response in the form of a PM by Saturday of next week, May 12, I will PM this message to you and give you another week to respond after that, and if I receive no PM response by then, I will assume I have your permission to re-create "Pony Mail" in a separate FanFic.

Please Respond,


c3r6s9, Pegasister

P.S. Really, though, this FanFic is soooooo creative! I just wish I had discovered it when it was still going, as you may have noticed I wrote a couple letters under my guest name -CAT, and I was planning to write more until I realized the FanFic hadn't been updated in some time.
CAT chapter 32 . 5/6/2012
(to the creator of this fanfic-please deliver this message for me, as explained below)

Dear Princess Celestia,

I apologize for the lack of privacy in your letters to and from human beings. They have been posted online for entertainment, as well as a better glimpse into each other's worlds. I do hope this hasn't caused trouble.

The reason I am not sending this message through my usual adress is that the computer I access my "address" from (note to fanfic human-it's my phone) does not work very well, so it's easier to send this letter through the source I am using currently.

I have enclosed a DVD set of every episode of your TV show so far, all 26 episodes of both season 1 and season 2. I would love to know if there are any differences betweeb the events of the show and what actually happened, also, I apologize if any of the humor offends you, but from another pony's point of view as well as not initially believing that the characters existed, if you think about it, it's all very amusing. Also, there are some things that may be explained to you that you and Luna may not have known before that will either cause trouble if taken the wrong way-which I trust you not to do-or prove to be absolutely hilarious!

Your Loyal Subject (and apparently the only one who thought to send you these after you got the laptop... meh humans),


P.S. Send Luna my best wishes, I shall write to her soon in order to comfort her in her ongoing struggles with her past. Tell her we humans think nothing evil of her, and to await my letter as it will hopefully settle a problem she's recently had-don't ask.
Kiue Jin chapter 35 . 11/5/2011
A wonderful little story with reader participation. I like it a lot. Almost as much as your (Currently) one shot 'Unbridled'. It made me smile.

I guess I shall keep up with the tradition and put my own letter through the dragon mail...

Dear Spike, Rainbow Dash and Princess Luna,

I am sorry if this letter is making you take some time out of your day (Or night) in order to read it together, but since I felt that there were subjects in this letter that all of you would either want or need to hear I decided to address it to all of you instead of writing the same letter three times.

Besides, this is a golden opportunity for you all to meet and get to know each other.

I guess I should start out with a little known but surprisingly important fact about our world that few people know. Dragons existed here once!

I kid you not Spike. Dragons were once apart of Human existence, even if they rarely met.

While Dragons have always been a part of human mythology that was widespread over many different cultures, a few years ago an archaeology team uncovered the frozen but intact remains of a dragon like creature... surrounded by the frozen and roosted remains of several human knights who's armor dated around the 1500's or so, meaning that they had been there for about five hundred years.

Examining the site and the remains, it was made clear that both sides killed each other in that conflict. Sadly, evidence suggests that whatever species this dragon like creature died out a couple of centuries ago. It's rather sad to be honest, but the legacy and legends that the existence of Dragons has left behind has never been forgotten.

Now on to something a little more upbeat.

I sent a couple of books and CD's with this letter. They contain a somewhat brief but informative review on the history of human flight, along with some of our more famous (often funny) failures in the field.

Human's are not a flying species. We cannot take flight under our own power. The closest anyone has ever come to doing so would be the somewhat insane morons who in the early days of trying to fly glued feathers to themselves and jumped off a cliff while flapping their 'wings', effectively combining death and burial in one dumb move.

The CD's can be played on the laptop that someone else seems to have managed to send to the Princesses some time back. Their just a couple of documentaries that explain the earlier days of human flight up too the modern era, along with one of space exploration that contains footage of the first humans too walk on the moon.

I just thought that you might like to see how human's managed to take to the sky and beyond. It might just give you a better understand of the kind of people some of us can be.

Thank you for your time,

Andrew (Otherwise known as Kiue Jin)
The Time Traveler chapter 35 . 6/13/2011
Interesting concept. I might write one myself! :)
barryc10 chapter 35 . 6/2/2011

Dear Fluttershy,

This is the first time I'm writing to one of you, and it's a new experience for me. I've heard about your love for animals, and I must say that except for one kind, I share in that love, though I lack the gift of bonding with them like you have. That one kind is any one with a stinger. I had a bad experience as a young child where I was stung in the leg after rolling over one, and I developed a phobia for them ever since. Sometimes that phobia causes me to shy away from other insects until I get a good look at what they are.

Anyway, I hope you're not taking your bad Gala experience too hard. Maybe you'll have a better time at the next one. Oh, by the way, I enjoyed how excited you got when Rainbow broke the sound barrier. You were the loudest of them all! But seriously, try to get her looked at. The amount of G's she experienced can't have been healthy, even if she has an increased gravity tolerance. Get Rarity looked at too, to be safe. We don't know what kind of internal damage 1600 G forces can do to a pony's body. I'm serious. It may be nothing, but, not to scare you, in my world, 1600 G Forces would be enough to crush a creature so thin there would be nothing but a pool of blood, if that.

Wanting to be your friend,

Guest chapter 32 . 5/9/2011
dear celestia,

you do not need to know my name. but i am here to tell you, unlike the other humans you've replied to i have sent my mind your world. I have walked among you ponies unseen, i was even at the gala. But anyway while i was there i went past your old castle in the everfree forest and came upon another town like ponyvill. But it seemed diffrent, i saw instead of apples, i saw lemon trees, where sugarcube corner is a salt seller(i forget the name to be honest). Princess celestia, if there are elements of harmony there are elements of discord or chaos. the yang of twilight and her friends. i suggest you send a scouting party to the town.

yours truely MR. E
BaiduScorpion chapter 35 . 4/29/2011
Dear Spike,

I've been wondering what dragons were like in your world, and I figured, who better to ask? There aren't any in my world, but they're usually imagined as savage. How are they REALLY?

PS: You haven't exactly been subtle about your having a crush on a unicorn. I'm guessing she isn't going for you yet because of aging differences, so maybe if you found something to make her immortal like you?

PSS: Applejack sent me a pie, but I got it half-eaten. Did you have anything to do with that?

Sithicus chapter 35 . 4/29/2011
This idea is quite fun look and very cute, there's a lot of good stuff here that is both humorous and in character for a lot of the ponies. Although since we know so little about Princess Luna it's hard to say if she's in character or not.

I've had a blast going over all these letters to ponies, perhaps now I can try my hand at writing one. I guess it'll have to be in review form unless there's another way... Oh well.


To the Pony Known as Pinkamena Diane Pie:

Greetings Pinkamena, I am Lord Sithicus, the Master of All Evil... Or at least that's what I sometimes call myself as I tend to enjoy working with villains to undermine them from the inside, it's quite fun to watch all of their plans come to ruin and they can never seem to figure out that I've betrayed them and forced them to lose.

I must ask, why did you change your mane style? I think I preferred the straighter look of your childhood over the puffy look you sport nowadays, I found it to be a wonderfully interesting style of mane and also it did such a great job of bringing special attention to your eyes.

You are a strange and curious pony I am still attempting to unravel the mystery as to how you knew of the Parasprites, did they infesy your parents' farm at some point perhaps? I must admit if I had your abilities at randomness I could destroy more evildoers with my deliciously evil plots of destruction and ending the not-niceness of their not-nice careers.

UGH, that didn't sound like me at all, I must be coming down with something. Feel free to ignore that last paragraph. Anyway, I do so enjoy this time getting to write to you, it helps alleviate some of the stress of my life, as I am lacking in proper party protocol and tend not to attend such festive events as it goes against my image of the MASTER OF ALL EVIL!

Pesky lightning bolts, I hate when they do that... Oh sorry, where was I? Oh right.

Please tell Rainbow Dash for me that I think her mane is goregeous and I would lvoe to run my human fingers through that lustrous looking hair, perhaps brush it and style it a bit more in keeping with her unique desires of joining the Wonderbolts, oh and don't tell anyone or anypony this, but... I think I secretly desire to be some sort of hair stylist, deep down inside, in that part where you just know that something is lurking there, but you don't want to face it because it would destroy your carefully crafted persona as the MASTER OF ALL EVIL!

Really? Again? Perhaps Rainbow Dash could do me a favor while you're at it and just have her weather ponies keep those blasted storm clouds from shooting off lightning whenever I proclaim my title to the world, it tends to drown out my thoughts and my manical laughing, cutting down on my effectiveness to intimadte the evil ones I am secretly working to undermine.

Sincerely, Sithicus

Master of all Evil and Secretly Desiring to be Hairstylist, perhaps for ponies... Are ponies manes as luxuriously soft as I think they are?

Ah what fun, I do hope my letter is selected to be a part of this wonderful story, I don't generally get the chance to just be silly or use that ludicrous backstory for my Penname that I cooked up. Anyway Silent Magi, keep the laughs and dawwww moments coming with this one. I look forward to reading future chapters.
morbus-rus chapter 23 . 4/27/2011
Ha, very funny)) 1000 year old princess and mr. Snuggums))
ravengal chapter 35 . 4/27/2011
Dear Cutie Mark Crusaders,

I do have to wonder why the three of you never figured out what your special talents are. Applebloom's a designer, Scootaloo's a dancer and Sweetie Belle's a singer.

Could it be that you don't WANT these to be your special talents? Because the three of you are really good at these things.

I'd like to see your stage performance again, but with everyone working their proper role. It would be nice to watch.

Sincerely, ravengal
MlleBuckles chapter 35 . 4/27/2011
Dear Sweetie Belle,

Hi, Sweetie Belle! It's been a while since we've talked, hasn't it? I'm sorry I haven't to you in a while, but me and my sister have been pretty busy at flight camp here in Hooves. You remember Vanilla, right? She's going on pretty good here. She's made a lot of friends but I think she'd rather be at home in Ponyville or in Canterlot shopping, but you know how older sisters can be.

Flight camp is okay, I guess. I'm a much better flyer than when I left Ponyville. Speaking of which, how is Scootaloo doing with flying? I wish she had come with me, she would've loved it here. Oh! Before I forget, they're starting a magic camp for unicorns here next year during the spring, kinda like the one I'm at now.

But how is everypony doing? How's Apple Bloom, Twist, Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon(Vanilla's watching me write so I had to add them) doing? Uh, Vanilla wants me to ask how Rarity and everypony else is doing and to "send her regards." (I think that means hellos.) How are you doing? Oh! Did you get your cutie mark? Has your mane grown out any? How's the magic doing?

But going back to Ponyville, I really could go for a Sugarcube Corner cupcake or one of Applejack's apple pies. Ah, the things you miss. Have one for me, alright?

Before I let Vanilla write her stallionfriend(gross, I know) from Canterlot, I just have to tell you that I'm almost done with flight camp so I should be home in a few weeks.

Best Regards, (Vanilla says its "proper")


P.S. Did this letter arrive by dragon or by mailpony? I don't know which the camp uses, so that's why I'm asking.
Hawkflight chapter 23 . 4/27/2011
This made me both laugh and go "Awww~" at the same time. Good work.
Guest chapter 20 . 4/19/2011
dear celestia,

you probably don't have them in equstria,but what do you do with your insane ponies? Also i liked lunas mane when it was like yours. but i must wonder how much energy your sun gives out,and what the moons energy taste like.

yours truly The Dark Hearted One
morbus-rus chapter 20 . 4/19/2011
Awww, bad spelling. My first letter was similar)))

Answer is very nice, and I laughed when I read about hiding under bed Twilight. Yeah, paranoia. If she only knew... _
morbus-rus chapter 19 . 4/19/2011
I like that she calls herself in the third person - 'Great and Powerful Trixie' - more than 'I'. Letter is totally in Trixie style - so much selfishness and arrogance, but also some changes for good (and you included 'Trixie with 2 sick fillies' picture here, didn't you?)

She expertly skips all bad and uncomfortable questions and accepts all compliments for granted. Clever move with insurance, totally unexpected, lol.
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