Reviews for Agent Goren
LoveforPenandDerek chapter 2 . 4/11/2011
very nice that reid and goron bonded
csad21 chapter 1 . 4/8/2011
You've got a pretty good idea here. CM is a difficult fandom to crossover with anything but other cop shows. And had you decided to include any other character *but* Goren from another cop show, it might have been a problem. But with Goren? The guy *is* a profiler already. A helluva good one at that. And with his eccentricities, he fits right in there with the BAU team. I think he'd get along especially well with Garcia and Reid; Reid because they could talk about anything and everything, what with both being walking encyclopedias, and Garcia because he'd like her sense of humour, which'd fit right in with his own. His protective streak is what he has in common with Morgan. Hmm... don't know about Hotch and Rossi, though.

I don't think a story like this one has been done before (or at least not well done), so I'm already really looking forward to it. Series of oneshots or multichapter, doesn't really matter. As long as you give us chapters with 1000 words each at least? Pretty please?

What'd it be like anyway? A series of "getting to know you" ficlets? Short jumps into a specific time during a case?

My imagination falls short here, so like I said, I'm really curious to find out what you'll make of it. :)
LoveforPenandDerek chapter 1 . 4/7/2011
i think its a very interesting cross over. Goren is smart yet odd. I wonder how the team would take to him?