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onhonhonhon chapter 45 . 9/2/2012
china and america slept with Russia?...
Guest chapter 39 . 9/2/2012
hmm... if Scotland *i fangirl when typing his name* is so awesome at fighting, i hope there's a serious fight scene about England here too... *I also fangirl about Iggy*
Guest chapter 12 . 9/1/2012
Mah heart...
Azure151 chapter 116 . 8/26/2012
(from re-reading chapter 115)
I don't really have a theory, but a thought.
Jack the Ripper is Scottish.
Scary Scotland reminded me of something said in class about Welsh people (don't know if I've talked to one, but apparently there was a teacher at my school that was Welsh). I've heard that they "sing" when they talk, as in their voice goes up and down, and you know when they're p***ed off because their voice goes suddenly very deep and very scary o.0
Which leads me to the idea that NZ is terrified of an angry Wales.
Which also leads me to the idea that he was the only one she would actually behave for whereas she'll muck around with England when she was a colony.
missnoodlechan chapter 17 . 8/24/2012
I have this really weird headcanon that if Wales and England both end up drunk together, they would be hugging each other and asking to die during there hangover...
Anonymous chapter 116 . 8/20/2012
EEEENGLAAAAAAAAAAND! SCOOOOOOOTLAAAAAAAAND! I LOVE YOU BOTH! I LOVE THIS FANFIC! I LOOOOOOOOVE IT! I know I know! You should write a ScotEng lemon XD Please please please please please please I want ScotUk lemon please please please! Oh and personally, I HATE ScotFran with a passion! Incest beats it! SCOTENG SCOTENG SCOTENG! MARRY ME ENGLAND! MARRY ME SCOTLAND! I have no theory XD The real actual theory is my theory XD No seriously XD Please credit me, Anonymous, in the next chapter for reviewing and for my cheapo theory XD THIS IS THE BEST LOOOOOOOONG FANFIC I HAVE EVER READ! T'IS SO LOOONG BUT I LURVE IT XD
chattie98 chapter 116 . 8/12/2012
First I want to say thay I am very sorry. Why? Because I love WABWAB, and have read every update but yet, I never ever review. I always promise my self I will, but I don't, so I've decided to review now!

Firstly, I adore your version of Scotland sooo much, he's the best out of all the Scotland OCs I have read about.
He's exactly how I Imagined him to be like except about 800,000,000,000, times more awesome . XD

I also love your writing style, everything flows, all the characters have depth and are in perfect character, the plots are so amazing (especially Black and White), and not to mention I love how you write Scotland's accent. Scottish accents are die for!

Well, I can't wait for the next update and I shall definitely review it!
hana97 chapter 116 . 8/11/2012
The song is black and white hospital (len&rin)
Theory...eee... Maybe england switch with scotland body, cause he/england say keyword 'scotland',but dunno i stuck in thinking...
thisaccountiscloseddeleteit chapter 116 . 8/10/2012
This was pretty awesome... But I now have absolutely no s ##ing clue to WHATEVER THE HECK is going on here. Way to keep us guessing! :D
SumiEvans chapter 116 . 8/9/2012
So exiting :D So exiting :D So exiting :D So exiting :D So exiting :D So exiting :D Can't waaaaiiiitt!
I Looooove yoooouuu! and Great Britain was a nice holiday trip ;P
missnoodlechan chapter 116 . 8/9/2012
My theory:They're bodies were never switched, fairies put a glamour(the type they put on changelings)on them and gave them amnesia(?),but through them hints so Queen Maeve could come and laugh at them in the end, i don't know. (That theory has nothing to do with Monochrome Ward*sigh*)
Rizu Holmes chapter 109 . 8/9/2012
The More I read THIS Story Im like, "Oh Gawd she has Moffat-ed us I bet" Doctor Who and Sherlock fans Will get that ;)
Rizu Holmes chapter 106 . 8/9/2012
I think Ian did get Shot but Hes Scotland and through the Previous stories proving he heals real fast he pulled a Jack Harkness BUT Arthur, England, or course Im guessing is Psycically linked to his brothers through some force and became unconcious feeling the reprecussion of Iain Kirkland...Uh IDK XD REALLY
shiiki-sama chapter 116 . 8/9/2012
Quite frankly, this chapter is mind blowing. XD I love all your one-shots and stories! Anyways, going back on topic, I remember a few chapters back, England was still having issues due to his amnesia and Scotland still in a coma. Seeing as how nothing has happened yet. I don't usually think up theories or anything but I just read on and see what everyone else has to say. This chapter has gotten me to type all this out. Wait. Whoa. Are you still reading this? Well, I guess I better start thinking outside the box. This might sound a bit off as a theory, but at first when England went to see Scotland. It was not himself laying in bed, but well, Scotland.
And when England said that they may have switched bodies, I had pretty much doubted that. But as the chapter went on, I was wrong.
And I wondered why the nurse was giving him a funny look (I mean, what's wrong with being blonde? XD) and also, the fact that she had to look up at him. I know these are a bit out of order, but please bear with me. .
And lastly, when England had said he had saw himself; red eyes and all, I pretty much thought 2P!England was after him at this point. But, going back to the earlier chapters, if 2P was behind this how on earth was he in two places at once (well, if you've heard of 2PTalia. If not, I feel like a complete idiot. "OTL I'd go through this whole explanation about 2PTalia, but that would take up so much valuable time when you could just look 'em up! :3) That's about all I have and the best I could come up with. If this was really confusing, I was trying my best to explain. It's 12 am here and I am sleep deprived. XD

P.S. I love this fic soooo much! XD Especially the way you personify the UK siblings. In my opinion, I really think the UK siblings should all be male.
greygreenwolf chapter 116 . 8/8/2012
Erm... More theories, eh? Lemme see...

Well, we know England's managed to end up in Scotland's body, and someone who sounds like Scotland has ended up in England's. It probably isn't Scotland himself, because I honestly can't see Scotland doing that. Bashing his little brother about quite a bit, yes, but actually going this far? Nope. Not even on the day mentioned in the first story (About the Jacobites, wasn't it? Aye, that'll be about right). However, we've also got to keep in mind that, originally, it started off with England thinking he was Scotland in England's body...

We also know that the two bodies were found in different places- One in London, one in Holyrood. However, they were in the same place for the random attack thing. So, how did that happen?

The fairy said keep an eye on what's close to you. She seemed to find the cuts on their cheeks really worrying. Which, y'know, are strange anyway.

Then there's the whole 'The corpses shall be switched thing.' Why the hell would you want to do that? I mean, it's a stupid thing to do. Also, switched how? They were in the same place.

The women's weird. Surely you'd want to know why the random red head's last words would be 'England' when looking at his shot brother. Why not a proper name? Also, the scream thing. 'A knife makes you scream'... sounds almost as though she's tried it before and failed. Scotland's pretty badass- I'd say one of his main weaknesses /is/ his family. So, to destroy him... you've got to destroy them first. Risky, but doable. After all, he could just go batshit instead of trying to see what's wrong with them.

The green eyes watching England. Well, we all know that the brothers have green eyes. Kinda like their signature, if you will. They only appeared when England closed his eyes. The feeling dissipated when he opened them, and reappeared again in the darkness. After they went the second time, there was just the screaming to run, run, get as far away as possible. So... something inside England, despite the memory loss, is fully aware of everything.

The fairy's back again, even though the risk to herself is huge. Is she watching England? Maybe. Then, why does he need watching?

Interesting to note that Scotland became concious when England was panicking, and only when panicking. Corresponds with the green eyes. At the hight of the panic (slamming the door) he becomes very active, before it dies down again. A correlation there, perhaps?

The statement that the only difference between the thistle and the rose is that the thistle is regarded with a weed (dammit, my garden's full of weeds!) is strange. It's not something that England would typically think. Very much a Scotland thought, surely. It's then brushed away with thoughts of America. Which is odd, seeing as England seems to have trouble remembering America as a child after the whole revolution thing, and that he can't remember anything else. A distraction?

Now, Scotland's body's escaped. If he/it can bend steel then either Scotland's stronger than he let's on or that ain't Scotland. Why the destruction of the steel? Doesn't that zap away the magic? Hmm... All of that destruction too. Unlikely to happen out of sheer shock, aye? Scotland doesn't seem like the type to smash stuff up like that, and to punch the window and not break it after smashing up a bed of iron is a little silly. Besides, the guy would know to punch it in the corner where it wasn't as strong. (Uh, don't ask and I won't have to lie, m'kay? ')

The figure was blurring and made all of England's memories reappear. Now, by the way it kept on getting bigger, getting smaller, whatever, that's more likely to be people switching bodies than anything else. Let's face it, it's probably easier to do than mould your body so it's so different that you look like a totally different person. It also had Scotland's 'slasher smile' (Awesome name by the way! -) which would be very difficult to do if you weren't used to it. So, either this... thing has a little bit of Scotland in it, or it walks on the wild side...

It stops changing shape and soon as England says his brother's name. The idea of it being Scotland causes it to physically shatter and turn into a shorter, demented version of England. Tingling too, on the arms and that... So, England's either switched back... or something's turned him into Scotland.

Crazy murderer England/thing... With blood red eyes. If this was Scotland, the real Scotland, he wouldn't have red eyes. Scotland doesn't, when he's mad he smashes stuff up, not starts glowing and I imagine he wouldn't know how to use England's magic. Each of that magic stuff's probably individual to each brother, so unless the body's just randomly sparking it off, it's probably not on purpose.

"Ooh. Won't ye turn aroond." That's repeated rather a lot. Why is this thing so eager for England to do so. If it is Scotland, then he'd probably be shouting by now. Not crooning and chasing. More likely to be swearing his head off and throw up against the wall, before telling England to give him his body back right now or else. Probably wouldn't sit on him. Would know to not hold the knife with both hands above too, because then someone could use one hand to grab the arm and the other to punch your assailant in the face. I mean, Scotland's a fighter, he'd know this! And hurt his little brother? Again, no. (Plus, I very much doubt he'd want to hurt his own body, right?)

Soo... On to the actual theories. I has two. :)

The thing with Scotland is that he's not actually attached to any fairy court. His brothers are attached to the Seelie one. Therefore, Scotland's actually a canny commodity to have. On the one hand, he isn't bound by any laws, whilst on the other, he could use the power over his brothers to get information about the Seelie. The Unseelie want to take over, if I read that one correctly. So, what's the best way? Get Scotland.
The bank job was pure luck. They were stealing something and England happened upon them. They fought and Scotland was in a good mood so decided to visit his little brother. The Unseelie Queen arranged the theft, was there in case it went wrong and was amazingly happy to see Scotland turn up. This gave her a chance to work on something she'd been planning for a while...
The way you've written it, it sounds like, when a nation 'dies', their conciousness is stuck for a little while in space. Now... who's to say that something else couldn't be hidden in their heads at the same time? So, Mrs. Women makes sure that, inside Scotland's head is a little Unseelie fairae who could convince him to go to the court and swear alliance. After that, it wouldn't matter if he got the fairae out because he'd still be bound. All great, aye? Also explains why the body tried to kill anything that was iron/steel when it woke up without Scotland their to protect it.
Why wasn't Scotland there? See, here's the clever bit- He recognised the women, which is why he was so worried about England. Fearing that she would try something, he sorta... hopped into England for a little bit.
Unseelie women, thinking that this could happen, gave them both matching Scars. Why? Because, as it was made by steel, the Fairae couldn't heal it. If they were linked, England's wouldn't either, so she'd know that Scotland was hiding there with him.
Now, let's fast forward a bit. England's awake. Doesn't remember anything, but has the distinct feeling he should be ginger. (Insert generic ginger joke here *Can say that because she has ginger in her hair*) Also has the feeling that he's too short and whatever. This is Scotland not being able to hide properly yet. Random bits still leak across from time to time, which is why he thought about the thistle being the same as the rose apart from the fact that it's considered a weed. That's Scotland's feelings coming across so strongly that England thinks them by mistake.
The amnesia could also be caused by this. If Scotland didn't block out every single little piece of information about the past, bits from his point of view would also leak across, making even a confused and unable to remember England very suspicious. That's why he got the memory about America- Scotland was panicking about being remembered and needed to let something through. The eyes are literally that- Scotland. He's watching. And knows that that Fairae is inside that body, waiting to get out, so he's screaming at his little brother to get the hell out of there as soon as he can. Unfortunately, the Unseelie senses him. That's why there was those little pips.
This would explain the Seelie fairae. Knowing that this has happened, she'll want to keep an eye on the interests of her court, surely. 'Keep an eye on what's close to you.' - Keep an eye on the body that is no longer your brother's and keep an eye on yourself. After all, Scotland's a lone wolf. No one's ever quite sure what he's going to do.
That's why the body was comatose for so long, by the way. The fairae, even with the protection Scotland offered, couldn't deal with the amount in the hospital until it was more firmly in his mind.
So, it woke up when it could finally stand it. And ran. It ran away from the iron to somewhere with much less. Then England, like a typical Englishman, managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still not sure what it knew, it basically leapt on the chance of one member of the Kirkland brothers. Faireas are good at mind tricks (at least, in North-East legends they are...) so it attempted to see what he knew. Instead, it encountered Scotland, which must have been a little bit of a shock. Then, it grinned dead feral, because it's much easier to get a mind into somewhere it;s meant to be than keep it where it isn't. England, totally unaware and attached to Scotland's conciousness witnessed the struggle as changing from England's body to Scotland's body to England's body to Scotland's body and so on and so forth.
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