Reviews for MIA
Boris Yeltsin chapter 1 . 4/9/2011
I thought they were talking about Phil.
CraftyNotepad chapter 1 . 4/8/2011
Um, okay, this is kind of embarrassing. I intended this to be a one-shot and I forgot to click on the completed button again. Oopsie.

On the other hand, the responses have been so interesting that maybehaps this is destined to be be a case of serendipity (which is a fun word to type).

See, this story was born because (blame him) James888 has an irrational dislike of sweet Mr. Hackett. He really doesn't like him. (I haven't heard what Mr. Hackett feels about James888, but he ... Neil? NEIL! We do not use that hand gesture on school grounds! No. Not even when - oh, sure, you can use it with Pim. I mean, it's a given.) Sorry about that James888. Anyway, James got me thinking about how wonderful and integral next door Neil is to the Phil and Keely adventures, so this little story was thought up and cranked out. Done, right?

Well, maybe not. As I responded to SaltyDishwater:


Glad to have surprised you :D

Well, not "no one;" WE Care!

We show it by doing just what you're doing, reviewing - and a very useful review, at that! Thank you.

We write, also. If a full PotF story doesn't fit into your current schedule, you're certainly invited to submit BEEPs or NEXT on PotF and you'll be given credit for your contribution.

We keep the television yule log burning. Who knows? They made a Green Hornet movie from a long forgotten series, the A-Team, Bewitched, Star Trek, Dragnet, Dukes of Hazard, SWAT, Starsky and Hutch, the Flintstones, the Beverly Hillbillies, ... There's going to be someone someday who's going to make a buck reviving Phil of the Future, hopefully in series form - though Raviv and Aly might be playing Lloyd and Barb. Frankly, as laptop computer power continues to increase and software allows a single person to create their own movies, FanFiction will probably evolve to writers becoming creators of their own movies. Just scan in the faces and voice prints from your favorite TV series's actors and crank out new episodes on your laptop.


Okay, I'm a believer. It's true, I carry my Pickford Public Library card along with my Pickford Bus Pass and my treasured Preferred Shopper at the Pickford Town Mall card, but never did I expect to make this story longer than one chapter. Then I saw it, JulianaGrace and SaltyDishwater both tagged M.I.A. for story alerts. What were they thinking? It's just a one-sh- oops, I did it again. Some people write for themselves here, and someday that day will come for me as I continue to post and no one comes around to read, but while you wonderful people are out there enjoying these literary musings, I'm thrilled to write for readers. What I'm saying is, I'll try. I've got to give it some thought to develop a story line for "Where's Hackett?" It's so nice that this posting has created such interest, so please be patient as I come up with a story that you've indicated you're interested in reading.





. .. . .. _ ;/\/\/\\\\ 953
James888 chapter 1 . 4/8/2011
That was a low blow. I thought she was talking about Phill

and at the end find out she was talking about Mr. Hackett.

I love Keely and all that but even I can't get sad over this.

Sorry Keely :(
JulianaGrace chapter 1 . 4/8/2011
Woah! Nice twist CN. :P I totally was expecting it to be Phil that was missing... But Mr. Hackett? I'm not surprised that no one cares. Well, except for Keely. She would care if the neighborhood's stray cat went missing. Then again, so would I...

Anyway, I was surprised to see that this is a K rated tragedy. I'm curious to see what happens next... (I was also surprised to see that our Queen of PotF comedies had written a tragedy! This should be interesting.)

Oh, and by the way, where is Phil? Home sick? :/ I'd like to see our favorite camera man back in action. :)
SaltyDishwater chapter 1 . 4/8/2011
I did not see that coming.

Poor Mr Hackett. Great story though. :)

This reminds me of how no one cares how awesome Phil of the Future was, and how it should be revived. :( Just an obeservation...