Reviews for Looking Out for You
roni2010 chapter 1 . 7/5/2011
love it.. like the real situation in this plot... never saw that csi: ny episode but the characters' personalities are on point...
cmwinner chapter 1 . 4/17/2011
I was yelling at the tv at the end and asking him what he was thinking! He's going to get himself in some serious trouble soon if he doesn't watch himself.
laurzz chapter 1 . 4/15/2011
I seem to be on a reviewing spree for your work tonight. Another fabulous story from you. An interesting take you've gone at and I really liked it. It's always nice "seeing" our favourite couple out of the lab (even though we've never seen anything remotely similar to this! curse, TPTB) so for you to mix Hawkes and Camille in was a nice touch.

I for one don't like Camille either - I don't trust her - which I think reflects from this story a little. The sad thing is you seem to have written her pretty accurately; I could see her being a little funny with Danny and Lindsay despite their efforts to talk to her, which of course paved the way for some awkward moments to say the least.

Props to Lindsay for going out of what is probably her comfort zone and laying it down to Camille. Someone needed to because I can bet that Hawkes won't be saying anything for a while.

Loved, loved, LOVED how you had Danny and Lindsay share those 'couple' looks between one another. I do love the image of that - that they know exactly what the other is thinking. Brilliant, and even a little heart warming.

After tonight, I'm definitely looking forward to more from you :)
alexindigo chapter 1 . 4/12/2011
Hi Jenn! I'm with you on this whole Camille business. Dont like her and don't think she's good for Sheldon. At the same time, like you said, realized that he needs to reach that conclusion on his own. Loved this story. Lindsay did the right thing. I've always loved the relationship between the two. Like how they could disagree in Vigilante but still be friends and work together without it being awkward. Oh, and damn right about Lindsay. She does manage to find evidence that breaka the case all the time. :)

Thank you for sharing. )
rhymenocerous chapter 1 . 4/11/2011
Holy crap. It's like you read my mind with this... you sneaky mind reader. I'm not such a huge Camille fan either - it's never a good thing when your partner undermines your professional life the way that Camille appeared to in the episode and you've written a very well thought out and realistic extension of the episode. I think you hit the nail square on the head with this one!


PS I especially loved the way you fleshed out Lindsay's history in New York a bit... and especially the comment about Danny still not knowing about Gavin. Too true he would hunt the man down and make his life miserable. :)
afrozenheart412 chapter 1 . 4/11/2011
No one's opinion could ever miss the mark if this is how they feel. I'm still on the fence with Camille, I don't know if this is going to last...I'm just so freaking happy that after all of these years Sheldon Hawkes is finally getting some loving! :) And on two creepy yet cool notes, I was just talking to Brinchen86 yesterday about DL and Sheldon and Camille going out on a double date! How cool is that? And the second note, when I got to the point where Lindsay left the bathroom to see Danny alone at the table, my MP3 Player played the Danny and Lindsay theme from CSI NY! Awesome!

This is a wonderful show of friendship and loyalty, Sheldon has a lot of people who care deeply about him, I just hope that he will never need it. Camille has the choice of what she can do with him and he also knows who he is dealing with. The way that they tried to engage her was great with asking her questions and letting her know their history so she wouldn't feel left out. But I can see how offended they were when it came to her calling Mac rigid.

Especially after Lindsay let her know about Sheldon failing the drug test. When I saw that my mind immediately went to your first story, do you think this will pop up when that particular episode airs? While I do love the DL loving and talking while they were in bed, you don't know how much! My favorite part is where Lindsay lets Sheldon know that he is her friend and she will be there for him, no matter what. I really love this thought because while Danny has Don as his best friend, I always thought that Lindsay and Sheldon were best friends because of the way they started out in the lab as rookies. :) Another note, is that even though Lindsay's first boyfriend was an absolute bastard...I do like the fact that she did have a life. She was so right about Danny hunting him down, he wouldn't stand for any of his friends to be hurt like that. Marvelous job!
Thorne Lockehart chapter 1 . 4/10/2011
You did this right! I hope you continue