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liketolaugh chapter 15 . 3/24
*wave* Hey! I wanted to pay special praise to this chapter - I really liked it. The doctor's visit was another old favorite of mine (it may have been the last one I seriously read, until today) but I was surprised at how much I adored the Gringotts chapters. The goblins figuring out Vlad wasn't human was a twist I wasn't expecting at all, and the ripple effect from Vlad's lessons was a lovely touch. I also really liked the little lesson on ghostly obsessions, here, which explains a lot of the odder behavior in the show, particularly from Vlad. It makes perfect sense! I also like how it ties into some of your Danny portrayal, such as his style of deception. (Lying would be too much like cheating, wouldn't it?) Thank you once again for writing!
Brenne chapter 18 . 8/31/2017
Will Vlad and Danny ever tell them how they became Halfas? I don't think it's something to be ashamed of. Wouldn't Danny have fun telling them stories of his funny mishaps when he first learned how to control his powers? I wonder if Vlad has some fun stories to tell. Or maybe that time when Danny and Vlad practically had a prank battle, that led to Vlad becoming mayor? I bet the wizards would find it fascinating how muggle technology transformed two muggles into super powered beings! I wonder what happens next. Looking forward to more! XD
Catflower Queen chapter 18 . 8/31/2017
Yeah, as soon as felix felicis was mentioned i figured something like that was going to happen... But it really is a great way to get that secret more out into the open! And congratulations to Neville and Susan!

I love how protective Danny and Vlad's friends were here.
jaguarspot chapter 18 . 8/28/2017
Glad to see you back. I really love your chapters and all the insight and logic that comes with them.
Fan chapter 18 . 8/28/2017
A wonderful chapter as always. Please keep writing. I love the world you've made and check for new chapters every week. I reread this and the main story often. Please keep this wonderful world going.
Kimera20 chapter 18 . 8/27/2017
this was amazing! i love it!
awwww danny is so in love with luna! so cute!
yessss! remus and harry bonding time!
ohhhhhhhhhhhohohoohohoh amelia and vlad... i did not see that coming
ahhh great now i want to re-read 'a vent comes to haunt', is so good!
Hordak's Pupil chapter 18 . 8/27/2017
A very awesome and insightful chapter, I love how Snape had his hair like Vlad's. I hope you are doing all right :)
Wilona Riva chapter 17 . 7/28/2017
Vlad has more tact than Snape.
DannyPhantomPhandom chapter 17 . 7/12/2017
Ooh! Matchmaker Longbottom? Very fitting. You're not really going to that route though, are you? Gosh darn it Gran, you really are a huge gossiper.
Brenne chapter 17 . 5/3/2017
YAY! New chapter! So glad you're back! I wonder what happens next! Looking forward to more! XD
EllaDeWriter chapter 17 . 5/2/2017
New chapter, yay!
The two main characters of the chapter weren't quite as fun as the Danny-Luna section, but that's pretty much to be expected in a polite, social lunch between two rich aquaintances. xD
I loved that Vlad used a fancy ectoplasmic bond to tie his letter to the owl; it's such a tiny little detail but it's just... Perfect is not a good review term because it doesn't say what went right but I really can't think of how else to describe it!
And for 's plan. (Cue sinister giggling) Oh man, if it's something to do with matchmaking and Vlad, I can tell it's going to be perfect already xD
Excellent work; I'm super excited to see what situation will happen next! Thanks for posting this chapter! .
rosedragon7 chapter 1 . 5/1/2017
Hi, I just wanted to say I love your work and have read and re-read it several times. I hope you continue this story as far as it will go. Thank you.
Rae-Prite chapter 17 . 4/30/2017
Sorry for not logging in, but I was so excited to see a new chapter I had to read it first! Lovely, as always, and it's wonderful to see your work again. I really love the way your narrative flows, its very easy and relaxing to read. I hope we get to see what becomes of this development soon! Are you really intending to play match maker with Vlad? This I have to see ;) :D
Guest chapter 17 . 4/30/2017
Kimera20 chapter 17 . 4/30/2017
great chapter! you are amazing!
hehehehe madam longbottom playing matchmaker is fantastic
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