Reviews for Stages of Hope
Paty S chapter 20 . 21h
Harry revealed some interesting stuff..and I wonder how they will catch the Horcrux this time around.
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 19 . 22h
Luna sure has a way to tell Dad stories and poor Ginny.. can't imagine how Harry is still this sane, after everything.
Hermione, she really was affected.
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 18 . 22h
Well James is a douche and without his friend influence he clearly became a worst version of himself. Poor Harry that must have been hard.
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 17 . 22h
Wonder what James P. is doing this time around
That was an exhibition lol and a very effective one I might say.
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 16 . 22h
Luna is so on point and she says things with such naturalism that everyone gets taken back..
They are all suffering so much it's sad, I hope they get there happy ending.
The order meeting should be fun..not. Lol
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 14 . 22h
Neville is a great friend and Lancelot..
Sirius doesn't see what Harry is..yet, it's to be expected with every crazy thing they have seen so far.
Great chapter
MBurris chapter 32 . 7/22
I should know better than to read this again - such a beautiful goblet carrying distilled anguish.

I am not sure if I should wish to be able to write like this. Perhaps I have not had enough pain in my life so as to be able to highlight the exquisite beauty of pain. Perhaps I am blessed.

But I do wish I could move others like this moved me. Thank you.
MaraTwihardPotterhead chapter 32 . 7/22
Amazing story. Best another universe fanfiction!
Shadowslayer5 chapter 32 . 7/17
Beautiful story
KnickKnack chapter 3 . 7/11
LOL. Really its super early and I'm trying not to wake everyone up but couldn't stop laughing and I think I hurt myself!
KnickKnack chapter 2 . 7/11
LOVE LOVE LOVE XOXO (I realize this isn't constructive or anything like that but I will say that I never or rarely write reviews to say... I LOVE IT
Paty S chapter 12 . 7/12
I just love there interactions and I hope Harry doesn't stay permanently damage because of the potion.
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 11 . 7/12
So that's why Harry is that way..I feel so bad for them.
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 9 . 7/12
Damn..Hermione had an intense reaction to him. I would see why they joing the Order and if it was because of Draco or something else.
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 8 . 7/12
There conversation was very nice and it good to see a different more calm and friendly Snape.
Great chapter
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