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Someone chapter 9 . 2/9/2013
What the heck does the eggplants and fish paste thing mean though?!
aphpenmark chapter 9 . 12/29/2012
sklafjsld;fnsdf I absolutely adore this story it was just... amazing
Slinky Supreme chapter 9 . 9/29/2012
The ending, it just brings a smile to your face!

The beginning was a bit iffy for me, yet I found myself get more and more captured by the story. I don't quite take to adding spoilers in my reviews, but I must say that I really like the fact that you made Matthew not immediately fall in love with Alfred (actually making him reject the boy). It just made it a tad bit more realistic. Getting a sudden confession from a very close friend (or anyone for that matter) doesn't necessarily make the character to suddenly develop deep feelings for the suitor. It was pleasant to see you make them take it slow, from the awkward reconcile to Matthew falling in love with Alfred.

It was a tense trip, added with humor from the ever odd Alfred, and I for one enjoyed it.
DLHKM chapter 9 . 12/28/2011
AWWWW~! That was lovely! Mattie was oblivious, awkward, lovestruck, and finally happy with Al! UsCan FTW! As you can tell, I really liked this. Until next time!
Zara Morikawa chapter 2 . 9/19/2011
pffffffft "You have a nice ass." That just made my morning~ XDD
Shikajino chapter 9 . 9/2/2011
I adore the ending. Sneaky Alfred is sneaky indeed. Man, if I were him, I'd kill him. I'd kill him dead. Then, of course, tell him I loved him and go about my day. But I digress. I'm glad this turned out happy in the end; I was half expecting Alfred to have stopped liking Matt by this time, but thankfully, that didn't happen. I also really loved reading this story!
Clorixi chapter 9 . 9/1/2011
and so it ends! and even though i was pretty sure mattie and al would get together, my heart almost stopped when that girl almost hugged him XD

ah~ i did quite enjoy this story, good job on it!
SamanthaMeloes chapter 9 . 9/1/2011
OMIGOSH! This was just so, so, so amazing! Seriously! And this part-

"What now?" Matthew snapped him out of his thoughts, "First hug gets you, remember?"

"Well, that just makes me feel gay!" Alfred chirped. Matthew looked confused.

"But you are gay."

"Gay could also mean happy!"

Matthew blinked and started laughing. "Yes, Al. You're happy and gay."

"And so are you." Alfred added with another smile. Matthew couldn't agree more.

That part made me squeal, run around my room, hit the wall and fall on the floor. I'm not even lying, my head hurts now BUT IT WAS AMAZING!xD THIS IS WHAT YOUR AMAZING FLUFFY STORY DIS TO ME!XF And for that I thank you~
Mikadocon chapter 9 . 9/1/2011
Man, all the suspense wether Alfred would get hugged by another character or not wasn't good for my heart. Even though you were mean like that, I still loved the ending. :P
Tweaks chapter 9 . 9/1/2011
That story was very cute and sweet. I was very happy to see the happy ending. It was well written and I could hardly tear my eyes away (I should have eaten lunch a long time ago!). I really enjoyed it!
SoupCake chapter 9 . 9/1/2011
Happy ending happy ending~! 8D

Love the story btw~! So cute ;A;

Clever, clever Alfred! XD
wiwiun chapter 9 . 9/1/2011
I am utterly delighted to have them in each other's arms. This was a wonderful read, and I was glad for your literary skills.

But.. (Yes, I have some concerns over this last chapter)

But.. Even at the start of the chapter, I just felt a little put off. It seemed as if I completely missed a whole chapter or section. I was absolutely confused between Matthew's total transition in feelings. The question that plagued me was, '/how did he end up falling for Alfred when he was so adamant on not being with him in the previous chapter?/'. Yes.. Just HOW did he start liking/loving him? That detail completely eluded me. You skipped the story ahead to where Matthew ends up wanting to be with Alfred, and it went pretty quickly btw.

Please don't take offence from my comment. I'm not trying to bash your story, and I really, really feel like a total jerk. I'm pretty hesitant to tell you this because I rarely ever give out criticism. That doesn't mean your writing is deemed awful enough for me to want to advise you, but rather because your story is so good, I don't want other readers to pick up on that detail and ruin their view on the story. I'm sorry.

But maybe I mis-read, and it was implied or blatantly stated in the chapter, and I am very sorry if it was. Very sorry.

Oh god, sorry for rambling.

And really, this story touched my heartstrings (for unrequited love always get to me, what with the emotional rollercoasters and stuff, but that missing section confused me quite a bit, but anyways) and especially the previous chapter, with Alfred tearing and crying and masking on faux cheer really got to me.

I hope you're not discouraged by my petty comment!
hime chapter 8 . 8/29/2011
iChocoLove chapter 8 . 8/29/2011


Great chapter - I was so sad for Alfred gaaah. I look forward to the next chapter!
TimeladyHaru chapter 8 . 8/28/2011
I think I cried... :(

great writing :D
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