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rphe chapter 56 . 2/1/2012
great chapter. Like the way the characters have developed - a contented Sarah's a great character, and she's even developed a sense of modesty! not too many tears for Ted though.
JKArcanus chapter 30 . 1/30/2012
I agree that Sarah and Misty are right in their supposition of Ellie's justifications, but I also think that all three of them are wrong in their thinking that it was "the right thing to do" and "noble". I also find it inordinately unfair that Devon is referred to as being silly…..from what I see he's having a pretty standard and justifiable reaction(to both the Cancun incident and the breakup that he didn't want)….it's honestly rather insulting to insinuate that he is in any way in the wrong here either in thought or in deed.

That aside, even if it was the right thing to do, if she believed in her own justifications she wouldn't have been contemplating how and who to "hook up" with now that she was technically single until otherwise notified later the same day….that just made her feel really cheap. This last bit is more about the previous two chapters than this one, of course, but the first part was about this one and it tied together.

Honestly, I think they are splitting hairs about a lot of things in this situation to make Ellie feel better…and so are you to be honest….you're quote at the top for the last few chapters says as much in is passive define of her. Usually it's the personal that was cheated on that would say something like that…applying it to Ellie makes it feel forced and like I said in the previous chapter review like a martyr.

Devon has not ben a jackass. Repeat. Devon has not been a jackass. Look, I can take him or leave as a character, so I'm certainly not his fanboy or anything, I would be saying this about any character in this situation. Unjustified self-degradation that he was manipulated into is bad enough alone, but that just adding insult to injury considering everything else.

I was pleasantly surprised that Ellie actually achieved some small measure of positive character growth out this, since her words to Devon actually sound somewhat reasonable, as opposed to much of the last couple of chapters. But that feels lost when it's a couple of lines compared the paragraphs of text saying much different things in this and previous chapters...especial when you follow it directly with making Devon a total doormat….not because he took her back(I'm glad he did) but because he claims she has nothing to apologize for…no…she has multiple things to apologize for…and she did…accept them for what they are and keep that with you and move on…but don't deny the need. Doing so cheapens what little growth Ellie made as a character out of the ordeal.

The Casey/Misty bit I know it suppose to be "the start of something great" as the italicized look into the future following it tells us, but it really fell flat for me and made me a lot less excited about Misty(whom I have adored thus far). I didn't particularly care for the Casey/Ellie bit last chapter either, though neither did I dislike it, but it was relatively minor with everything else in it that I didn't care to mention it but since it ties in sort of with what I wrote just previously I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention since it's so long already.

Looking at it, I guess I honestly disliked most this chapter when it gets down to it. Which surprises me because I haven't be able to say that at all across either story yet to this point. It's a fantastic story and I look forward to continuing to read it(I'm certainly in waste deep already, hehe) At this point I can only shrug and keep on reading and focus on all the other aspects of the story I like.

I know a long negative review isn't very uplifting, but you also have to look at it in context. That's one whole fix and nearly 30 chapters of this one that I love but that would take days of typing so it just gonna have to lump it all together here….I'd say that's a pretty good ratio :D You've written this well, but I do miss BrickRoad's temperance a bit, as I'm sure you do as well.
JKArcanus chapter 29 . 1/30/2012
I've really liked Ellie, faults and all, through both stories quite a lot...up until the last couple of chapters.(I've really liked ALL the characters, faults and all) But breaking up with Devon, especially for the reasons she gave, came across as little more than melodrama and attention seeking; it made her seem like she was trying, and failing, to be a martyr which feels very trite.
Razors-Flash chapter 56 . 1/22/2012
Aha! So "Frost" and "Orion" both died, but Mary and Stephen did not. Sneaky sneaky... Also, great ending. Jeff makes amends to Sarah, and Chuck and Sarah's reaction to her pregnancy was great.

And thank goodness that Roark gets whats coming to him.
Paladinobr chapter 56 . 1/18/2012
Very good chapter and I really appreciate those moments between Chuck and Sarah, they're a special couple, :) It's a shame that Ted had to die so easily but it's understandable. Waiting for the next chapter,.
Chkgun93 chapter 56 . 1/18/2012
Another outstanding up date, sorry to see this great story close. It has been one very adventurous ride!
lardybloater chapter 56 . 1/18/2012
One of the greatest FF's ever seems to be drawing to a close. Once this is finished I think I might go back to start thia story from the beginning.

As for Roark, Sarah was right he was ended to easily.

Looking forward to the next chapter
tw200 chapter 56 . 1/18/2012
Another fantastic chapter.. Zondra was fun to get back in the action. Roark is finished, to bad Orion can't get the money for all the patents Roark stole from him. Thanks,,, I am starting to go into withdrawls thinking that this story will over all to soon.. What a fantastic journey it has been.. Thanks. . . keep it alive as long as possible. tw
Reyes9 chapter 56 . 1/18/2012
Great chapter here Bill. Update soon.
esardi chapter 56 . 1/18/2012
Fantastic chapter Bill, in many ways this is how the show should be ending. It should be a family affair with all the people in this story. Too bad that is not the route they are taking.

Well I definitely want to know what Sarah has planned as far as a surprise for Chuck. My guess would be that nightgown she was thinking of getting in Cancun. However, your devious mind will probably think of something better.

You surprised me with Zondra. I should have guessed that she was Amy since she had not been included in your story. Good job of getting rid of Ted Roark. He really did get off easy in a way. You are wrapping this story up nicely Bill. When it is over I will miss it.
doc2or chapter 56 . 1/18/2012
Just set to review chapter 55 and up pops chapter 56. I was wondering about Roark but it seems you already had that covered, and for the record I agree with Sarah that Roark got off too easy. Looks like you may have just a little left for this story and it has been a fun ride (except for Mary :P).
doc2or chapter 54 . 1/18/2012
So sorry for the late reviews, I have already read the next chapter but I had to comment on this chapter first. I really didn't get too excited when Chuck was shot as I knew he couldn't re4aaly die even though I was surprised you headed the story in that direction.

I absolutely loved the confrontation between Sarah and Shaw especially how Shaw met his deserved fate.

"Guess what?" Sarah said with absolutely no humor in her voice. "The days of you using your manhood as a weapon appear to be over. Unless of course, you plan on picking it up off the ground and throwing it at me."

The above lines will be burned into my memory for a long time. That is just as classic as "anybody else wants to be my boyfriend" line from the series. Can't thank you enough for that Bill.
rphe chapter 55 . 1/17/2012
Really enjoyed the last 2 chapters. love the way you cover off all the loopholes & unexplained happenings. and looking forward to seeing how Roark comes to realise that he isnt as safe as he thought. Also interested in how you deal with the fact that Chuck is now public property - clearly its the end of their spy lives but has the detail of the intersect become public? I guess not, but without Orion to remove the intersect, does Chuck have to 'died in surgery' to remove the jeopardy?
jinxed97 chapter 55 . 1/16/2012
Great chapter...
jinxed97 chapter 54 . 1/16/2012
Great chapter...
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