Reviews for The New Cases of Toon Division
rthcats2 chapter 2 . 8/9/2014
I love your story. An anime like Bonkers is hot. Please write more stories like this. I love the relationship between Bonkers and Miranda as well. Please continue.
Jerumshi chapter 2 . 1/1/2013
Oh, thank you so much for this magnificent fic! I really enjoyed reading it a lot. Your headcanon is just awesome.
The moment with Icaros was really great.

I am okay with the spelling mistakes, but as I am Russian they made it a little bit hard to read. Though I still love your work.
Alana-kittychan chapter 2 . 10/7/2012
Oh this is awesome and well through out oh is there going to be more on this?
Alana-kittychan chapter 1 . 10/7/2012
Yeah I'd do the same whenever it comes out on DVD it should that cartoon was / is awesome and you did this very well oh I feel so sad about bonkers here :(
Hatter and Hare Productions chapter 2 . 7/30/2012
Dear Slayzer,

Once again, good job. It was sad, funny, and painful (in a good way). The angst was therefore it was well done. However, I do have a few gripes. The spelling and grammer is still a pain, but there is the matter of pacing in this chapter. It felt too rushed, adn when you rush special moments it just saps the emotion out of it. Take some time to throw in some detail and some creative wording. I really feel like you have something here, so please understand why I am being such a pain. Now, the only personal gripe I got is that why would they change his body if people already knew what he looked like. Maybe I missed something here (like if they had no time to fix him up right or something) but it seemed odd to give him gentiallia out of no where! However, if that is one of the main ideas of the story; I understand that is just a part of the story. You are still doing a great job, so keep on writing!

Sincerly Mad,
The March Hare
Hatter and Hare Productions chapter 1 . 7/30/2012
Dear Slayzer,

I personally think you did a magnificent job. The action was great, Bonkers' sacrifice was touching, and overall the angst did its job (MY HEART!). There are a few spelling problems and writing errors, but other than that it was good.

Sincerly Mad,
The Marvelous March Hare
Peaceblossom26 chapter 2 . 9/17/2011
Fantastic! Perfect melting of the 'Roger Rabbit' feel and Bonkers. Everything made perfect sense. Disney and Studio Ghibli, the Animators saving Bonkers, and Bonkers' new 'shape'. I always felt when I was watching the show in the nineties that Bonkers and Miranda liked each other a bit too; so the two staying together was perfect. A great joy to read. Thanks so much.
TheDoctor388 chapter 2 . 7/19/2011
Fantastic. I love how this chapter mixed humour and tension very well. Bonkers transformation was an unexpected surprise but an excellent twist that I look forward to seeing developed. The bonkers/Miranda relationship is at an all-time high here and looks as if it is only going to get better. I really look forward to seeing how this series is going to develop. You have a fan in me. :)
Jimbob86 chapter 2 . 7/13/2011
Nice story. It's rare to see a Bonkers story, more so one with Miranda (I always liked her more than Lucky for some reason.)

Looks like you have a setup for many more interesting adventures. Looking forward to where it goes next!
levy120 chapter 2 . 7/2/2011
“I don't know how many of you will have a problem with a more anthropometric and human looking Bonkers but it's something I wanted to do. […]

Thank you all for reading and tell me what you thought.”

*clears her throat*

In reading this you promise not to take any of this personal or to avoid reading the review at all. Thank you very much. Weirdness ensues.


"I'm Captain Lynne Davis all be replacing Sargent Grating."

...Now in the meantime between Chapter 1 and 2 I have been playing Ghost Trick. And I couldn’t help but lol at the detective being called Lynne %D


“Drake's feathers got ruffled when he heard the doctor call him a quack and he pointed an accusing feathered finger at the human. "That was Racist!"“

Made me go “wtf am I reading again?” for a little moment. That joke came pretty blunt and doesn’t quite seem to fit with the Bonkers universe of all, but I see what you wanted to do and I appreciate that it is parodied in a sense in-fic.


I just... ..." Bonkers eyes started to water. "... I just want to fade to black and roll the credits."

Made me go awwwww


I do like the concept of toon’s having a shape. It sounds fairly plausible to me and it is something new I have never seen before )

Also didn’t quite expect that… hugeness of it.

While I do like the idea and the sense of it, I do not quite know yet how to deal with the twist in the plot it’ll cause yet. Is Bonkers going to get a complete new ‘redesign’ now? I’m not too fond of fanfics altering the canon that massively, but for the sake of plot and its originality I find it rather interesting this time around.


Miranda your going to need to get an animator

Cameo? Random Person? MARILYN?


There was a giant cat floating outside the window. A smiling, twelve lagged cat with a hump on it's back that looked like a city bus.

Oh god no, an ANIME animator? D8



and helped several Japaneses men out of the bus.

SEVERAL Anime animators? DDD8


Miranda turned to face Drake. "Professor Von Drake allow me to introduces a animation team from studio Ghibli."

OH GAWD. Excuse me, I need to go and pick up my brain again.


Okay I picked up my brain and watched Tokyo Bonkers 8D


It was bad and Bonkers was barely recognizable as himself. They didn't have time to waste.


Ironically Bonkers DID have 2 Studios in Japan, that animated both Miranda and Lucky episodes )


Miranda saw Bonkers wake and sitting up in his bed trying to count his fingers and struggling to count his new fifth finger.



Naw jk


…Then again




"Nothing and that's the problem! Sure I can still do any classic toon gag face but my face isn't defaultly cute. If my face isn't goofy or cute then what kind of face is it."

"I think you look handsome." Miranda had spoken before she could stop herself.

What is this I don’t even


"Nothing, it's the other tall that's the problem!"

"Other tail?"



"Yeah that I now have this other fleshy furless tail.



"Yeah that I now have this other fleshy furless tail. It's more like a numb then a tail and It's even in the wrong place. What kind of tail goes go on in the front and not the back."





GOLLY that part was awkward…

I’m confused. Very confused. I think my brain ran away again. This sit he only fanfic that has managed to make this happen twice in one chapter. Congratulations?


On Miranda’s detective uniform I needed to do a double take, because Lucky was a detective and Bonkers worked with him, and when Bonkers was promoted he (AND Miranda) became a Junior Officer, so… was Detecitve really coming afterwards? Maybe, Lucky was the senior after all, right? I’m not too good with Police Status ranking.

The second half was easier to accept again, but reading on had become to feel a bit awkward.

For curiosity sake… you have not lost me yet. As long as this thing stays T rated, I warn you don’t raise that!

You still seem to have a little problem with typos. I made a little collection of what I could find in this chapter and sent it to you in a PM ) Please fix them. Thank you.
Battleangel911 chapter 1 . 4/23/2011

this was really good. I like stories that put childhood cartoons in real life situations. I admit I watched the show when I was younger and maybe was one of the few upset the day it went off the air. I didn't like Miranda as a character on the the show (or how they drew Bonkers in those episodes.) However, you made her a likable character in this story. Is there going to be more to this story? It seems unfinished right now. Keep on writing.
levy120 chapter 1 . 4/15/2011
Holy Cow, is this really a new Bonkers fic? For serious?

Baw %D

I hope this thing is gonna prove to be a nice inspiration, because I am currently working on a Bonkers-fic as well. This fandom seriously needs more love, it is underrated. Also if you have not known, there is a Bonkers Fanclub on deviantart that has some more members than the community. If you do not have a deviantart yourself, I would offer to promote this fanfic for you there.

But on for the actual story/plot/review now )

First of all, when I saw your fic, my first reaction was basically the first sentence.

My second reaction was, “darn this is a Miranda fic AGAIN – why can’t people ever write Lucky” but I’m going to read it anyway because the set-up you promised in the summary sounds great and tickles me (I love tension, so give me a death threat alone and you’ve got me)

Of course there are some slight errors here and there concerning grammar and spelling, but they can be overlooked for now. I suggest you get yourself a Beta. I’d love to help to the best of my abilities, but sadly English isn’t my mother-tongue and I do require a Beta myself.

Seeing that the Bonkers cartoon is from the 1993s I’m not too sure about the mobile phone or the laptop (I guess) you used there. First of all, back then they were pretty darn not-casual already and especially did not have cameras included. Nor did they have digital cameras for consumers so I am not quite sure yet on how this could be dealt with.

In-Series they still did their paper-work with old-school typing machines, you know?

Other than this… derp, I mentioned I’m a sucker for tension, and darn you nailed it there xD

However, I prefer tension along with close death that keeps the reader dangling and not actual death, but not quite happy ends either. You know, the bittersweet kind of stuff.

The whole fanfic in itself was a little rushed. For the longest time I was like “Don’t do things like this in the first chapter!” because the fic wasn’t put as “complete” in it’s status and I expected it to go on. PLUS the crook (Lol Roger Rabbit) got away! That being said… YOU CANNOT END IT LIKE THIS XD Call Van Drake, get him to a hospital or a make-up studio, catch the crook, beat him down and whatnot… as Dark and Angsty as things get, this fandom still has its roots in Disney )

But if you want to leave it that way, that’s fine too, it’s your story after all.

Aside from that however I am terribly glad that the Fanfiction part of the Bonkers fandom is not dead yet, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fic. (Does that mean I am a bad person now?)

I hope you’re going to contribute some more stuff, of different natures too, maybe

Quote of the moment:

“Darn guys, I’m reviewing like a mad-woman. There’s a new Bonkers fic and it’s new and shiny.”
TheDoctor388 chapter 1 . 4/12/2011
I really liked this story! In fact I've been searching for another Bonkers/Miranda fic on the internet for ages and I'm glad to at last have found one! I love the relationship these two have and you have captured and expanded upon brilliantly! I highly reccomend that you continue it, I really do, I know for a fact that I will be reading! Top stuff!