Reviews for We All Fall After The Yule Ball
Gacsam chapter 16 . 2/19
Aaay, awaiting next chapter
tanzar81 chapter 4 . 2/9
Who slipped Harry a potion and what was it. Because unless you made your Harry extremely OOC then he wouldn't have acted that way. Bouncing from girl to girl, not in a matter of months, weeks, or even days. Oh no he is bouncing back and forth and sideways between girls in a matter of minutes. That's just not Harry Potter
tanzar81 chapter 2 . 2/9
Oliver Wood was not in Hogwarts Harry's fourth year.
Tmctflyboy chapter 16 . 2/1
Will you please kill off hermione already she annoys the heck out off me and she's just needs to go away.
fatking chapter 16 . 12/2/2016
I hate to say, this story is okayly written, albeit slightly meandering at times when you dabble on about what this character felt like or that character felt like, etc. But overall, this is not a very good fic in terms of story and characterization - it's shit. I mean come on man, if your're going to write a story in which practically every female character likes Harry, then at least have the decency to make sure Harry does not act like a total fucken dickhead. I don't give a fuck what your reasoning for him having acted the way he did was (as in cheating on his dates) but canon Harry would never have behaved the way you made him out to be u shit cunt. And i mean, have you read the books? if you're going to say justify his actions by saying, 'Oh he's Harry Potter, his life is so hectic that on the night of the yule ball he completely forgot all about voldemort, the tournament, etc. which is why he fucking cheated on his dates, then go fucking kill yourself. but seriously, i've seen some pretty bad characterizations of Harry, and i don't just mean in terms of him being o.c. (in many fics he is made to be o.c.), but your version of harry is such pitiful douche bag it's not even funny that you try to make him seem somewhat sympathetic despite his shitty actions. What you did, is a disservice to harry potter in general, and moreover, in trying to make him seem favorable to the reader, you are only further deluding yourself that this is a good story - it's not.
Scabbers1957 chapter 16 . 10/18/2016
Wow, cat fight cliff hanger, what a way to keep people coming back for more.
I'll add this to my story alerts, good job by the way.

Guest chapter 16 . 9/26/2016
Nice written story hope you finish the next chapter when you get the next opportunity to do so. Looking forward to it
EternalRestOfPerpetualMotion chapter 16 . 9/19/2016
i'm ashamed to admit, but i kinda liked how everything was going to shit. cuz at first it was somewhat painful to read. not because fic is bad, quite the opposite in fact. it was(and sorta still is) good written, funny, silly and lighthearted with a protagonist who had, somewhat troublesome and kinda awkward, but in general very good time, with lots of fun. everything that my life is not. so it was hard to read it. but then things started to get more interesting. the more "fun" hero had, more shit got added on his plate. so i was still envious, but it "hurt" less :)
but now poor bastards life is getting more complicated and less fun. and as a result i started to like this story less and less. guess you reached that precarious point, for me at least, where the amount of trouble for hero was equal to the amount of reward he got, and went slightly overboard.
Idic Dragon chapter 16 . 9/3/2016
This is a wonderfully entertaining story! So many that begin that way are never finished. I am hoping this will not be the same. On that note, I think that Harry needs both Fleur and Hermione in his life, so while that combination will not be smooth, I hope it will eventually happen.
Bryn chapter 16 . 8/12/2016
Hey, you should keep writing this story! I really kid it. It had been my dog walking companion for the past few days. (The dogs were three too.)

The story is very engaging and easy to read, which are two of the main things I look for when choosing something to read.

You are also writing Hermione as a teenager with teenager emotions, who had crushers and can get angry over them, which is something many authors forget about, and have her as this person who either had no romantic life or evening goes perfect in their romantic life. And that's just not possible. (Oh Honey put it best 'there isn't such thing as a lover's heart who ain't felt black and blue )

I'm looking forward to reading more of your story!
Ginnyfan99 chapter 16 . 8/12/2016
This is a great story so far, I hope you are going to continue it. Here's looking forward to another chapter
Bryn chapter 13 . 8/12/2016
I would have most likely slapped Hermione if I were Harry. She completely ignored him for around a month or more, and then had the audacity to pull the 'best friends card'? I don't think so missy!

If you're going to get annoyed at Harry, then he had every right to be mad at you! You can't expect everything to go back to the way it was before just because you decide you want to talk to him again. And especially in the middle of the Great hall. I thought you were supposed to be the smart one!
TemplarWrath chapter 16 . 8/9/2016
Harry and Fleur has been going strong and suddenly this? Fleur might be insecure with here relationship with Harry because of Hermione but I'm not so sure about her acting like this. I feel there are a few scenes missing because of the suddenness of it all.
Zuul chapter 16 . 8/2/2016
I feel like there's a paragraph or two missing in the last scene. After Hermione pushed Fleur and Harry into the lake, he pops back up with Ron's help and everyone goes their separate ways, yet Harry reflects that he was dumped by Fleur. We never see it though.
MonkeyBiznez chapter 16 . 7/29/2016
Cant wait for some intense ass mediation scenes, more power to ya bro, couldn't put the story down.
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