Reviews for Turning Points
Guest chapter 55 . 11/19/2016
Please continue!
merrilyme chapter 55 . 5/30/2016
Yikes! Itachi!
I just found this story last night and basically binged read it for a day, then I realized halfway through that you haven't updated in over a year and was kicking myself for getting stuck on a story in hiatus! Ugh!
Please please update! I want to hear Sasuke call Itachi "foolish big brother" hehe
00-night-eyes-00 chapter 55 . 2/10/2016
Love it looking forward to more
thunderbirdsfeather chapter 55 . 1/24/2016
I love the reversal of Sasuke and Itachi's situations, it's written so seamlessly and true to both their characters. Without the massacre and betrayal by his most precious person I think this could be how Sasuke would grow up, personality wise, or it's believable to me when thinking about how he grew up also. My heart's broken for Itachi who thinks his brother has died and for Sasuke who's been looking so hard for him and feels abandoned by everyone but still looks for Itachi. Sasuke seems innocent in a way even though he ends up working for the Akatsuki. One of my favorite parts was when Sasuke took Garra away in the end, the one-shot with Sasuke and Garra being each others first friends was so adorable so I was so happy that he saved Garra. I kind of hope they get to talk to each other someday. I also liked how Sasuke ended up going back for Deidara even though he doesn't like him much. And Shikamaru knows Sasuke's alive! I'm really happy that he saw Sasuke, I think his big brain could start putting things together. And the picture they took! I really like that Sasuke is still part of their team in their hearts and that he kept the picture. I was really angry and saddened by what Kakashi did, even if I understood why and he's beating himself up for it too. I hope that Sasuke finds Itachi finally, I'll probably cry when they're reunited again. You're story is amazing! Thanks for sharing! It's been so much fun to read and the one-shots are really interesting too. I really liked the Haku one too even though it was so, so sad.
StarSaberGONE chapter 1 . 1/3/2016
Good start. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
StarSaberGONE chapter 55 . 1/3/2016
Update, please!
StarSaberGONE chapter 27 . 1/3/2016
I love this Sasuke so much more than cannon Sasuke! And Kiba too!
Tiger spy chapter 5 . 11/30/2015
I know I'm realy Late but Chapter 5 reminds me of how my brothers act when I'm getting on a bus or plain ,
How they fuss over every things . Good job
TinyGhost02 chapter 55 . 11/21/2015
This story is giving me all the feels. I really need to see Sasuke finding Itachi again!

Please update soon!
GreenDragon03 chapter 55 . 11/12/2015
Absolutely amazing! I need more!
Duesal Bladesinger chapter 55 . 11/6/2015
This story is the best.

You are a wonderfully talented writer.
Sherlock's Pipe And Hat chapter 55 . 9/17/2015
NOOOOO! How could you leave it there?! Please tell me you'll update this soon and not wait another's been about 6 months. I am really anxious for everything to come full circle. Sasuke being identified, him and Itachi finally finding each can't leave it! I need to find out how those happen! Please? This is one of my favorite Naruto fanfics!
Rain of the Forest chapter 55 . 8/6/2015
Sooo... Itachi has killed Orochimaru?
Red Knight chapter 55 . 7/26/2015
Can you please recommend some high quality brotherly fanfics about the Uchiha brothers? No incest! I seriously hate that (no offense).
Whitewing chapter 55 . 7/26/2015
Please, please, I am begging you! Update your story please!
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