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iIndefiniteReader chapter 9 . 2/21
just stumbled upon this story and I got very well entertained. this is sweet, and I hope you won't mind continuing it :)
CelticGirl7 chapter 9 . 12/17/2013
FINALLY! The chapter I have been waiting for! Well-written GaaraxMatsuri! I think this was the first time I have ever read of this, so congrats!
Anyway, the in characterless for Gaara is stunning! And when they finally acting on their feelings! -swoons- This is once again an example of true art! -kicks away Deidara-
Speaking of that blonde, I find it ironic that Setsuji looks a bit like him. I shoulda known. -glares at him-
And the amulet! Of course, why didn't I realize that before! -facepalms- It makes sense now!
Anyway, WRITE MORE! This seriously can't be the end, since this is one of the very few fanfics of this pairing that exists in this site!
Anyway, have a nice day and keep writing! :)
CelticGirl7 chapter 8 . 11/21/2013
Even after all these years there are still reminders of the time in which Gaara had Shukaku inside of him. And of course NOW had to be one of those times. -shivers- The thoughts he had were INTENSE. Good thing Kankuro was there! Now to repaint the office...

Anyway, I was just near to hyperventilation when Matsuri arrived, and Setsuji as well. Gah, why does this all have to be so complicated?! But it's interesting like this! No, it's frustrating! But nonetheless a really good read!

UGH! Wonderful chapter as always, and continue updating!
CelticGirl7 chapter 7 . 11/7/2013
Bone-Picking ceremony, huh? Sounds... Kinda creepy (ironic that today is El Dia De Los Muertos). But at least it shows the first act of unity between the Sand Siblings. I was surprised that Gaara came to his father's grave. Don't exactly like that man, but then again things ended well between him and his son.
Bokuyo is a wise man that understand more than Gaara expected of his situation. It's great that he received advice on the matters of his heart and what he must do. I guess he really isn't alone on what men think when it comes to affections of the heart. XD
I sighed in relief and happiness at Gaara's letter. As I would say, it's about time! He sat words regarding Matsuri's question had me smirk. There's a reason why he knows this dear Matsuri! Wonder what the letter to Naruto is about.
Oh no... Ooooh noooo... That's it, gimmie Chiyo's mechanical bird! We need Naruto, least we have a wedding to crash! D:
CelticGirl7 chapter 6 . 11/1/2013
I don't think I ever tried yoga before. Hmm, maybe I should...many way, another dream? He really does have it bad! Especially with the sand acting all weird! Wonder if it's his mother's will trying to protect him from something...
And reciting Buddha? (They actually have Buddha?) This ain't helping with your denials of being a monk, Gaara. XD
And looks like the plan is going well! Kankuro does seem to be good with kids, despite him saying that he doesn't like them. (XD) I just grinned at what was painted on his kite.

"The Kazekage does not arrange matches," I said.
But what about Gaara? XD
Though one thing that I realized was that Kankuro was the one to tell Gaara that he was in love, since he seems to have experienced it itself. Wonder if the love he was talking about (for himself) was regarding Sari. -grins-
And BAM, Temari's practically firing arrow after arrow at Gaara, each making him at least somewhat speechless. She's good.
It really does seem like an act of cowardliness now, having Matsuri go to Iwa. Gaara couldn't send himself away, so he had to do the alternative. Nice going Kazekage-san.
... So Matsuri is giving a hint to her feelings. C'mon Gaara, use your brain! No, your heart, since your brain is what started all of this!
ai no monogatari chapter 9 . 10/31/2013
This is a beautiful piece of work. After reading each chapter I was always left hungry for more.
Never stop writing and presenting the world with true art!
CelticGirl7 chapter 5 . 10/31/2013
"It's Masonry Monknto the rescue!"
Kankuro, you may not be helping the situation, but at least you make me laugh. XD
And one thing that I liked about Matsuri was that she was one of the rare people that actually reached out to Gaara, before Shukaku was extracted from him. The anime arc that introduced Matsuri became one if my faves!
And oooooo, serious talk with Kankuro. The tone In the room became even more serious. 0.0
Anyway, love the bit of Gaara walking to where he would escort Matsuri to her apartment. Cute, and another great part of this chapter. Now we know when he made the decision.
Oooh, looks like Gaara has his motives for this plan! I think I understand what this is supposed to be for. Sorry Kankuro, but you need to suck it up!
Also, like the title. Looks like the medicine will be hope instead of love this time. :D
CelticGirl7 chapter 4 . 10/31/2013
I snickered at the image of meditating Gaara. He really is a monk! Though lately it seems that he likes to take his shirt off in private. Not that I mind! ... Did I just say that? -deskplants while blushing- I think this is the first time someone made me type that in a review. Congradulations.
And like the line of Temari having Karura's beautiful smile. Ah, Karura. She only appeared for a short amount of time, but I have quickly grown fond of her protective nature.
And Chiyo's bird came! So she got the letter and pendant! Lucky girl. It does seem fascinating, comparing like Matsuri will dance over there. Sound really fun! The only part I didn't like is the constant mention of Setsuji. -glares at name- Like I said, I'm watching you.
... Uh-oh. Gaara counted the names (though seriously, SIX times?). He counted the names. Cue the green sand controlling jealousy monster! Ruuuuun! D: Though he practically was asking for it, since he did sent her away. Baka.
CelticGirl7 chapter 3 . 10/31/2013
LOVE the introduction dream. Sounds as ethereal as a wonderful dream would! Wow, Gaara really has it bad. -smiles while sighing in wistfulness- Is love that wonderful...?
And aiyaah, looks lie, there's a bit of love triangle drama here. -winces- So Kankuro is interested in Sari, whom might be more interested in Gaara, whom is in love with Matsuri, and might as well stop before this gets into a tangled mess. XD
And love little Denji here! Kudos to you for making Gaara speechless! -pats his head-
And I wish someone would drawn that pendant! Sounds absolutely beautiful based on the description. And Granny Chiyo's mechanical bird! Just looked it up, and I want to have a toy like that now!
And I loved the letter that Gaara sent. "but trust that you may ask anything of me. Anything."
D'aaawww, Gaara you adorably you. And wow, he used his own sand in the process of making the pendant? Then this is no ordinary necklace. This. Is. Art!
In fact, this whole fic is a work of art! Not to imitate Deidara or Sasori, since I still detest them (more the former) on kidnapping Kazekage-San. Anyway, can't wait to read Matsuri's reply!
CelticGirl7 chapter 2 . 10/30/2013
Yeah, now that I think about it, peace doesn't bring action that brings the need for sending out shinobi. We need villains that want to end the world like Madara to make them happy to throw their kunai. XD
And like the glass-making hobby that Gaara has! It makes perfect sense, since sand is essential for it. *shot* Anyway, bet Suna has the best glass windows in all of the land.
And I'm guessing that by this time Naruto is the Hokage, amiright? Hope he shows up eventually, since with this epic detail and characterization on Gaara's POV, I would like for him to interact with his bestie from Konoha. :D
And lol, Gaara the monk. I have a feeling that Kankuro is enjoying this teasing very much. And when he was talking about love (which he didn't say what it was until the end -_-) being a terrifying thing, I also thought for a moment that it was something else. -thwaps his head- Thanks for getting me worried.
And like the character Bokuyo and his wife Mariko. They sound like nice people. :)
And YES, Matsuri's letter! I admit, it would be very interesting in understanding different cultures, and although this mission is a (cowardly) excuse, at least it is an enlightening one. Huh, Setsuji... -narrows eyes- I got my eye on you.
And the last sentences. Absolutely wonderful!
CelticGirl7 chapter 1 . 10/30/2013
What I find ironic is that the title comes from a song named 'Cactus'. Love the name that Matsuri gave her cactus. -pets it gently- Now I want one! I would name it Gaa-chan and love it so!
Alright, onto the review.
I like the difference you set between the Kazekage and Gaara. When I first heard of him being the leader of Suna, I admit I did a double take. However, he did become a much admired leader, and I can't help but wonder the depths of his change.
And love the characterization of Kankuro and Temari. It is essential to write them well considering Gaara, considering that they are siblings.
And awwww, why did Gaara sent Matsuri away? Ugh, men, all the same. Though I like the input of Matsuri being a good dancer involving festival ceremonies. Just like her name! I was irked when in the anime Matsuri became from dedicated student if Gaara to a fangirl in Shippuden. They really make a mistake with that, in my opinion. But I guess Matsuri here stopped fangirling when realizing the depths and seriousness of her feelings for her former sensei.
And like the sand there that was circling around Matsuri's wrist. What could it mean? O.O
Anyway, hope the rest of this is a good read!
Antonella chapter 9 . 10/13/2013
i know it's been long time but i'm still interested and waiting for this amazing story. i'm answering the comment you put on your profile.
delakharina chapter 9 . 10/9/2013
This is really a great piece of story, please please continue or I would surely haunt you down
Guest chapter 9 . 6/16/2013
And for that deep connection that towards eachother; the glass pendant, the sand,chakra the dreams; it feels so beautiful. ;_;
Guest chapter 9 . 6/16/2013
I love Matsuri here. For her making everything easier, for being understanding, completly understanding their situation and;

" You wont break me."

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