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dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 17 . 5/29
all the characters are ooc half the time
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 8 . 5/29
bijuu aren't dumb, i can't wait for them to try and capture bee, he would kick their asses, you would need like 3 captains one probably being a senior captain
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 3 . 5/28
that was bullshit with the seki stone, the gourd is just a container for sand so he can carry a large amount on him, it doesn't stop him from controlling it
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 2 . 5/28
gaara is totally captain level, especially in a desert
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 1 . 5/28
im sorry but why did you put that bit with nemu and mayuri in,it brings nothing to the story, and is out of character for him
Shin'enforlife chapter 11 . 5/21
This story has an extremely cool concept that seems to be executed really well from what I've read so far, but I find myself getting extremely irritated during the fights. You explore all the characters abilities and display their skills in unique ways that really intrigued me especially with writing exactly how fast they move an show much force the attacks produce really lets you visualize the fights with really descriptive imagery. But the problem is I feel like none of the attacks mean anything, every single attack one character does ends in this "damn looks like I got that bastard that was my last attack." Character 2-"man that was a close one good thing I used my 568th clone to escape that attack you almost got me!There's no way you could have escaped that!" I just feel that none of the fights are important especially when almost all of them end in ties! I feel like there is never a victory. Hopefully this will change later in the story.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/12
Are you doing school work, or are you busy with work, cause im waiting for more
Guest chapter 68 . 3/19
hope you update, cause I cant wait until they make up for what they did, oh and for Soul Ninja, try to make it a cleaner.
Guest chapter 68 . 2/16
Hurry and update
Guest chapter 54 . 1/27
When is the next chapter
King of Fans chapter 68 . 12/17/2017
The battle has begun good chapter. I am curious as to how Mayuri will react to shikamaru's brilliant strategies as he find a way out of every situation he faces, and what shikamaru will think when he sees someone predict, counter, and invent a way out of the nara's plains.
Two of each sides greatest minds clashing from a far. One of the greatest military mind from both series vs the greatest scientific mined from both series. (Excluding Kisuke from both sides of the spectrum) even if they never fight face to face it would be great about the mind. A tactician vs a scientist, with both being able to accomplish almost anything given enough time. However, I think Mayuri will in their mental game because of how quick Mayuri can counter any opponent with his inventions.

As for what Mayuri's Secret project is I have no idea. However, I hope is his up graded sword, or some zombies.

As for the 5 battle here are my predictions:
Due to the fact that they were able to detect were they we're going pop into soul society and have a good estimation of how many ninjas there are the soul reapers had time to contour most of there arrivals.

Sand field- The battle has not started yet, but the ninjas are shutting up there lines thoroughly. Do to the fact there The largest defending force and one of the most balanced the soul reapers are either planning on getting reinforcements, going to try doing some internal damage, and/or going to preform a pincer attack.

Water Field- they are in the best position out of all the battle now with then in Control to coast and a city. However, with their ships being about the 100 year behind and being outnumbered by 20 ships. once the ninjas water style uses start to get existed The navel battle will go to the soul reapers. However, with 5 kage leaders with addition to Mei and Mifune they are in the best position to last the longest out of the 5 battle fields.

Lighting- they where attacked halfway way through their set up, but as long as the canons are operational and A or B are not illuminated or weekend early on There Company can hold out.

The earth- this ninja army is in the The worst position out of the 5 battlefields. The soul reapers were able to attack The moment they got there. This ninja force only hope is for there Air Force to stay strong and there earth style defense hold. If one of those two things were to fail they'll be forced to retreat or suffer heavy losses.

The main attack force of shinobi are most likely to win the first battle. The leaf has the numbers and power advantage to take the city from the soul reapers with in. The only hope the soul reapers have are to hold them off as long as they can, gather as much information as possible, and maybe take out one or two of there above average fighters for a Little while.

The only while cards are who the soul society will send, to each battle filled, and where the visors and ichigo will emerge?

As for urahara's new apprentice I am glad it is her and think goodness she got power now. With her fired it makes sense with that one filer.
As for what tatsuki's powers. Hollow and soul reaper powers are forbidden to get to a human, except for national means. The former captain lakes the means for Quincy or Bounts powers to emerge. The lack of hair and animal parts excluded the powers of the best realm. my best guess is that tatsuki's has the powers of a modified human or fullbring.

Happy holidays
Elizeu Pimentel chapter 68 . 12/13/2017
chatear 69?
King of Fans chapter 67 . 12/13/2017
This was a unusually short fanfic for you. Are you Feeling all right?
Good chapter.

The clock is ticking and Isshihn has 12 days at most to get the proof he needs or a war will start that would weaken the winner (if there's one) to the Point that there are no longer a factor.

As for tatukis secret please let it not let it be She relationship with a sertain red head out. however, I am strangely OK with it. Let it be she has powers now.

As for urahara's new student I think there are 6 options.
1.) ichigo's sister- considering how much potential ichigo has his sisters currently have at lest a 1/3 of his potential and that and that alone will make them extremely valuable later down the line.
2.) the Fullbringers- they are the only group in bleach that hasn't been used yet and have potential. Even though Only the 2 strongest among them Stand a chance in combat, The potential for others for trading some one or use as a support is almost limitless.
3.) tatsuki- you can have her secret being she got trying from urahara. Considering she has the most potential out of ichigo's freands to become stronger, top on the list for recruits, and keep in mind she was seeing spirits well before orihima and Chad got powers. Think Obote that.
4.)Nel- urahara could of knew that Aizen was looking for Nel and beat him to the punch and recruited her. As a result he gave her the power switch between her chilled abd adult forms, stopped her enerly leak, and got her back in combat form.
5.)sanna- she might be dead, but there was a girl at the end of the movie who looked just like her. So what if that girl was Sanna and urahara gave back her memories and trained her. Because keep in mind she efforts toke out a group of nobody inwiitch ichigo and rukia were struggling against. Place her fighting style is the most elegant, graceful, and light thouted out of all of bleach and naruto, so her potential is great. Final I miss her. Sanna had a good personality, was the best movie only character out of the 2 serious and had the most tragic death in all the naruto and bleach movies.
6.)Nozomi-we did not see her at the end of the last mini arc and that was a disappointment. However, she is still alive and mistake can easily be corrected if you add her into the story. With Nozomi's shikai block almost any attacked and can after her swords fully charged she can lunch a attack so strong she can tack down enemies far beyond her powers, and that's adding in her Banki. not to menchen if she unlocks her kido skills Nozomi could hold her own
King of Fans chapter 66 . 12/13/2017
One of the best chapters yet. I like your few revising. Considering the soul King and the zero squad were vary underwhelming. however, I won't go as far in saying there as strong as Sakura with the hundred healing in Canaan. considering how underwhelming it was compared to words about it and what was shown.
However, I hope keep you keep there campy personalities in more of lighthearted heart moments, and there cooking and sowing skills. Considering her food can Restore and increase once power and recover the body's nutrients after being healed. The others sowing is one of the most deadly and creepy in manga history if you Think about it, and shows off her Percision in hands.

The only part you last me at is with the ninjas plans. I literally had to draw a diagram with it to under stand it. Although, when I was done it was a good plan.

Having the The nights protect the land they conceded and protect strategic points. It Was purity smart considering there defense abilities and numbers.

Using the sands long rang attacks and the Samurai's close rang attack to out do the enemy and with being the largest out of the 4 armies preventing there target from back is pretty good.
Team send is most likely to be most successful. The Only problem is defending agents kage level appearance considering they don't have Garra.

The navi with the hidden mist Village with some wealthy back up was by far the best way to use there water style and there wealth for ships.
However, they're the most likely to fail in there task. Most of naruto ships are made out of wood and only have a hand full of low tech metal boots. So if the soul reapers have, ships with the same level of technology as ww1 or Beyond the shinobi would be out matched. (Considering they have the knowledge of the human world). Plus the ninja have no idea or experience with the weather and the curtains of the soul society oceans. This could cause a huge disadvantage to even the most skilled and experienced of sailors.
If the soul reapers where to make land or they go aboard each other ships the ninjas will be at bigger disadvantage then the other considering 3 out of the 4 backing the mist up lakes strong ninjas. The hidden hot spring greatly reduced there army befor the series begin. (the reason why hidan left). The moon Village was part big civil war just a few years prior and so there not at full strength. The last of the the 3 specialize in item gathering and treating, not combat. The only village that can help them out is the Zzz Village ninja to a high degree.
Lastly the head captain there can be described as a water Yamamoto in a place were his powers are at his strongest should that start the retreat now or latter. The only thing they got are a hi are elements Advantage with main force and the power to walk on water.

The light force has the most raw power out of the 5 main army's. (Excluding the main attacking army). With there canons, the Second strongest nation in naruto, and back up from the waterfall they won't go down easy. The only problem is if the soul reapers are able to attack beyond the canons rang, manage to go around from behind or from the sides, and/ or destroy there canons.

The earth and sky team is by far the most dangerous out of the bunch as they can trap and block the enemies from the ground and overwhelm them and ariel attack. This is especially true considering most soul reapers can't walk on air in soul society. This team has no meager weakness the soul reapers can exploit. The only one I can think of is the kage leading is the worst out of the 5 kage in Long drawn out battle with his old age and his most powerful attacks take up a lot of chakara.

What the main attack force is unknown, but most likely going to be the hidden leaf with greatest variety of ninja from different villages. Place they are both the rain and grass villages act as cover fire. All that I can say is they need three things.
1- a lot of stealth to steel the items and get Garra.
2- a lot of sealing specialist to undo the seals on Garra and two out of the items.
3- they're going to need a lot of power to deal with their walls and the head captain.

I'm surprise you did not add in the snow, star, and nademiko villages.
The snow is one of the most advanced out of all the villages and has the best suited for cold weathered battles. Place they own naruto and the leaf.
The star Village can manifest there chakra as solid constructs, and make them when most unique in combate. Place they also owned a fever to the leaf.
Lastly Nademiko is a all female village that has a verity of strong shinobi and a power full navy. There leader also had a crush on Narutos master so they also have reason to add there army.

Win conditions:
Ninja- stop enemy recruits, rescue Garra, take three items, and don't let Naruto and B get captured.
Soul reapers- penetrate enemy defenses, keep Garra secure, keep 3 items from falling into ninjas side, and Capture the eighth and ninth tails.

Overall the ninjas have superior numbers, powerful connections, and only need to hold out long enough to complete their mission. The only downside is it'll take time for their bodies and sensors to get use to the World. Considering it's completely maid out of spirt energy and has no physical energy. So it would be like getting accustomed to A higher altitude. However, this would allow the huga to destroy anything there and any bug user a unlimited amount of energy to Feed off of.
The soul reapers have a home field advantage and they are a little strongest there. enough to plan out a win against a equally powerful opponent. Place they have superior technology, sensors, and The strongest fighters with the zero division and the head captains. However, they have the most to lose in the invasion.

As for the sternrater and akatuki I loved there fights, but too bad we didn't see them fight. However, I will say there alliance is both good and bad. On one hand the akatuki became the top dog in the alliance when it breakdown.
On the other hand the Quincy are literally the best option to take down The 10 tails host. Considering the only type of attack both mental and physical that work on that jinchuriki is normal close rang combat and attacks with nature energy. Considering almost every Quincy ability mixes both the energy around them with there own it is almost guaranteed that a Quincy can bypass the the 10 tails host ninjutu and genjutu immunity. Place even though the Quincy King's full powers are not restored for another two years there's nothing saying they can speed the process. Like him stealing some power or the power of a few sternrater coming back into him might speed up the process. If that happens all the Sternrater would be 5 x stronger place there voltstanding. Not to mention quite possibly the one of most powerful character in all over bleach and Naruto. If I were to make a top 100 list ranging characters from this fiction from weakest to strongest and in other characters we haven't seen like kaguya I would have give the Quincy king the top spot, with kaguya following close behind.
So I hope to see the sternrater at there best eventually.

Either way they're going to need a knew sternrater L and maybe o and R too.
I also like how you are adding in more character development to them and hope at some Quincy survive until the end. At lest enough to jump start the race or at least enough of them for a notable clan.
King of Fans chapter 65 . 12/12/2017
A Very good chapter.
I loved the fights this chapter and I think you hit the nail right on the coffin when you said a soul reapers power comes from the Bond between them and there zanpakto. Considering there sword are the inbodyment of there powers and know more about what they can do then they do.

I also like sinobi forces plain to invade.
asking the other villages for help would give them the Numbers advantige and a grater number of attacks they can use. However, I don't see all the villages singing up and some who do betray them.

Getting some of the most powerful items in the soul society to evening at the odes would give them a huge advantage. Although the 3 items do you have their own risk in in using them.
The first item from the bounce arc. Is by far the most flexible and the one they have the best chance of mastering. However, each individual fragment is buried and sealed all accost the enemy captain, and The moment they start digging the enemy will know what there planning. Place there i'm likely to blow themselves up. considering what there digging is the quickly to a Core of nuclear power plant, that has been damaged.

The super Zanpakto Used for execution is by far the safest out of the 3 in conditional warfare to use. However, considering they barely know anything about a normal Zanpakto they run into serious trouble if they try mastering it.

Lastly the kido canon is by far The best thing that they can get off the board and safest for them to use and master. Place the fact that it's the only item on the list that not constantly sealed makes it The easiest to take. The only downside is it takes almost the entire kido core to activate, and considering they don't know the basics and kakashi is only one who can use its the equivalent of a big paperweight to the ninjas.

I also think the medallions from the Quincy are a good idea to help even out The odes with over a hundred people who can uses Banki. There are only 2 problems.
1.) those medallions can only steal the Banki from someone at a similar level of power, and considering they have 7 head captains who are stronger than anyone that they have they would be unable to steal from them and anyone with hollow powers that they take from would cause severe poisoning to the one who takes it.
2.) The medallions were made for Quincy use and even when they use it the medallions also prevent them from using there voltstandings. I humans with that Kim can't even use the basics of their powers and use a different form of power are able to use it the same with out consequences there is going to be a few problems. Lastly I hypothesize that yhwatch has something planned because I don't see him handing out the trump card unless the rewords are even grater then The power to steal a Banki.

I loved the idea of obito controlling orihima.
However, from one of his most brilliant plains comes one of his worst. Obito attacking the vondenrich is also suicide. Sure he strong and can deafly take out a few of there weaker sternrater, like I and R no problem, but The entire Quincy race alone. Do you know how many arrows a normal Quincy can fire at once and that there are some sternrater that can take him down one on one? It'll take obito's full power to just to get out of their alive and do some damage.

I also liked the fact that you are adding in the other branches of the soul Society.

If you're willing I have several good ideas for soul reaper, quinces, ninjas, and any other species from bleach and naruto that are fun and can meat any stance or type of power you want. All you have to do is send me a message. Then I will make a good charter like a Subway sandwich.

As for how bleach effects your story, what can I say it was ongoing when you're writing the chapter. A ongoing series gives fanfic fighters more material to work with and more motivation. However, The series also put obstacles as some more information gets reviled, reckoned and fan theories proven false or true. It's part course events what can I say. Look at RWBY or Steven universe fanfic and you will see you got off easy.
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