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Morning Songbird chapter 1 . 10/8
I am so fangirling over them right now
Cha0s4ever chapter 38 . 9/23
Awesome story, surely one of the best on bleach ff.
Tomyallen chapter 38 . 8/30
Okay so skipped out on the rest of reviews and just kept reading but I've forgotten nothing. The confrontation at the academy was entirely not what I was expecting of is (totally though it was Masaryu) however it's resolution was perfect. It provided Yuzu the opportunity to face her fears and prove her abilities to not only others but to herself as well. And the fight between her and Karin was very satisfying even if it upset Ichigo haha. They proved they were capable as individuals and Karin finally got her Zanpaktou.

As for the family in total I wasn't expecting to be some other Noble clan...most people (even before canon made it official) stuck with Shiba considering Ichigo's resemblance to Kaien. However it's not a bad thing and the dynamic between the Kurosaki's and there father's family is oddly appropriate... I think Ichigo made the right decision though I do wonder how and why you'll bring it up again in the future?

And for the more recent stuff...well I also agree with the squad placements. Mostly. I think I was expecting Yuzu to go with Unohana. For much the same reason as Karin going to 11th rather than the 10th. It's hard to imagine a relationship when your subordinate to someone. However Yuzu and Byakuya are very unique individuals so we shall see how that plays out. Poor Ichigo though...the girl he loves is Byakuya's sister and now his own sister is the Vice Captain...there will be no escaping haha.

I do see there's a A/N posted next and I'm really hoping it doesn't mean you've decided to end it as is...I would immensely enjoy a sequel to this story.
Tomyallen chapter 14 . 8/28
Man that punk has some serious issues. What exactly is his problem that he needs to pick on Yuzu? Karin I can understand...she's just like Ichigo with her short temper and ability to get a rise out of others. He needs to be dealt with.

Also...Bahahaha! Poor Ichigo getting his office attacked Yachiru...and with pink paint no less. Renji deserves every level of beating Ichigo decides to dole out on him. However Renji is right about Ichigo and Rukia...get on with it already!

Loving the pace and Looking forward to more.
Tomyallen chapter 13 . 8/28
Ichigo is going to have his work cut out for him rebuilding a squad like that. However he has to right drive when he puts his mind to work so I have no doubt he's going to succeed. I wonder what that letter is all about though? I'm sure it's a noble things since he asked Byakuya about it.

AS for Yuzu I think it's sweet that she's being so involved with the 9th and their magazine. It's helping her build friendships outside the people her family are involved in.

Looking forward to more!
Tomyallen chapter 12 . 8/28
Yay! He's finally a captain! And of course it of squad 5...which means he's taking over Aizens old squad! Also Isshin is still that same idiot as usual haha. I wonder how Byakuya feels about getting his butt kicked again? Anywho super happy about this development and looking forward to seeing how he runs his division.

As for this seeming rivalry at the academy with Mr Hothead I wonder what's going to come of it? Will someone step in or will the girls deal with it themselves? Can't wait to find out!
Tomyallen chapter 11 . 8/28
Awe look at Toshiro expressing himself like a proper person. Poor guy having to relive that though. It's funny that Karin still has to make him he's a kid or something. They're a funny pair but I love it.

Hopefully he won't make a huge mistake like that again. Looking forward to more.
Tomyallen chapter 10 . 8/28
Matsumoto is real conniving...of course I expected her to end up playing match maker between those stubborn two. I wonder how it's going to play out though? It's not exactly set up to be private between them.

And what is Hisagi going to get Yuzu doing? Making articles for the paper...that would be quite the achievement for an academy student. I wonder what she'll be writing about?

Looking forward to more!
Tomyallen chapter 9 . 8/27
Oh Snap...someone just royally screwed up...bad news. I was kinda hoping their relationship would be a nice slow but smooth development. And then Toshi just had to poke it with an ice stick...whelp guess that changes things a little. Poor Karin...that hurt even more than she's showing I'm sure.

The party looked like tons of fun though! I'd love to be there in person just to watch all the antics unfold.

Great chapter with a good swing of emotions!
Tomyallen chapter 8 . 8/27
Haha of course Rangiku is skimping out on her responsibilities...its almost a shock that Toshiro didn't catch it sooner. And it seems were going to have a nice rivalry in the academy...Karin better beat him since Ichigo's given them a reputation lol.

Looking forward to this adventure...though I'm still waiting for Ichigo to just give up and accept that he's joining the Gotei.
Tomyallen chapter 7 . 8/27
Yes! She finally got the position! And even Byakuya is showing a little more emotion for his sister. Ah it seems the trouble at the academy isn't just going to be the girls obtaining their powers...I wonder who the guy is and what his issue is?

Looking forward to whats next...hoping Ichigo shows up soon.
Tomyallen chapter 6 . 8/27
Damn straight give her the rank she deserves! She's more than earned it! Ukitake will be please as will Rukia...and of course Ichigo! As for Ichigo he just needs to hurry up and accept the offer...that way he can be closer to all his family and friends (minus the crew in Karakura). Also what's Isshin going to do? I assume he'll go back to soul society but will he fill a position with the Gotei or will he continue his life and the annoying father? And yay they both got in! Of course Karin is first class...and it seems you have some serious plans for Yuzu...I wonder what will happen.

So many questions...just keeps me coming back!
Tomyallen chapter 5 . 8/27
Well that happened faster than I thought and it was the old man who made the decision. That moment between Ichigo and Byakuya was nice...not often you'd think he'd listen the Ichigo with a level of respect. (In regards to you AN...a mentor relationship would be nice but I don't think any further).

I wonder what Yuzu's powers are? I didn't think she'd be a true fighting shinigami...something more along the lines of Kido or healer expert. Something that gives her purpose outside of being a fighter. Guess we'll just have to wait and see though.

This is turning out quite nice...going to be hard to put it down for work tomorrow haha!
Tomyallen chapter 4 . 8/27
Putting Toshiro and Karin together though predictable is a preferred fact besides Toshiro and Momo I don't think there is any other widely accepted pairing out there for those two. Plus is gives the nice added bonus of having a captain who wants to support and watch out for you as you go through the afterlife. And honestly they're just cute.

I rather do hope you sort of 13th's vice captain situation...preferably by finally putting Rukia where she rightly deserves. And making Ichigo a captain of course! I wonder if you are going to fill out the other captain slot in this story? I do hope so. Looking forward to more as this is off to wonderfully paced start.
Tomyallen chapter 3 . 8/27
OH look! Kuchiki has a soul...and genuine soul that can express emotion. Ha. I get a kick out of that. Loving this so far. Everyone seems very in-character and you're writing it quite good. Looking forward to the journey to come.
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