Reviews for May and Ash's Unova Journey
AshsHarem chapter 28 . 10/13
Why did you make Skyla such a sore loser, and have Relena shut down her gym where the others couldn't get their gym badges? Also, I don't think Charles Goodshow owns the Pokemon Leagues outside of the Japan regions. I'm also convinced that keeping mega evolution secret from villains was just an excuse for why Relena didn't tell the others about it before when the real reason is because it never came up. That being said, why did the others get upset over not being told anyway?
AshsHarem chapter 27 . 9/28
How did Delia learn Lawrence's name, or of the man's existence? Ash, himself, didn't learn his name during the second movie. Why are you using Hoenn gym battle music in Unova? May, Hilda, and Pikachu have no right to punish Ash and Hilbert after their own goggling over Aurora and Mikki. As humiliating as Trip's defeat was, Umi fighting Ash's battles for him doesn't prove Ash's own superiority over Trip. I take it male Pokemon, even perverted ones like Victini, are excluded from Rhea's sexism?
AshsHarem chapter 26 . 9/15
So its illegal to fire or overwork a pregnant woman, but not to kidnap women, strip them, and force them into clothes of Jessica's choosing whether they like it or not, and they obviously don't so why do they consider getting fired by her a bad thing? Speaking of law abiding, Relena callously murdered the Shadow Triad, several Plasma grunts, and their Pokemon in cold blood, and none of the other protagonists bat an eye at it! Also, I don't know if it was intentional, cause of May's memory, or not but it was the red orb that Archie attempted to control Kyogre with.
AshsHarem chapter 25 . 9/8
I'm not sure exactly when, but I think this movie occurs much later in season 15. So those Plasma grunts Relena used Mega Gardevoir against before weren't double agents? Relena actually thought she could use Mega Evolution against the evil group AND keep it secret from them? Also, weren't Team Plasma present when Hilbert and Hilda caught the legendary dragons, or are all the protagonists suffering from bad memory? And Ivysaur never met AJ or his Sandshrew. He was caught after that episode.
AshsHarem chapter 24 . 8/24
From what I've gathered it seems that May, Ash, and Gary are having short-term memory loss; May's Pokedex is an updated Hoenn or Sinnoh Pokedex; Pikachu has extremely high standards for pretty girls that only two have met and one of them doesn't meet them anymore as of Johto; shinies and Hidden Ability Pokemon are common in your Unova while non-shinies and non-Hidden Ability Pokemon are rare; Dream Balls appear out of nowhere where Hidden Ability Pokemon are; Non Gen 5 Pokemon are just as common in your Unova as the Gen 5 ones; and the Plasma grunts Relena battled with Mega Gardevoir must be double agents. Right?
AshsHarem chapter 23 . 8/9
Now both Jessica and Relena are being cruel and evil? At the beginning of this story May said she battled with Gary against Team Galactic, and that she met him at Ash's house before going to Unova. Now she's forgotten who he is? Pikachu's STILL losing matches he ought to be winning? Serena finds out Drew's unfaithful, but as soon as he kisses her she decides to have sex with him? I am still enjoying this for the most part, but I can't help but question stuff like this.
AshsHarem chapter 22 . 8/4
If May watched the Silver Conference with Max, how did she not know Harrison was from Hoenn? Didn't the announcer say it? How are Dream Balls and Dream World Pokemon just suddenly appearing in the real world? The Deoxys in the seventh movie only used Normal, Attack, and Defense forms not Speed. And how come no one ever tries to rescue Jessica's poor victims? If that insane woman drags every girl she sees off to get a new outfit, surely someone should've called the police on her by now.
AshsHarem chapter 21 . 7/24
As unlikable as Alberto was, I don't see him as the evil or murderous type. Besides, Alice already loved Tonio before Ash ever visited Alamos Town so how is it his fault. Drew's not really the crazy obsessed type either. I assume Victini was in the audience with the guys instead of backstage with the girls for him to explain about Flygon to Ayame, and that May didn't have to pre-register her Pokemon or use the same two throughout the whole battle rounds due to the unexpected switch in the final match.
AshsHarem chapter 20 . 7/21
How does May know that Team Rocket were spying on them when the rest of them didn't? How did Relena get Wobbuffet and Mime Jr. from Team Rocket HQ? If she knows where it is, why doesn't she bring an army of Pokemon Rangers and police officers to take the organization down? I would think destroying the Dark Ball would in turn free the Pokemon rather than having to do that separately. I admittedly can't say I blame Iris for being unforgiving of all the unnecessary violence against her.
AshsHarem chapter 18 . 7/12
Lol, wouldn't Jessica have been arrested long ago if she makes a habit of dragging girls off to get new outfits against their will, especially if she freezes them? May knows Jeanette met Ash before. She heard Ash and Anna talking about her at Eindoak Town. May only had three Johto ribbons at the time of the Wallace Cup so she hadn't won it yet. She also previously told uh... Hilda I think it was that she got the "Princess of Hoenn" title from Dawn, which contradicts both what she tells Jeanette in this chapter and that Dawn said "they" call May "Princess of Hoenn". Also, where are May's Braixen and Hilda's Pikachu in the final battle? I thought it was a double battle.
AshsHarem chapter 17 . 7/6
Who was the blond girl in the Aqua uniform? Why did the girls block the guys' eyes? It's not like Ash hasn't seen an Aqua grunt before, and in case May hasn't noticed it's too late to stop Victini from becoming a pervert. She should also know that she doesn't have to worry about that happening with Ash and Manaphy. The number of shiny Pokemon they keep encountering is ridiculous, and you never mentioned what Litwik's payment was. I liked May's battle with that one grunt, but why didn't Ash and Anna help?
AshsHarem chapter 16 . 6/30
Carlita's mother's name is spelled Juanita, and the fourteenth movie takes place on the way to Nimbasa City not Castellia City. How easily Damon was thwarted was disappointing, but it was funny how they all just ignored Ghetsis when he showed up. Something I forgot to mention last chapter, wouldn't it make more sense for Kevin to have been up north in Sinnoh while his family was south in Hoenn in the Pokemon version of "Home Alone 2"? Also, the Unova Pokedex has a male voice so it shouldn't be referred to as Dextette.
AshsHarem chapter 15 . 6/28
Ritchie is spelled with a "t" and is from Kanto. Carly's name is actually Carlita, and she's never identified as Mannes' daughter. Why is Mars and the other Galactic commanders still loyal to Cyrus after he betrayed them? Once, again the Lucario from the eighth movie is dead. Why was May thinking Ash was foolish for choosing Tepig when he chose it BEFORE his opponent chose Samurott? May never knew what happened to Arbok and Weezing, and how did Relena find out and get them back? And don't some of these characters have more than six Pokemon by now?
AshsHarem chapter 14 . 6/23
Why did May say "a" Pokemon Watcher? She's met Tracey before, when she went to Pallet Town after the Hoenn League. Why did she get angry at Ash for being distracted by a Pokemon that she was distracted by too during their date? Why did Misty get angry at Victini for looking forward to Ash and May's wedding as if he had been womanizing again? A nice, romantic chapter, even though the characters are a little young to be engaged.
AshsHarem chapter 13 . 6/22
Why didn't Cobalion fall asleep when Wigglytuff used sing? They are getting too lucky with these legendaries and shinies. Misty finally got her away from her sisters! Yes, how did she do it?
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