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Logan- Murder of Crows chapter 2 . 2/27
An Iowa class battleship from WWII had a crew of 2700 men.
An Iowa would be roughly... 0.03% the size of a CCS class battlecruiser.
Logically, that means it could very easily have a crew of hundreds of thousands and still be considered "lightly crewed" by WWII standards.

...No, really. I'm serious. You've really underestimated the sheer size of the ship involved here.

But my biggest problem with the story thus far is how it reads like a power fantasy. Shepard's team has absolutely no real problems tearing their way through hordes of Covenant with only token difficulty. I found myself skimming over entire paragraphs that amounted to "and then they effortlessly killed more of the supposedly dangerous aliens" because they were so boring. That's not a good sign. I'm not sure I want to continue reading after this chapter.
The P.B.G chapter 21 . 2/23
Okay now I am worried about what happens to Kat :S

Otherwise holy hell those Krogan just would not go down, and I mean dam, what kind of mods did the blood pack give them anyway! Still I now move eagerly onto the next chapter!
The P.B.G chapter 19 . 2/23
Oh my word Tali is alive!

I never saw that coming *Cough, cough*
The P.B.G chapter 16 . 2/22

I know you prefer longer reviews, but...

What Grunt did was so awesome I am lost for words :D
The P.B.G chapter 14 . 2/21
Hmmm I feel the need to gush with this chapter especially concerning Mordin and Halsey

Okay I love the conflict between Tali and Shepard here, oh my lord is it just nice to see Shepard and his love interest to go through some conflict and her 'apparent death' is just icing on the cake (I know I spoiled it for myself there :p)

Nonetheless the major thing I wanted to look into was Halsey and Mordin and especially as to how ME tech could be used to enhance the Spartans (unless you did that already, once again story wise I am a tad behind.) While the muscle and bone weaves are given technology I am surprised you did not bring in Alliance generic enhancements, although considering how rarely talked about I can understand. In short in ME 1 it is mentioned by Exo-geni on Noveria and by the couple on the Citadel arguing over gene therapy that the Alliance uses minor gene therapy or genetic modification on its soldiers to improve muscle growth, blood clotting and other things. Its a small thing but I am just surprised it was not mentioned: however the gene mods for the Spartans may actually be more extensive, although as I understood it was more chemical and cybernetic enhancement than direct modification of their gene codes. Sorry this is largely me gushing XD

Also hearing Mordin and Halsey talk just made me think of Spartan 4's arriving sooner than expected, as lore wise the first ones were made in the last days of the War or a few months after it. And now I cannot help but think of a Spartan Shepard, but story wise I could tell that would be to OP XD
The P.B.G chapter 11 . 2/20
Okay I just want to start off and say... this is concentrated awesome!

I just do not know where to begin with why I love this story. I mean its just a perfect blend between action, narrative, Halo and Mass Effect. You certainly bucked the trend with putting it in the Halo verse as opposed to Mass Effect, and you have not only done it but done it well!

The character dynamic and portrayal while occasionally off is still a hundred times better than many stories and just seems to add even more weight.

And seeing the gradual merger of the two universes is what I love about it, it just seems so cool

There is so much I want to say to you about this, like how the Vorcha would make probably the Brutes best back up.

But I can't because everything I would want to say would fill a hundred pages of notes Xp
Guest chapter 1 . 12/28/2016
Rossi-222 is right about some things but not all marines are able beat a sangheili in close quarter fights but arbiter from halo wars under estimated all the humans he fought and the brute chieftain from odst was distracted by the others if the brute wasn't distracted he would have killed them all
god chapter 4 . 10/22/2016
good story but first of but first of the UNSC has stealth tech the existence of the prowler class is proof seconded of all SPARTANs everything about them is classified how they were made their recruitment and their procedures why is Noble six ONI's primary wetwork spartan telling some alien synthetic that is beyond me
justreidabook chapter 25 . 10/20/2016
Wow. That was a long read. I think you did really good, but you were a bit off with some characters speech patterns, mostly the chief and with Thane and Kreave at one point. I haven't read the other stories you wrote after this though, so you probably have fixed that problem by now.
justreidabook chapter 5 . 9/21/2016

justreidabook chapter 1 . 9/20/2016

Wait, whaaaa? There's three more of them? E-BOOK PARTY!
justreidabook chapter 2 . 9/20/2016
Ok, the story is awesome, but there are a lot of thing I think need to be mentioned.
1) The sangheili have hooves, not feet.
2) After a long, difficult, struggle and the help of KASUMI, EDI was able to overpower the ship's AI. Cortana also had difficulty fighting one in the books, but she defeated it too. As far as I can remember, she was unable to delete it at the time and simply kept it cornered and forced it out of the ship's systems. Cortana is the pinnacle of decades of UNSC AI research, maybe even a century. She was specifically designed to do things like that and was the most advanced AI they had. EDI is the first successful AI made by humanity in ME and not made as well as Cortana or with the experience the UNSC had, yet she defeated the AI way too easily.
3) The boarding team fought through pretty much the entire ship, from the landing bay to the bridge. They killed hundreds of covenant, yet emerged with barely a scratch. They barely took a single hit. The Master Chief did something of that only a few times, and he took lots of fire.

It just doesn't seem right.
erisol chapter 2 . 8/16/2016
like how accurate you keep this.
erisol chapter 1 . 8/15/2016
Its been a while since I found an excellent fanfic.
Rossi-222 chapter 2 . 7/18/2016
Im sorry, not really posting a review, as much as a retort to the last reviewer, I just got to.

Seriously dude, we all know elites are tough, but they're not as tough as you (and themselves) out to be. We've seen a number of times where humans, not Spartans, just bog standard people, have taken on the bigger Covies in melee and won. Sgt Forge against the friggin Arbiter, the elite's greatest champion, stands to mind and while he got thrown around and gut punched, he still won and was able to stand just fine after the fight. Alpha Nine squad from ODST did even better, with Buck jumping a brute chieftain, the strongest type of brute which are, as you implied, already stronger on average than an elite; and he stabs its throat while Mickey rushs it and Dutch finishes with a sucker punch. Guess what, they WON. Hell, Romeo even survived getting a hammer lodged by it into his chest too. And not to mention all the times, in gameplay, where you, an ODST, constantly melee your way through Covies, INCLUDING brutes, even insta-killing them from behind! And don't give give smack about what difficulty you play on, if you can still do that in the game, then it's not far fetched here.

Secondly, Shepard, no matter the class, has been given augmentations by Cerberus that allow him to fire guns that should SHATTER his arms! He can also head butt a Krogan, with a skull just as, if not more thick than an elite's and is only slightly dazed. And he falcon punches the Shadow Broker, a Yahg, a monster even larger any of the others I've mentioned that is likely even stronger in physical strength and has more teeth than the Osmund family, right in its face and makes it stumble, while Shepard Dosn't even break a sweat! Add everything he and his crew fight on top of that, such as cyber zombies, hardened Mercs, killer robots special forces agents and yeah, Shepard has shown that he can dish out and take well above his weight, more so than even badass humans like Forge and Alpha-Nine.

Thirdly, Halo's story has has always been criticised, don't pretend it hasn't. I've seen a number of reviews that Have called it "simplistic", both by hired reviewers and YouTube comments and to a degree they're sort of right. Aliens invade, there's is a McGuffin super weapon that could destroy everything and the hero must stop the baddies using while saving the Earth. Tell me those aren't tropes we haven't seen before. But for the most part, people still enjoy it, because it's built on a foundation of likeable and rememberable characters, great dialogue, interesting background info on all factions and an atmospheric, epic and at times, mysterious and tense theme that elevates it above your average game. So no, Halo's story isn't flawless, but it's still great though, as is Mass Effect's.

And finally...You're seriously so miffed over this melee business, a technical issue in the grand scheme of things, that you'd immediately stop reading and declare this trash, irrespective of the quality of anything else this story offers, like the character interactions, arcs, set peice a and over reaching narrative and themes?
Well do you know what? Fine. Go. That is just a completely petty attitude to have and I'd rather you take it elsewhere. Any wonder people call fans obsessive nerds sometimes.

I'm sorry to the Author and I'm sorry to everyone else, but I just had to answer that. I don't normally respond to comments like that anyway but some reason, I was compelled to do so here.
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