Reviews for Bringing Out the Blue
Guest chapter 4 . 8/26
Omg Zuko
Viddaric chapter 26 . 8/22
You're back! Good to see that you're still writing. Let's hope things go a bit more smoothly from here on out, and I hope you're feeling better.
jaylynnbird chapter 1 . 8/22
This story is honestly my favourite avatar fanfic the characterization is spot on and the writing is griping and exciting while maintaing good technique. I honestly really love this and am excited for the next update (no rush though) keep up being awesome!
Zuzu chapter 26 . 8/20
This was a good chapter, update soon :D
CrazyCartoonistOtaku chapter 26 . 8/20
My attention has been caught and it can't get free from this story now. I love this.
CharmedRavenclaw chapter 26 . 8/13
Yay you updated! I had been giving up this piece as abandoned! I do hope you manage to update more regularly, as much as your health problems permit you - it's a shame you LJ link went dead, I would have been curious to read it. Keep fighting on!

I went back and re-read the whole thing, which was harder than I thought it would be and I ended up staying up late night to re-read it all. But so good and addictive. This chapter was fascinating as usual but there were some jumps and skips that made it difficult to make sense of. Nevertheless, please update soon!
Ciekawa Osoba chapter 26 . 8/9
This... is simply amazing. I don't read many AtLA fics, since I last watched the series proper some 3, 4 years ago, but the way you write events out jogs my memory or re-introduces them easily. It is a pleasure to read, truly! And Zuko's gradual friendships and questioning the "ideals" he was instilled with... Ah, I just love the whole concept (and execution!:-D) of Blue. And the sensing ability you gave Aang, that could conveniently be Blue's downfall... very, very nice :3
And he even jump-started Toph's reading! And, about that-the most recent mention of writing, you used "characters." Early on, you used "kanji," I think only once, but it's a small mix-up of Chinese/Japanese culture.
The LJ link on your profile is dead-no fault of yours, rather, FFN recently killed all profile links-so I can't check up on how you are doing heath-wise, but as it has been over a month since the last chapter, and you intimated in an AN once that that was a long hiatus... I hope whatever is plaguing you releases its hold soon.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!

Ciekawa Osoba
Guest chapter 26 . 7/27
Oh my, I love this fiiiic!"
Katara, Katara, oh, trying to help, she's surely going to complicate things!
SpencerBrown chapter 26 . 7/26
Yayyyyyyy! You're still writing!
This is one of my favorite stories of Zuko and the rest of the gang. The mental/emotional gymnastics you have Zuko go through to try and reconcile the things he's been taught with his own inner sense of justice and the world he sees around him on his travels (and sees while being a part of the Avatar's group) are wonderful to read.

Then you brought in the fire healing with a beautifully paced, slow, gradual build-up.

Then there's the mystery of all things spiritual and the as-yet-unknown cost of all the dealings Zuko is having with the real Blue Spirit. You've done a great job at building a sense of foreboding through both Uncle and Aang (and now Toph), that makes me worry for him and can't wait to see where you'll take us next.

Thanks so much for taking the time to build this layered, deep world and sharing it with the rest of us. :)
Orion's Left Arm chapter 26 . 7/23
~Great story so far. I really like the way you do the Blue Spirit, and the way you describe the different organizations (White Lotus, Dai Li, Fire Nation Navy Coup, etc.) is very interesting.
yaya chapter 26 . 7/23
Just found this fic and couldn't stop reading. Zuko is such an interesting character and with so many layers in the way you write him. One of the best things about the 'kid show' Avatar was how unclear the idea of the good guys and the bad guys are, and your fic fits that so well. I really appreciate how Zuko is still loyal to the Fire Nation and he's trying to figure out what is best for his people, not just turning his back on them to side with the Avatar. I think culturally we've got a lot of rebel protagonists, who are supposed to go against everything they used to know and lots of messages about choosing for yourself and not obeying an evil organization or country. I like that sometimes, but it's sometimes a cheap way to say "of course everybody on that side is evil and bad and wrong and we're only redeeming this one guy who is turning against them". I love approaching the 'bad guys' from Zuko's perspective where he believes the best in the Fire Nation.

Mai was a great addition, again keeping what makes her Fire Nation and dangerous but seeing it from their perspective. Avatar is one of the few fandoms where I prefer gen fic instead of romance, but you have a great balance with the plot and character development through all relationships, particularly friendships, being the main focus, and Mai is interesting and important as a person herself and what she can offer to Zuko's efforts, not just as the trophy love interest. And Zuko's lovey-dovey scenes are adorable and sweet but with that hint of strength from how long they've felt this way... without dragging on too long to distract from the fic.

Great job! Zuko is of course my favorite, but his relationship with Sokka is a very fresh idea to me and I love it. I love how we see all of the characters learning more and considering other sides and actually maturing, particularly Aang that blind support wouldn't help him think critically. And Blue the firebending teacher is so much more interesting than canon Zuko's teaching, though I'm wondering if any dragons are going to get involved somewhere. Can't wait to read more!
The Richmaster chapter 26 . 7/22
This is a really well written story, I especially like the way you've shown thevarious personalities of characters interact with each other.
Also, way to cliffhang; I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 26 . 7/18
I love the interactions between Zuko and Toph, they seem like they could become good friends :)
Can't wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 21 . 7/17
love this :)
Guest chapter 20 . 7/17
I love this story. :) Zuko realy need to stop doubting himself, he's way better than he thinks he is!
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