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tinycutefauna chapter 26 . 8/31
This is a fantastic story 333
aceofhearts111 chapter 26 . 8/20
Last updated 8 years ago? And ending on a cliffhanger of epic proportions? Dude. I read this in 3 days and it is an absolutely phenomenal story and I loved every minute of reading it. :)
Selena92 chapter 26 . 5/10

I love the changes you make from canon, especially the ones with Blue being a lot more prominent and befriending the Avatar.

I also love Jee abd the crew rebelling, in Iroh and Zuko's name. They ARE doing it for a good cause, after all. A cause Zuko would understand.

Just as in canon however, Iroh's treatment of Zuko makes me low-key want to strangle the man, even though you did give better explanations than canon did. Still, despite the Spirit Fever complication and the loyalty that is obviously more than just opinions and all - it's as if the very thought of actually going against the Firelord and the war is hard for Fire Nation people, especially for Firebenders until something happens to shake up that loyalty too much - I think Iroh is doing Zuko a disservice, being all cryptic and confusing with him and allowing him to delude himself to be so loyal despite the fact that it is so very clearly HURTING HIM. Yes, that Spirit Fever is dangerous (and thank you so much for giving that illness more weight than canon ended up doing...and making it exclusive to Fire Nation, perhaps even exclusive to Firebenders?) and I get why Iroh would not risk it with Zuko and himself trapped on a raft, nor back when Zuko was still recovering from Ozai's dispicable betrayal of what a father should be... but they were on a ship for nearly three years. Iroh had the time to help Zuko see the truth about his father, even to do it in a way that would not allow possible traitors/informants to cotton on to it... He had the time to end Zuko's suffering, long before his desperation made him chase a child all around the world, going against his own nature. Zuko is headstrong and wants to believe in people to a fault, but he is NOT stupid. If Iroh had talked to him frankly, he would NEVER have chased Aang in the first place, even if it may have taken him a while to come to terms with the horrible reality that is his father being abusive and his beloved Nation being at fault and come to the conclusion that he needs to fight back. Instead, Iroh does none of those things.
And Zuko suffers for it.
(Sorry for ranting so much. You do give good explanations. It's just so frustrating, because Iroh could have stopped Zuko tearing himself apart so much if he just TALKED TO HIM).

Zuko finding his mother might actually be the deciding factor here that allows him to throw off his father's influence. That and the fact that he actually LIKES the Gaang. I really hope that with things as they are now, that Zuko WILL not join Azula.

I love Zuko being the Blue Spirit and the stuff he does! Also, his connection with the ACTUAL Blue Spirit. I am so curious how that will go. I really want the actual Blue Spirit to be an actual ally and even protector to Zuko.

I love Toph keeping Zuko's secret. It's kind of hilarious but mostly sad that Toph realizes Zuko is the great-grandson of the Avatar while Zuko doesn't.

Suki does have a reason to be angry at Zuko, although it hurts how she paints him as a monster. Not that he gave her much reason to see him in another light, but still. It HURTS. SO SO MUCH. Especially since Zuko doesn't actually want his throne back for selfish reasons, or realizes yet that the war he'd been told all his life was just (by everyone, including his Uncle) is WRONG...nor that Ozai is a monster. He's just a hurt, desperate kid, wanting to go home, deluding himself into believing that everything will be all right if he proves himself- because he has been convinced through a lifetime of abuse that he is bad and deserves to be "punished" and his inner flame's loyalty twisted so much that he betrays himself. He's lashing out and Iroh is LETTING HIM.

Making Avatar Roku out to be a traitor is brillant. I mean, I am sure that Sozin told that lie in canon too (and the whole Nation was taught it, among other lies that allowed the royal family to continue their conquest), but it wasn't quite explored. Of course that makes it even harder for Zuko to realize that the Avatar isn't the enemy.

Zuko's heat-sense and healing ability and pulling away energy is great. I really hope that this can be something that Azula fails to master. Yes, Azula is a child too and she deserves redemption (if that is possible)...but I still do not want her to succeed at learning those skills. At least not before she and Zuko have repaired their relationship, if they can (if not, she should bever unlock those skills, period). I do not want her to take even more from Zuko than she already did. His self - esteem and sense of accomplishment and pride in his abilities is battered enough.

That interaction where Zuko allows Azula to hurt him was chilling and painful to read, especially since he clearly ISN'T even remotely over all the trauma she inflicted on him because the adults in their life either failed to see it (Iroh, Ursa), to do something about it (again, Iroh and Ursa) or actively encouraged it (Ozai, Azulon). At the same time, it is amazing how Zuko CAN lie when it comes down to it and manipulate his sister right back.

Damn, that poor kid (Zuko) needs therapy and a lot of unconditional affection and love.
Azula too, but she also needs to be imprisoned.

Okay, actually, Mai and Ty Lee need lots of therapy too.

I hope you'll be able to update this soon. And I pray that Zuko will find his way sooner than he did in canon (although that actually was remarkably FAST, considering the manipulation, abuse, conditioning and lackluster "attempts" to help by Uncle Iroh)- no "Father wants me home" delusion that makes him align himself with Azula in a critical moment this time. Make that Spirit Fever shifting of loyalties COUNT.

Sorry for the long winded review...hope it was at least understandable.

Blue chapter 1 . 3/31
You are amazing don't stop writing I am making a fanficshon of your fanficshon
just call me lee chapter 26 . 3/28
I am sad you stoped updating :( you are a amazing author I am shure you completly forgot about this fic but not me love you and your work
whoopwhoop chapter 26 . 7/26/2022
How unfortunate that I didn't think to check if this was finished or not, now I'm all invested and shit. How cruel to recommend a dead fic like it's complete. Very excellent writing and characterization.
Cococauldroncakes chapter 26 . 3/29/2022
I need more of this story
Cococauldroncakes chapter 25 . 3/29/2022
I love this story so much
Cococauldroncakes chapter 24 . 3/29/2022
Jet can’t stay out of trouble, can he?
Cococauldroncakes chapter 23 . 3/29/2022
I need to punch Ozai
Cococauldroncakes chapter 22 . 3/29/2022
Cococauldroncakes chapter 21 . 3/29/2022
I am so happy Blue is back
Cococauldroncakes chapter 20 . 3/29/2022
I am so angry that Azula took Zuko’s dagger
Cococauldroncakes chapter 18 . 3/29/2022
This made me tear up
Cococauldroncakes chapter 17 . 3/29/2022
I loved reading Toph’a POV
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