Reviews for Bringing Out the Blue
Guest chapter 26 . 6/19
i spent way too long reading this and i love it dearly oh man
This AU is so great on so many levels
The secret identity hininks are killing me and the different narrative threads that are just ever so slightly canon divergent are so great
i love this so much thank you for writing it
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18
oh man i just stumbled across this and I LOVE IT
thank you so much
lauren.kennedy.794 chapter 26 . 6/17
don't cut me off like this!
hpark7310 chapter 26 . 6/8
god i reread this over the course of a couple of days and can i just say this remains my favorite atla fanfiction after a whole ass year ? what a legend.
Shavaineth chapter 26 . 5/16
I adore the characterizations and the interactions with poor Zhukov trying to figure out what he's doing. Really hoping you will be coming back to this soon. I would love to see how things play out when Zhukov finally does get caught out e rest of the group.
Luna Eevee chapter 26 . 4/25
I really like your story! Please continue.! I hope that you're all right. Please don't leave this story unfinished.!
Chiming chapter 26 . 4/13
I love this.
Like. I feel like everything about it is really realistic, and the way you explain characters' reasoning and thoughts is top-notch.
I feel like their thoughts are also very plausible, even if we don't know exactly what's happening in each character's head in the show.
I loved reading this. Thank you.
Oyyo chapter 26 . 3/18
This is one of the most interesting and compelling stories I've ever read, and your characterization is amazing. I'm aware it's now a few years old, and as sad as it is that you are not likely to finish it - for very understandable health reasons - I'm glad to have read this anyway. It's so hard to point to one thing as my favorite aspect, because you manage to work with every character and relationship so well. Personally, I like Iroh becoming tougher on Zuko earlier (in some ways, anyway) and Zuko's interactions with Sokka. You do an excellent job of portraying Zuko's complete denial, struggles, and cherry-picking events to spin the truths he wants out of them, but the slow change is excellent.

I know when people comment on my old, unfinished fic, I generally feel sadly nostalgic, because I will never be able to give them what they want, in terms of finishing old (and poorly written, being 12 or so at the time) stories. I hope you don't feel like that, because this is a masterpiece. Thank you for this experience.
Sage chapter 26 . 2/28
Oh my god i love this story so much. I think it is really impressive how well you got into the heads of the characters and i admire your characterizations of them. Its so interesting how you incorporated stuff that happened but also added in new improv things that changed the whole story whether it was in a subtle way or not. The way you put in the different characters beliefs and visions of the fire nation and those opposing it was really awesome too because it was realistic and true and so accurate that i wanted to cry. Please continue this story, i love it so much! All i was expecting was to get zuko as blue spirit with the gang for a bit because i love those kinds of fanfics, but this is so much better and I was really excited to read all this up until now. I really hope you can update soon because i'll keep an eye on this story. Thank you so much and i love this with all my heart! Please update as soon as you can and have a great day!
actresspdx chapter 26 . 2/24
every so often I reread this story. I quite like imagining all the ways it could have gone.
Guest chapter 26 . 2/9
Amazing Story. I loved it.
Transformers 0 chapter 26 . 1/31
Okay, I've read all of this fic in the past 3 days, and I wanna give an honest, and hopefully helpful critique.

If you ever continue this story, you have to stop making Zuko so idiotically delusional.
Lunatique, gerro, and annoni-no point out the fact that Zuko's blind patriotism of Fire Nation imperialism has been stretched way too long to be believable now - especially with so much evidence already up in the air of how much the Fire Nation is damaging - and has damaged - the other nations with the war.
Not to mention his loyalty to Ozai and Azula has gone beyond what was actually portrayed in canon. The other above-mentioned users have, at some point, brought up the fact that one of Zuko's mottos is that "Azula always lies", and the fact that lots of people from other cultures are already viewing his father's "punishment" of him as despicable should be giving him warning signs about his family and nation - warning signs that are taking FAR too long in the story to settle in.

Also, yeah, the critics were nice to you because your writing is detailed and stylish, that they didn't point out similarities with another story. But I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.
Zuko, and by extension, Mai, are way too much of Mary Sues in their characterization about Fire Nation nationalism that this story is starting to look like a remake of the Embers.
A refined remake, yes, but only a slightly better one.
Embers was not that good in the first place.

The slaughter of an INVADING Fire Nation army who intended to KILL all of the Northern Water tribe inhabitants is FAR more justified than the genocide of the Air Nomads ever will be.
I don't know why it's hard for the Gaang to hit Zuko (and Mai) over the head with that blatant truth.
And Zuko (and Mai) lose a huge amount of sympathy points every time they go yet another chapter believing that ultimately their nation can do no wrong.

Those are the biggest flaws of your story.
Now here are some minor ones which do bug me, but not quite as much.

Yeah, in canon, he could afford to be more mysterious and humorously cryptic because he had more interaction with Zuko.
Here in this AU story, he is just sitting off to the sides when things really hit the pot (and in recent chapters, things have hit the pot) and frankly, he has been weak in his attempts to steer Zuko away from Ozai's line of thinking.
And worse, this time he has no excuse.
Lunatique again pointed out earlier how Iroh got sarcastic and annoyed with the Gaang for striking up a conversation about how they might end the war with the Fire Nation and restore peace.
INSTEAD, Iroh would utilize this opportunity to make allies with them even faster and to try and reconcile Zuko and the Gaang. But your Iroh didn't, and he certainly didn't give the Gaang a good reason for refusing to help them anymore when they parted ways other than "Zuko needs to find his own destiny". Yeah, and what about the destiny of the world, Iroh?

Oh, and Toph.
Yeah, this was a flaw with the original canon when the writers often made her overpowered and she'd more often than not end up being in the right in arguments with her friends.
But seriously, the love and the sucking up to Toph - both in canon and in your story - has to stop.
Toph was a spoiled brat in "The Chase" who was lazy with teamwork and rubbing that in Katara's face - Katara had every right to snap at Toph in that episode. It speaks volumes of how much Katara is the better person when she just forgave and forgot Toph's actions.
And she's also overpowered with that "lie detector" ability, yet she doesn't feel the need to warn the rest of the Gaang here that Zuko is deceiving them.
Oh yeah, Toph, go easy on Zuko and Iroh while being rude and brash to the rest of your teammates.
I'll never understand what made Toph so endearing in the first place.
Either Toph stops being such an arrogant prick or at least have Sokka, Katara or Aang knock her down a peg or two (especially when they find out she's been keeping Zuko's secret identity from them - I mean SERIOUSLY, she's part of a TEAM, NOT a one-girl-show) in a later chapter should you ever continue.

That's all my concerns. Please do try to heed them, or at the very least some of the points from the previous authors I mentioned. Most of my critiques from the story are their critiques. I'm just stating my frustration with how the story keeps falling into the same potholes.

I mean, the real pity here is that the story started out with an interesting and original concept and had me hooked from the beginning... But now it's turned into a copycat of canon, with the only difference being that Zuko gets acquainted a bit earlier with the Gaang (and is far, FAR too self-righteous when compared to his canon self to gather much sympathy in the first place).

Honestly, the story could be flowing much faster if ANY of these things happened:
a) Zuko starts realizing that his nation has done some serious crimes against humanity.
b) The Gaang whacks Zuko with the fact that the Northern Water Tribe would have been slaughtered by the Fire Nation if not for Aang, and that being part of an invading force DOES allow for your execution by an opponent defending their own home.
c) Zuko starts realizing that his nation has done some serious crimes against humanity.
d) Iroh stops lazing around and tries to make allies with the Gaang instead of patronizing them.
e) Zuko starts realizing that his nation has done some serious crimes against humanity.
f) Iroh tries to make it blatantly clear to Zuko that Ozai and Azula have no problem with abusing him.

One more thing relevant for you:
The sudden insertion of profanity in recent chapters as of late is more of a hindrance to your storytelling, rather than an asset. The show's writers didn't have to resort to curse words to tell a good story.

This last part is for my fellow readers, so you can ignore this if you want to.

Okay, some of you are on the "Hate Katara" bandwagon.

Have any of you ever realized that hey, Toph can be such an asshole to her?

Have any of you ever realized that Sokka, Toph and Aang can be quite the handful bunch for her?

Have any of you ever realized that Zuko (before becoming truly good) had no problems appealing to her good side and then betraying her trust soon after?
Not to mention that a lot of Zuko's betrayals often result in her and her friends' lives put in danger, and on one special occasion, even resulted in the (temporary) death of the boy she loved?

Given how much Katara willingly becomes an emotional punching bag and a confiding ear for others to vent their problems on, isn't it fair to give her some understanding when she finally snaps?

Is she not allowed to get angry about the fact that some of her friends and allies have really let her down?

Just consider all of that before jumping back on the "Hate Katara" bandwagon, guys.
beekeeperofeden chapter 26 . 1/15
I am emotionally compromised by this story.

I'm revisiting some of my old favorite ATLA fics, and I've reread this one twice now. It's delightful and fantastic and I am having Emotions.

I hope everything is going well for you (you've mentioned medical issues in your author's notes). I also hope you will return someday to save us from this excruciating cliffhanger.
Eyebulb chapter 26 . 1/13
Dang it. I need to stop growing attached to unfinished work. Man, I love this story. The way you portray the characters are so on point and it's wonderful. I love the fact that Toph knows who it is now, I was looking forward to them meeting because I was so curious to see how you would write that. Because I thought the possibility of her recognising him were pretty high. I love the way you handeled it. I've always enjoyed the "Toph knows everything" trope x).

Also love the budding friendship between Zuko and Sokka. I've always thought of their relationship as underdeveloped but with high potential in the show. The boiling rock episodes are two of my absolute favourite episodes. I just think they could be very close and I love that Zuko has taken a liking to him specifically.

Also good job on Maiko too, I really enjoy how you write their relationship. Mai being like a little spy and them having secret codes and everything, just adorable.

And of course Katara would accidentally fuck it all up x) man, I don't know if you've given up on this story or not, but I really hope you haven't. It's absolutely fantastic!
Honor in the Ash chapter 26 . 1/10

Thank you such an amazing fic.

It was the only thing I could focus on the past few days.

I really hope that one day you decide to continue.

The final identity reveal is something I'm especially curious about.

Till then, thanks for everything!
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