Reviews for The Meaning of My Life
Brighid45 chapter 155 . 4/21
House has his spies working hard! But then we knew he would. Good information coming in from Petey and also Bev, and not just about the fruit company-House wants the black-and-white party to go well too. Great chapter! It's fun to see House at work both literally and with his information network too.
linda12344 chapter 155 . 4/19
Very good
Brighid45 chapter 154 . 4/14
Sounds like both House and Jess have a better idea of what's going on with Bertoli confirming some of their ideas . . . and now of course, House has to test his theory with a plan that might just get him in hot water! Can't wait to see how things turn out :) Great chapter!
linda12344 chapter 154 . 4/13
Brighid45 chapter 153 . 4/7
The news about Jess' father is bad, but not really a surprise, as House points out. Still, it's tough for Jess to deal with-the man is her dad after all. And there's a connection between the Locarnos and Molino-another piece of the puzzle.

I think Tina's comment about the mystery story is spot on! And yes, it is fun :)
linda12344 chapter 153 . 4/6
linda12344 chapter 152 . 3/30
Very good
Brighid45 chapter 152 . 3/30
A black and white party at the Black Keys-perfect. Marisa will love it!

The catered party with the French food sounds delicious, it certainly made me hungry! Jess is sure to get more clientele after this outing.

House might not know how to refer to Jess, but he's definitely in love if he even likes her giggle.

And the chapter ends with a cliffhanger with Bev coming in to deliver some news, that will be interesting! Can't wait to find out what's up.
Brighid45 chapter 151 . 3/23
Two potential spies . . . that's a good plan even if it did happen by chance to some extent. That should get some information back to House about where Morgan is or at least what happened to him, and why Molino has it in for the Locarnos. Also, he's generating some clients for Jess' business-win/win all around! I enjoyed this chapter Mum, looking forward to more :)
Brighid45 chapter 150 . 3/18
I must admit it's been tough to keep track of who's who in this story (though I've enjoyed puzzling it out!) and having House give us a little summation helps quite a bit. It does all boil down to the Locarnos connection to Molino. I love House's not-quite argument with Jess-he really does care about her or he wouldn't have pulled back from pushing his point. I also enjoyed the two of them working together, and the call to Jess's dad with Beverly Windermaker showing up. Great chapter as always Mum :)
lin12344 chapter 150 . 3/15
Brighid45 chapter 149 . 3/15
Too bad Marcello and Bev messed up House's plan to have him fall for Cuddy! But you can't stop love ;)

House should listen to Jess's intuition about Bev. If she is holding something back it would be better to hold off on trusting her completely.

I love the mental image of House sitting on the toidy working things out.
lin12344 chapter 149 . 3/9
Very good
Brighid45 chapter 148 . 3/2
I loved House's moment of shock when Jess told him she didn't know what she'd do without him. He's always so unaware of his true worth. That's a typical suggestion of his, to eat all the ice cream in the freezer to make room for the catering service food!

So Jess knows Beverly . . . that should prove to be an interesting connection!
linda12344 chapter 148 . 3/1
More people getting connected in House mine and he will figure everything out.
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