Reviews for Scarface One
wisegirl502 chapter 15 . 5/25/2013
Aww Lara and Wolfgang, I like the pairing :) Can't wait for the next chapter!
wisegirl502 chapter 13 . 9/23/2012
Fantastic chapter as usual!
yellow 14 chapter 13 . 9/23/2012
You're, not your, but that aside, a very decent piece. Sorry this is late, keep updating
laZardo chapter 9 . 8/12/2012
Ha ha, nice to see that Günther still remembers Annette even though she figures he's already dead. XD I'm also liking how your style is developing in the later chapters, though I still recommend for newer readers that you could break up the chapters you imported from this fic's previous incarnation.

Keep up the good work.
wisegirl502 chapter 9 . 8/8/2012
Lovely chapter! I thought it was really sweet that Lara adopted Gunther :) and I loved the last line
Daisuke Tokayuma chapter 8 . 7/19/2012
Not bad I can't wait to read more. You bring out small details that could not be in the game, yet fit in with the whole storylinr.
wisegirl502 chapter 8 . 7/17/2012
Sorry it took so long to review! Loved the chapter! It's my favorite so far :)
yellow 14 chapter 8 . 7/16/2012
Sorry this one's late, I meant to write it sooner. Anyway, onto the story. So I'm gathering that the SS became the 'Grey Men' Pops talks about then I presume? David needs to chill;D Very good, keep updating
yellow 14 chapter 7 . 7/8/2012
So I'm west of Yuktobonia? Fascinating. It's a good piece of character interaction, keep updating
wisegirl502 chapter 7 . 7/4/2012
Loved the chapter! I like the relationship between Wolfgang and Lara
RU771AN chapter 6 . 2/9/2012
I liked this,good dialouge and a O.C character that isnt overhyped.
yellow 14 chapter 6 . 1/24/2012
Good to see you back. A decent chapter, although bits of the dialogue felt a bit stilted. I thought it was pretty good though. No flames? But I've just turned on this barbaque to do just that;D Joking aside, I don't see why someone would flame this
wisegirl502 chapter 6 . 1/23/2012
Love the story I'm curious to know who John is
wisegirl502 chapter 5 . 1/5/2012
Great chapter :) I like Tanya and I like how Wolfgang said:"Für jetzt junge. Sie brauchen nicht zu wissen." [For now young one, you don't need to know.] I loved that part!
yellow 14 chapter 5 . 12/22/2011
Silly question, but wouldn't his daughter be able to speak Belkan? (I'm assuming that she grew up with him talking to her in both languages.) I'm intrigued, keep updating.
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