Reviews for Gails and Reginas Adventure
dark nightmere chapter 3 . 9/10/2014
I think that professor Kirk should be furious that Regina has been sent after him as he watches from the underground power rooms knowing that on dark island there are no T-Rex's to get rid of Regina but the power here should help him to create more powerful weapons and hopefully more dinosaurs to get rid of the third power team. I think that Regina should continue to get for clues finely finding some discs to lead her deeper into the complex as she hunts for kick knowing that she lost a two partners on her last mission will weigh heavily on her shoulders as David and Dylan both died fighting well Dylan was killed trying to save his daughter but still she hopes this mission can help her to built a perfect gate to save him. I think that Gail should find one of the docs Journals expressing his interest to recreate dinosaurs as he studies it a Raptor will begin to sneak up on him but Regina will shoot it down as she looks at the book which states how to create a perfect gate but it will require more third power energy cells and Kirks knowledge of dinosaurs to create it. I think that Rick should finely find professor Kirk in the lowest levels of the faculty as he contacts Gail and Regina who will set off for the lowest level to retrieve Kirk who will be protected by a Spine sours and other dinosaurs but they will shoot there way through them as they aim to retrieve the doc and get off this island. I think that Kirk should realise the team is getting to close and he cannot let them retrieve the data to create a perfect gate as he knows that Regina will use it to recue Dylan fortunately for him the star ship Ozymandias is almost complete and he can use it to escape as that ship will be his perfect escape route but Regina won't let him escape. I think that Regina and Gail should learn of the starship Ozymandias a massive spaceship that is been constructed by the third power team to travel to other plants and that Kirk is the lead developer for the project as Gail demands to know what he is up to Kirk will just smile stating that very soon it will be lunched and then his work will be a success as he laughs wickedly as they drag him away unknown to them the spaceship is very nearly complete.
charland77 chapter 1 . 5/27/2011
i love this story