Reviews for Harry Potter and the Eyes of the Serpent
L H Barbie chapter 32 . 10/11
Have read your story this far. Do hope you are still around and writing, however after 5 years you have probably have stopped writing fan fiction or life got too much. Wishing you the best and thanks for the lovely 32 chapters.
Dragonman109 chapter 32 . 10/10
I hope you can please update soon.
Gabrielle Delecour-Potter chapter 3 . 10/7
Hey don't diss Delain. Awesome Band and amazing songs
Coldbael chapter 7 . 9/29
Cheeky little Squid, aren't you. Hahaha
overlord of hell 2012 chapter 32 . 9/12
Really enjoyed your story and look forward to reading more
AndrewWolfe chapter 8 . 9/2
'Canker Mechanics' is what the RAMC (used to, not sure if it's current) get called throughout the British Army. Also 'scab lifters'. However, since Dr. Granger has gone on to qualify as a dentist in civvy street, he's now a 'Fang Farrier'. Although those are kind of old-fashioned, I know my granddad used to use terms like that, but we're talking WW2-era
Inuyashawn33087 chapter 12 . 8/26
Love the "She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," lol. Definitely got a chuckle or twenty from me. Love the story. Does Hermione get the Parseltongue ability as a result of the betrothal? It's been hinted at, by other authors, that said ability provides a satisfying experience in the oral portion of sexual "deviance." Hope there's a sequel coming if this book doesn't finish the whole story.
jamie.huntington1 chapter 1 . 8/12
hope you get time to up date story if is really good
swayrabbit chapter 32 . 8/7
Please please continue this
Leytradvorstrelundar chapter 32 . 8/6
Is this story dead? I assume so as it has been many years. Shame, it's a good read.
KinkyJAC chapter 32 . 7/19
Well that was shockingly brutal if a little rushed I hope you pick this story back up in the future.
lilaknight1st chapter 6 . 7/13
man I wish a drop of blood on MY debit brought it back to me!
Wayne Clark chapter 32 . 7/3
I do hope you can give use more of your story soon. 7/3/17
theRavenclawheir chapter 32 . 6/28
Guest chapter 6 . 6/20
Good good good
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