Reviews for Contractual Immortality
pippa-pie chapter 1 . 4/15/2011
This is a startling look into how hard 'life' for a Dark Signer (especially Carly) can be...your use of imagery in the suicide attempts are vivid. I thought it was interesting, the bit with Aslla Piscu's flashback, because no one I know really thinks of the Earthbound Immortals as characters.

If this was canon, it'd be very understandable why Carly doesn't remember anything from her DS days, because of the trauma. Of course, she has gone through enough trauma with just her two 'deaths'...but again, this makes the Dark Signers even darker.

I liked how in the beginning Carly thought jumping from the tower would be a 'full circle', how Misty made sure to keep sharp things away from her, and how Aslla Piscu remarked sumlight hurts Carly. Couldn't find any noticeable errors; Another interesting story on your part As always, keep it up!