Reviews for In This Light and On This Evening
Lisa G chapter 1 . 9/22
Nice. I hope there will be more eventually.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/15
OSuzanne chapter 1 . 4/25/2013
I like how the fleeting moment becomes something that mostly, but never quite entirely fades away. It's there, underneath they way they interact, and it's lovely and sad, and I really love things that are quiet, lovely, and sad like this.

The way Lassiter takes the out she gives him is so perfectly in character. I can so clearly picture him fumbling the entire conversation like that.

"She catches him looking at her sometimes, when they're supposed to be keeping their heads down and finishing up their paperwork, but she can't recall why a part of her thinks that's significant.

She brushes it aside, keeps her head up, and carries on."
This is one of my favorite parts of this story. Lovely job.
PatchworkDK chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
I'm not sure "Dude, canon" is an appropriate review to leave, but it's exactly what I thought at the end of this. For a smart girl, O'Hara can be pretty dumb. :/
Loafer chapter 1 . 3/25/2012
I thought I'd found all the Lassiet and near-Lassiet out there and I already was madly in love with your story The Year Under so I don't know HOW I MISSED THIS... but... can you tell I liked it? It feels right. They feel right. Even now, even though I do like Marlowe, Carlton & Juliet just feel right.
silverluna chapter 1 . 4/22/2011
I love that you've put this in the present tense; the urgency is different, and I am made to feel like I am right there almost 3 years ago just after the 1st Yang finale. And I love the opener so much: "It happens sometime after the incident with Yang." The writing style is simple, to the point, but very well done. Everything is coming off quick and what we need to know is already laid out for us, yet there's still that "what if" there in between Juliet and Lassiter—like in the part where Juliet almost tells Lassiter what happened between her and Shawn. Because . . . it's sometimes about what *isn't* said—and you have put it out there (right beneath) what is being said. That's genius. That's awesome.

I really feel for Juliet here, and it's a twist that she cares less about Shawn and Abby as a couple and *more* that she must have looked like a terrible fool.

This is classic:

"Lassiter notices that something is off with her, but gets it totally wrong."

Lassiter, for being a good detective, still is often narrow minded when it comes to reading other people. But then again, he's working off of one major failed relationship, so it's quite possible he's "blinded" to matters of the heart. I like that he assumes her emotions are job-related. That really is so like him.

I really loved this:

"Something behind his eyes catches her then. Lassiter, she reminds herself, is not stupid. Lassiter, she thinks, is Santa Barbara's head detective and he makes a career out of noticing things other people don't. And Lassiter spends more time with her these days than anyone else (that's pretty lame, isn't it? Your partner at work sees you more than your friends, your family, your – anyone else), and he knows how she gets when she's spooked about a crook.

She feels his hand on her shoulder, and he squeezes. She isn't going to bring it up, and she knows that he sure as hell isn't, either. But the gesture's enough."

She knows he knows something, has known something, but in his classic fashion has disguised it as something else (his defense mechanism?). I love that last sentence too, "but the gesture's enough." It speaks volumes—for how much Lassiter really does *care* about her, and for how much Juliet *appreciates* it. And in classic fashion, because they've been partners for so long neither need to verbally acknowledge the gesture.

*sniffle* I love their little hug (and the body language). That rocks!

You did it so subtlely and perfectly I almost didn't notice it—the insistence that Juliet had of Lassiter buying her a drink. Sure, it was easy enough to assume that it was "just a partner/work thing" but here, post-tipsy-hug, it's suddenly clear that Lassiter ... *wanted* to do it. Because otherwise, why would he be drinking right along with her, why would he . . . ;)

Guhhhh. Adorable. "It seems like the most natural thing that they make that walk hand in hand, or that he wraps his arms protectively around her when she stumbles, and pulls her against him." I can really picture them as a couple (at least in fic-land).

OMG, I LOVE THIS: "He squeezes back, because at the end of the day, he knows she's no broken bird." This feels, to me, like the center point for the entire story—that "what is said and what is just beneath it, unsaid, perfect and sharp and to the point." Perfect. :)

My heart jumped into my throat when they started making out! So lovely, "they're cautious at first, mapping each other out through lips and breath."

Yes, I would like to know just who Lassiter is trying to convince too. XD

AWWWWWWWW. "She tries to focus properly on him, but he's all business again; the openness of the night has gone. But there's still something there, something she can't put her finger on, that makes her remember...

Does Lassiter -?" The ending here is so bittersweet I felt like crying. Still, I feel like there might be hope yet. ;)

Thank you so much for this spectacular, beautiful, wonderful piece! I can't wait to read it again! :D
Gwynevere1 chapter 1 . 4/18/2011
I like the ambiguity of the ending.