Reviews for The War Of Light And Shadow
Sky-Girl1999 chapter 83 . 7/5
Wow. I just finished the story and I'm crying because of the ending. It was really good and all the questions were solved, so I love it.
I'm sad about Legolas' fate and I couldn't believe when it happened. It's a really good story and even though it's so long it was never boring.
So thank you for this great story and all the characters you wrote about!
MH Cynogriffon chapter 1 . 2/6
So, just wanted you to know that this was the first ever fanfiction I read almost 4 years ago. I'm revisiting it because it is still to this day the best LotR fic I have ever read even though I've spent 4 years binge reading all the fics i can. Your portrayal of Legolas is beautiful and the background is so vivid. I can't even explain just how much I love this fic. I hope you keep writing gorgeous art like this.
Elwaith chapter 49 . 10/10/2015
I love the fact that you included defectors from Sauron's forces into your story!
Sarifina Filth chapter 83 . 10/1/2015
First off, I'd like to say that I thought this story was fantastic. It was incredibly satisfying to watch the complaining boy saved from the Orcs overcome all struggles and grow into a king. The loss of Legolas was a hard one to bear indeed - it was difficult to force myself to continue after that point - but it was also incredibly and obviously necessary. Legolas was Aragorn's crutch for the longest time, and though Legolas was finally managing to stand Aragorn up on his own, in the end the loss was what he needed to fully take on the role.

I respect the startling liberties you took in this. I found the change in all characters to be interesting, particularly those of Legolas, Elrond, and Faramir.

I truly enjoy how you made the new Legolas decidedly uncharming. He was not always a 'good' character. He was a somehow wretched soul and the choices he made were sometimes dark and cruel. He was an idealist in his belief in Aragorn, in Hope, but a realist in what dark, nearly immoral methods would be necessary to win. The end justified the means. It was nearly painful to watch at times.

Equally painful were his relationships. Very much unlike the Legolas we know and love, Legolas was in no way bright in nature or charismatic. The way he rubbed off on people was unpleasant, and at times even I was prickled by his words. Yet his faith in Aragorn was inspiring. Though sometimes it felt like Legolas cared more for his grand dreams of peace than for Aragorn himself (this would be perfectly understandable if true), and I'm honestly surprised that this was never really brought up. Still, his loyalty was undeniable. Everything he did, all of his isolation seemed to be for the good of the future king, and it made Legolas a pitiable character indeed.

I found his death also somewhat pitiable. Legolas had pushed so many away that, in fact, not many felt the loss as Aragorn and the audience had. It was a purposefully cruel move on your part. Even Gimli's would-be sad reaction was overshadowed by the death of his father, despite the two's new-found comradery (which I'll admit, I was VERY glad to see included). In the end, Legolas lived and died appreciated only by the few.

How wonderful it would have been, to have Legolas live to see the Earth thrive again! It is a tragedy that the only beings who will fully appreciate the return of nature, the Elves, are presumably gone. Admittedly, when Legolas met with the great horses of Rohan, I was expecting and was sightly disappointed by the lack of some reference to the strange bonds between horse and elf. Sometimes it felt you really downplayed Legolas' Elvish traits.

Which brings me to my main peeve: Elves sleep with their eyes open.
I'm sure you've heard this pointed out before, but it truly rankled me to no end every time you mentioned Legolas opening his eyes upon waking. I could think of no possible excuse why the destruction and sad fate of Middle Earth would change Elven sleep. I also feel your portrayal of Elven dreams also differed very slightly- near unnoticably, and that took me a second to adjust to as well.

And on the concept of Elves, with the inability to cross the sea, I would have loved to hear more about the fate of those unfortunate Firstborn struck with the sea-longing. Does the sea-longing still effect the them in this time? Did they fade from the agony of their inability to answer the call? Or did most just bear the burden and try and continue on with their lives?

It's an interesting choice that you never had Aragorn pick up his trademark art of healing- The Hands of a King are the Hand of a Healer, after all - not even after their arrival to the Ranger camp. And it's also interesting that Aragorn and Eowyn ended up together. While it is true that Arwen is dead in this universe, Faramir yet lives (though he has lost much of what made him so likable). I noticed that you still gave Aragorn's son the distinctly Elven name of Eldarion, Quenya for "Son of the Eldar" despite him no longer being the son of the Evenstar (though it is indeed true that Aragorn has a very slight line of elvish blood in his veins, he was raised by an Elf but not in Elven ways, never having been taught even basic Sindarin by his guardian- only 'Ada' and 'Estel'). I'd also like to point out that you had Legolas explain the meaning of 'Estel' twice to Aragorn.

Though I'm not sure if this was on purpose or not, at a few places I couldn't tell if you were trying to be contradictory or if you simply forgot what you wrote before. A prime example of this being poor Legolas's ignored deathbed words.
"Do not seek revenge for this unfortunate act against me"
Then, in a later chapter, "Of course the Elf would want his death avenged."

Overall, I found this to be well-written and well-worth my time to read. I look forward to reading your future works!

Happy Writings!
Calista chapter 83 . 9/14/2015

Your story is truly one of my favorites due to exceptional character development, a decent plot, and well-structured OCs. If there is room for improvement, I would say there is some fluff, but not enough to be really critical about. My personal term of fluff means that there are scenes/sentences that the author could do without or say in a much simpler way. I also feel you could have spent a little more time on a few of your OCs; however, they were still all well-structured, your imagery is fantastic, and your character development of Aragorn and Legolas is wonderful. Truly one of the best on here and deserving of several thousand more reviews.
DalekQueen7 chapter 1 . 7/30/2015
Well, this is depressing... *sniffle*

Can't wait to see how it resolves. :) Great job creating atmosphere and suspense.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/24/2015
seriously? why are Legolas and haldir constantly portrayed as buddies? its incredibly annoying! they don't have to hate each other, but SERIOUSLY, they can be strangers! come on people!
Guest chapter 10 . 5/24/2015
uhhh... ithought the beginning said lothlorien had been destroyed. does not exist. Galadriel is another roamer, like Legolas. lothlorien doesn't look much different from mirkwood. but whatever. little about this story makes sense. i like this portrayal of the elf.
Guest chapter 9 . 5/23/2015
that elf is in a huge mess eight now.
Celeblas of Mirkwood chapter 83 . 5/8/2015
I love the story I cried again when I reread when Legolas had passed away. My tears fell for at least five chapters continuously. I think that you are a truly talented writer as you have changed my whole world and life with you story Freddie. I still wish that Legolas had not died but I suppose you as the writer can only decide that. I would easily call this not just a fan-fiction but a story and a book. This truly is the best fan-fiction the world has seen. My hope right now is that you could start from the point where Aragorn finds Legolas injured but have Legolas survive, and have a different ending to this book. This story truly has touched my heart and I thank you for this Freddie. This is a great feat. Thank you again
Rowan Gail chapter 83 . 5/7/2015
I cried when Legolas died I cried when the end came I cried for Aragorn. I don't know if I can sleep tonight. Thanks for the story so much
Gwenneth chapter 83 . 12/22/2014
Well, it's official. You broke my brain. I read this story during every free moment I had for the last three days and I enjoyed pretty much every minute of it. I was utterly shocked by Legolas' fate, and for the next two chapters was sure it was a misunderstanding or there would be a surprise in store. But ... as much as I hate to accept it ... it was fitting! Seriously, I was sitting here for a minute at the end and just thinking ... wow. It has been a wonderful journey and I thank you for sharing your imagination with us!
Guest chapter 76 . 12/7/2014
The death of Legolas hit me hard. I cried my eyes out red. It was so very realistic; no miraculous recovery, no last-minute salvation only painfully realistic battle injury and consequent end. The description of Legolas' fall was so painful. I still can't believe that he died. Somehow I thought he would survive or at least die at the final confrontation with Sauron. Even Aragorn's first nighare coming true would not have been as hard as this one. I cried and cried. It broke my heart. I just can't believe after all this time you would finish him off. It was so cruel and realstic. I guess somehow this was how things had to go but it still breaks my heart. All the pain and grief Legolas carried for years since the fall of his people and he had to die even before he saw Aragorn's coronation.. I think I would be always sad with Legolas' death.
Bob chapter 83 . 12/6/2014
Tolkien be praised
teresa chapter 4 . 9/24/2014
This story is amazingly well written.I love it.
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