Reviews for Kingdom Hearts re:Legacy Final Mix
XSDStitch chapter 73 . 4/6
Short but nice battle
PokeRus chapter 72 . 3/28
yeah PotC needs its own chapter cuz its awesome!
XSDStitch chapter 72 . 3/28
Guess Raien first throught that Jack always wanted to kiss himself XD

But somehow he always has the ability to get into the worst possibel situation on given world...
Rom12.2-2Cor4.6 chapter 72 . 3/27
Gosh... Jack Sparrow, never gets old.
XSDStitch chapter 71 . 3/12
well... the plans are very well busted on the hindsight
Rom12.2-2Cor4.6 chapter 71 . 3/11
Holy cow! are you going to write a chapter that tells the exact story of what happened to Kiro 5 years before? PLEASE SAY YES!
Rom12.2-2Cor4.6 chapter 70 . 3/10
I liked this... the part when N said that Takeshi and Kiro might have to battle one another made me freak out a bit because I know they do.
XSDStitch chapter 70 . 3/8
Interesting! :)
XSDStitch chapter 69 . 2/9
How many wars have been around?"
Rom12.2-2Cor4.6 chapter 69 . 2/8
Oh man... Sora's probably furious right now!
PokeRus chapter 68 . 2/7
I love me some Goofy.
XSDStitch chapter 68 . 2/7
I fear I don't understand why raien freaked out as he learned about Goofys role and that Kings still exist
CatLoverx33 chapter 53 . 1/27
I love this SO MUCH!
XSDStitch chapter 67 . 1/26
I still wonder why Iago thought Aladdin and Jasmin were off for a treasure. They nevers started one of their own. It were always by greater circumstances or Iagos meddling
PokeRus chapter 67 . 1/25
Aladdin was a favorite movie of mine
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