Reviews for The Vampire's Alliance
Neese chapter 126 . 7/17
What a wonderful piece of writing. It is the best story I have read for a long time. I would hope that it could eventually be published, maybe as a trilogy. Congratulations on following through over such a long time. I hope that when your studies are complete, that you find the job of your dreams.
ChristianMom54 chapter 126 . 7/15
Wow! So out of the box while in it. I loved this story. Wonderful writing style. So well thought out and put to words. Great storyline with so much history and character's history. You managed to keep it all straight. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us. Bet you will publish it, at least I hope so.
Coffeefilterart chapter 126 . 7/15
This was such a beautiful tale. I love the growth in Isabella and her sense of belonging to her human and vampire family. I also enjoyed reading a story where the focus is not on how Bella and Edward get together or major conflicts between the two of them. Rather, this mostly showed them living a somewhat normal life and facing any troubles together. My only slight complaint is that their reunion when they originally become a couple is slightly anticlimactic. But everything else was so well done that I can easily overlook that. Thank you for sharing your ideas and talent!
Coffeefilterart chapter 125 . 7/15
Such relief when Jasper and Bella were able to go back to their family. This last plotline delves into issues of justice and who to blame when evil happens. The arguments on if creators are responsible for their creations were interesting to read. And I love Bella's newfound determination to keep her gift in practice and protect her family. You did a lovely job tying the story together here.
Coffeefilterart chapter 124 . 7/14
This is so tense and so so good. Aro is excellent at manipulating and is playing this situation exactly as he wants it.
Coffeefilterart chapter 122 . 7/13
So Aro has something big planned. He still is such a creepy character. I love the Edward and Bella moments here. From her squeezing closer to his playing with her hair, they have such a sweet familiarity with each other.
Coffeefilterart chapter 119 . 7/11
Oh wow, that was painful to read. Isabella's horror at hearing that she was on the Titanic was so well written. And I don't blame her at all for lunging at Elias. He has been pretty awful to her.
Coffeefilterart chapter 118 . 7/11
Elias is a loyal friend, but I love Edward and Tanya's automatic defense of Bella. Hearing about her human end won't be easy for Isabella. She was part of such a major event in history; it's a different experience than the solely personal tragedies of the others.
Coffeefilterart chapter 116 . 7/11
I so love Tanya and her endearing complaints. Edward's indignation at having to ride with Emmett just so Bella can drive Rose's car was great! And finally, George and Bella have nearly caught up to each other!
Coffeefilterart chapter 115 . 7/11
Seems like everything is coming to a head. I'm thankful to be reading this after you finished so I don't have to wait for an update! It amazes me that at well over one hundred chapters, your story pacing is still solid and the plot points are intriguing.
Coffeefilterart chapter 113 . 7/11
Helping people by terrifying them, this truly was the epitome of how your Isabella does good deeds. I laughed out loud at Bella referring to sports highlights as reruns-I don't understand the appeal of them either! The humor in this story is excellent.
Guest chapter 126 . 7/8
I can't believe it's over. I've been following this story for four years and even though I've forgotten both of my fanfiction accounts I'm very happy I had your story saved to tell me when you have written again. I feel I should go back and read it from the beginning now that it's finished. This is by far bitter sweet. I'm going to miss not having another notification from this story. I loved it! Your writing is great and I hope u keep writing!

Thank you for this story! ️
My old username -dazzlemeinpurple.
Coffeefilterart chapter 110 . 7/9
I love Mary's persistence in finding out what happened to her aunt. Alice's story seems even more tragic here than in canon. The details on the asylum are horrible, especially since it was all swept under the rug.
Coffeefilterart chapter 109 . 7/8
This is a great way for Alice to learn about her past. I love how they're simply following her visions, yet they don't know exactly what they'll discover. And Jenks definitely lacks a certain finesse in requesting payment.
Coffeefilterart chapter 106 . 7/8
The idea of Esme hustling everyone out of their money in pool is hilarious. Bella had a point that Edward likely wouldn't have wanted to discuss the options with her. They both are too stubborn for their own good.
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