Reviews for The Vampire's Alliance
romuloht chapter 3 . 9/7
You know, I have to ask, why do these vampires fight for territory? I don't remember if it is explained in the books, and thinking of it now, I can't see the logic of it.
guest chapter 97 . 8/30
Poor Renee she never got to find het daughter and her daughter inturn finding her mother
guest chapter 82 . 8/29
How can he think stealing her away from her mate and coven will make her stay with him
guest chapter 77 . 8/29
This is the part about Rose i do not like.
guest chapter 76 . 8/29
You write bella with a great balance of being. Humor,intelligence,power and love for her family.
guest chapter 59 . 8/28
Alaska became a state in1959. Great story. I was in scool when they were granted statehood so that is why i remembered
guest chapter 56 . 8/28
I never like rose,but now she is much better. Do to Bella who is not coddling and straight forward. My opinion this is what she always needed.
guest chapter 51 . 8/28
Good job on this chapter,your research paid off.
I have been reviewing as i am rereading on my nook. Can not sign in so must review this way.
guest chapter 37 . 8/27
Now you are writing in my least favorite character. I shall hope you change het
guest chapter 36 . 8/27
I think we had only 50 states at that and hawaii were just territories.
guest chapter 29 . 8/27
I love their conversation,so much
guest chapter 19 . 8/27
Ahh they meet again.
TC chapter 123 . 8/27
Oh no. This won't be good. I haven't read this fic in a while but I'm going to assume that Bella is a shield? Hopefully that won't be held against her.

Can you maybe do a quick recap of what's happened, at the beginning of the next chapter? Thanks.
Tc chapter 122 . 8/27
:O. Woah.
TC chapter 121 . 8/27
Great chapter. Can't wait to read more.
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