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UnsinkablexSunkenxShip chapter 115 . 5/16
...I am utterly amazed at just how much I managed to miss while I was away! First off, though you may not remember me, it's been so long, it's me (BadassEri90)! I changed my user name, so as to broadcast a different era of my fanfiction ways, but I could never forget this ridiculously wonderful and mind boggling story! I am quite unashamed to say that I blew through all 10 chapters or so with such gusto as to finish them in one sitting... Yeah, your story has the tendency to make me forgo wise decisions XD I am particularly impressed with the new development regarding Alice's memories! Gah, that about gave me a heart attack, I was so happy! I'm glad that you kept her story cannon, though I knew you would, and gave a more detailed account of it. I wanted you to know that I didn't abandon this story, even though I did take a leave of absence for awhile. And while it was terrible to be away from it, when I came back and saw all these new chapters waiting to be read, I was absolutely ecstatic! I seriously can't wait for a new chapter, and now that I am up to date with the ongoings of real life adventures, and the fictional ones of Bella and Edward, prepare yourself for more reviews from me! Once again, the development of this story is truly awe inspiring, and I just can't wait for more!
Allie chapter 115 . 5/7
Ohmygoodness. Please update soon so I can know what happens! I am very invested in this particular story and I wish for the next chapter to come in as soon as possible!
Jibson01 chapter 115 . 5/9
I don't understand this; The volturi is in Italy, this Cullens and other nomads are in America,what is the fear 't they move to other continents like Europe or Africa or Asia e.t.c?
angelari7 chapter 115 . 5/8
can't wait to read the next chapter. Loved it.
RosePetal158 chapter 115 . 5/7
Interesting development! It seems the south is like a magnet that both attracts and repels vampires. No doubt Bella will get involved somehow, no matter what she says...
Silly Emmet. He's such a man-child.

And thanks for your advice! I'm going to try make chapter plans - let's see if that works for me - and maybe participate in a forum... What you said about lesser arcs also helped. I think I've been thinking too much that the pieces between big events are gaps, and that might be why I have so much trouble there. Lesser arcs... yeah, I think that is really going to help me a lot.
Thank you so much!
RKD-CULLEN chapter 115 . 5/7
Oh! So freaking close! A freaking day?!
viola1701e chapter 115 . 5/7
So non of the traveling vampires have solid information on the Volturi moving in on the south? Sounds to me that if you want a large territory all you have to do is spread the rumour that the Volturi are coming .. neat that!

Good luck with your exams!
RosePetal158 chapter 114 . 5/3
I've read this story in 2 days. In this review, I'm going to try to say everything I thought at some point or another.

Firstly. You have a great way with words. WOW. You're seriously an amazing writer.

Secondly. This is a very long fic, and you've been working on it for 4 years. How did you keep writing on? When I write a story, I really have to tell myself to write and update. I really want to write a whole, finished story, but as time goes so does my inspiration and determination. How do you keep going? Can you give me some tips?
You're also great at filling the gaps between big revelations, and keeping them interesting. How do you do that? I find those pieces the hardest to write, because I don't really have any inspiration, and when I read them afterwards, they look awfully forced.

Thirdly, a 113 (114) chapters and finally, finally we're going to read about Bella finding out about her past! If this was another story, I would've stopped reading and waiting for it to happen by the fortieth chapter. But this was so good, I simply couldn't stop reading.

Fourthly, this is my longest review EVER. I'm going to follow this story now, so I won't miss anything!
LeLe1103 chapter 114 . 4/25
Always enjoyable to read new chapters. Can't wait to meet up with Amos again! Hmmm, also can't wait to get deeper into Bella finding out about her human life!
carolinasrezende chapter 114 . 4/11
Gostei muito desse capítulo mais descontraído! Parece que você está construindo algo grandioso pelos próximos capítulos, mal posso esperar!
Marie chapter 114 . 4/6
Great chapter I love this story. I just found this story two weeks ago and finally got to the latest chapter and I was wondering if bella will ever meet her fiancé from when she was human. I think that would make an excellent plot twist and he could fill her in on her past... It's just an idea I had :) update soon please
Reader346 chapter 114 . 4/6
Yay! I love alice and bella, great chapter :)
Matthias Stormcrow chapter 114 . 4/7
Awesome chapter I am still enjoying the story.
angelari7 chapter 114 . 4/6
I love it. Well...I wonder what happen to that essay Bella wrote and I really wanted to read the teachers reaction still I love her so much. Can't wait to read the next chapter, hope you will write a long one just like Bella...
RKD-CULLEN chapter 114 . 4/6
Loving. So...I'm sure the question on everyone's mind...when will Bella meet her ex fiance?
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